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How Using Oatmeal As A Cleanser Changed My Skin For The Better

Lila values clean and natural ingrediants on her skin and has tested making homemade products.

Our Skin Deserves Natural Ingredients

I value knowing where every ingredient in my products comes from before I use it on my skin. The cleanliness of my products is important to me. By making my own products using natural ingredients it left me feeling more confident in what I put on my skin, and it can for you too!


Benefits of Creating Your Own Products

When I would try new products and they didn’t work out I questioned what ingredients were working for my skin versus the ones that weren’t. Because I was receiving the product after all the ingredients had been mixed I didn’t have any insight into what ingredients were helpful versus the ones that weren’t working.

The fortune of making your own products is that you know and can control what you are putting onto your skin. It’s a powerful tool to test what specific ingredients are benefiting you. Just as with the food we eat, it’s equally important to know ingredients are going on our skin.


Oats, Oats, & More Oats!

My skin is quite sensitive and the harshness of some skin care products was extremely drying while others would cause my pimples to flare up even more. I wanted to be able to understand how each ingredient was affecting my skin.

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My goal was to create a facial cleanser that left my skin feeling hydrated and took off the dirt and sweat from the day.

I chose oatmeal as my base because it’s effectively moisturizing and can be soothing for dry or irritated skin.

I began with a small mixture of ¾ oats and ¼ water. The first time I washed my face with it I recall having a few larger pimples on my forehead, but by morning the inflammation and redness had gone down overnight. I was in disbelief with the effectiveness. The texture of the cleanser was difficult to use because of the lack of liquids, so I researched other ingredients I could use to improve my cleanser.

Next Step

From there I added in almond milk. Almond milk has antioxidants and is useful for any fine lines or wrinkles. It was the perfect liquid to add in to soften up the oats. It left my skin feeling hydrated and replenished. When I rub it into my skin I use circular motions going away from the center. This technique is very useful and it feels like my own homemade spa.


Overall Sweetness

The final ingredient I used in my facial cleanser was honey. Honey helps reduce acne because of its use at balancing the bacteria of your skin. It added a sweet scent and softened my skin to delicacy.

Other Things to Note:

  • I wash my face with the mixture twice a day for full replenishment.
  • Since the usage of my natural facial cleanser my eyelashes have grown much longer and feel much softer.
  • My skin has become plump and rejuvenated.
  • The use of the natural ingredients is not drying on my skin.

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