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No Fuss Hair Makeover

Jennifer Aniston always get top choice for best hair.

Jennifer Aniston always get top choice for best hair.

Lady Gaga in the infamous meat dress

Lady Gaga in the infamous meat dress


Believe it or not, all fashion begins with our face. And what cradles our face? Our hair. Even though Jennifer Aniston is an entertainment favorite, it's her hair that really sets her apart from the others.

The energy we exude from our eyes down to our toes is what enables us to pull off the most daring of fashion choices. How else could Lady Gaga wow us with her ensembles? Who will ever forget the infamous meat dress?

But we're talking about hair, not clothes. Hair is what crowns your face. It can either enhance your look or distract it; make it softer or harsher, depending on the style. Sometimes we wear our hair a certain way to hide flaws or because our hair will only do certain things.

Steps to Enhancing the Positives of Your Face

  1. Stop the negative self talk. Change the I can't and I'm not to I can and I am. If you feel it in your mind, it will show up on your face. It's what accounts for that mommy glow. You know the look pregnant women get that says they are excited?
  2. Examine what your hair is saying about your face. What are you trying to enhance? What are you trying to minimize? If you're not sure, ask a trusted friend or your hair dresser. All of us have a dominant feature that we need to play up. Our hair is a way to focus that positive attention right where we want it.
  3. Figure out which side to part your hair. This might seem like a silly suggestion, but it's one that offers the biggest results. All of us have harder and softer sides of our faces. When we open up our softer side with the part, it can change our look in an instant!

How to Find the Softer Side of Your Face

I just mentioned we all have a harder and a softer side to our faces. But how do you discover it? All you need is a mirror and a piece of paper.

Stand in front of the mirror and put the paper so that one half of your face is covered at a time. Examine your features. Then cover the other half of your face and examine again. The side with the softer features is the one where you should part your hair.

Try it out on this photo of Angelina Jolie...

Which side of her face is her softer side?

Which side of her face is her softer side?

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Try This

Everyone's favorite celebrity is Angelina Jolie. Here's a photo of her. Now do my experiment where you cover one half of her face at a time and compare it to the other side. See if you can figure out which side of her face is more feminine than the other.

She knows which side of her face is more harsh and which is softer.

Take a look at these photos where she turns her face to one side for a softer look and then the other side for the harder look.

A much softer view.

A much softer view.

A harsher view of Angelina Jolie.

A harsher view of Angelina Jolie.

Now You Try...

I've always struggled with which side to part my hair on. Now that I've discovered which side is my more feminine side, the choice is easy! My daughter started parting her hair on her softer side and got immediate compliments from her friends at school who noticed the change right away. When you look good, you feel good. I look forward to hearing your hair success stories. And remember, the finishing touch is a good attitude! We are all beautiful!

Still stuck? A good hairdresser is the answer! My favorite is Sam!


Cynthia Lyerly (author) from Georgia on June 25, 2013:

This is so easy. No stylist required!

Amanda Jones on May 28, 2013:

This is a very interesting topic for a hub! Nice job! Voted up!

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