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Make Your Own Fashion Headbands For Girls and Teens

Headbands I made.

Headbands I made.

Materials I used.

Materials I used.

The headband my 11-year-old wears the most.

The headband my 11-year-old wears the most.

Red Flower headband.

Red Flower headband.

Green Bow!

Green Bow!

5" Black Flower Headband

5" Black Flower Headband

Back of flower.  The circle I started with may be seen in this photo.  Also, the 5 large petals I began with.

Back of flower. The circle I started with may be seen in this photo. Also, the 5 large petals I began with.

Why Buy Hair Accessories When You Can Make Them Yourself?

My 11-year-old daughter and I recently had a Mommy/Daughter Day. We had so much fun together shopping for some summer clothes and walking downtown. During our shopping time, I was hit with a burst of creative inspiration. After looking at all the hair bows and headbands at Wet Seal, we bought a couple for Hannah, and I left determined to make some myself.

Shown in the photo, I wound up making 4 and also included in the photo is one I made last year to match her red, polka-dotted Easter dress.

I did not purchase anything but a set of 4 plastic, Walmart headbands--deciding to only use whatever materials I had in my craft supplies. Once I got home, I was pleasantly surprised with what I had to work with: a hot glue gun with glue sticks, 2 scrap pieces of black material, black and purple beads, red decorative trim, ribbons, floral wire and pliers, needle and thread, and of course, my creative energy!

My first attempt was this black flowered band with a purple bead in the center.

Two fabrics were used to make this three-layered flower: 1. The bottom piece is some kind of black faux leather scrap I had--it was nice and sturdy so I knew it would support the flimsy material I planned to use next. 2. The top two layers I cut from some shimmery silver fabric. I liked the "wrong" side better. It looks black with silver that showed through to the other side just enough. I purposely chose these 2 materials not only because of the color but also because both fabrics don't fray so they needed no sewing around the edges. I cut the top flower a little smaller than the previous two.

Once I had all 3 pieces cut, I stitched them all together with my needle and lilac thread, then sewed in a purple bead, 4 black "cat's eye" type beats, and then 10 very small black beads. Next I stitched the flower to a piece of floral wire and then wrapped the wire around the headband to secure it in place. This one is simple and small and will probably be worn the most by my daughter.

The next headband, a red flower, was a little trickier.

I found this scrap of red trim (shown in photo) and I saw that I had enough to make a 5 petaled flower. I had to hand sew it very carefully to make the red arches look like flower petals. Then, I used a hot glue gun to add the center clear bead, and followed by gluing some shiny red beads in a star pattern (covering up my kind of messy, hand-sewn seams). I then hot glued a strip of red ribbon to the headband and glued on the flower. This wound up being one of Hannah's favorites.

The easiest one of all came next: A Bright Green Bow!

I took a long piece of green ribbon and folded it twice so that each end piece met and overlapped in the middle. As you can see in the photo, the green bow took up almost half of the headband. Then, I cut a smaller piece of green ribbon--just enough to wrap around the bow, to make the center. I hot glued them together in the back. Next, I wrapped the headband with floral wire just enough to cover the headband where I wanted the bow to rest, off to one side. Next, I added hot glue on top of the headband and floral wire where I wanted the center of the bow to rest. Then I hot glued down each underside of the bow.

It measures 5 1/2" long.

This last one I made took the most time, measures 5" across. It's my favorite although my daughter might not even EVER wear it. I used my same scrap of faux leathery material. I cut a large circle and 5 large petals, 5 medium petals, and 5 small petals. Then it was time to hot glue. I started with the big circle and hot glued petals one at a time onto to the circular piece and ended with another circle on top. I used "Amazing Quick HOLD Contact Adhesive" to glue all the beads shown in the photo.

I knew that I couldn't hot glue this large flower directly to the plastic headband and expect it to stay so as with the green headband, I wrapped floral wire around the band in between each tooth of the headband so that the hot glue would have something more to adhere to. And voila! my last headband was complete!

Making these headbands was a lot of fun for me, and with today's economy in mind making these headbands also made a lot of financial sense. The day I went shopping with my daughter, I spend just under $10 on two headbands. Later, by using what I had, I was able to make 4 more headbands for about $4--that winds up costing $1 a piece instead of $5 a piece.

And that makes me even happier.

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celebritie on April 29, 2012:

Headbands can really make a difference to an outfit, not to mention make a hairstyle look cute.

mysisters on January 12, 2011:

Great Hub. Headbands are very trendy right now. I love that you can hand craft these on your own and give them your own little touch.

CookieB from Davao City, Philippines on January 05, 2011:

Aaaw this is truly crafty and fun! I love handmade headbands :)

MyInfo411 (author) on May 27, 2010:

Thank you, Singular. I'll go read your reply...if I can find it! ha!

Singular Investor from Oxford on May 27, 2010:

Hi MyI - nice hub - I left a reply your question in the forums

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