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Need a Variation on a French Manicure? This is How You Do a Fun Reverse Color Varnish


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Allow the layers to dry well before applying the next one


Drying for a few minutes between coats is enough.

French manicure is a classic and a sure choice. Sometimes, yet, it is nice to test other varnishes. Consider a varnish that is reversed in tone. In this varnish, a half French varnish is applied to the nail tips in stylish autumn colours. A nudo base colour brings the whole thing together.

For a successful varnish, you need the following products:

  • Nail polish remover so you can clean your nails before varnishing.
  • Undercoat and topcoat.
  • Using the base colour of the liquid-colored nail polish and the varnish colours of your choice to make the reverse colour varnish.

For best results, use this technique.

1. To increase the efficiency of the varnish, clean the surface of the nail with an acetone-based nail polish remover to remove oil and dirt.

2. To prevent discoloration of the nails, start with a primer. Apply the varnish all the way to the tip of the nail to ensure that it lasts as long as possible and does not break. Before adding the next coat, let the primer dry .

3. Apply nudity varnish to the nail. You can apply one coat or make the base shade completely opaque by applying many coats of paint.

4. Allow the layers to dry well before applying the next one. Drying for a few minutes between coats is enough.

5. Start the pattern from the outer corner of the nail and pull the pattern to the center of the nail tip. Use your creativity and combine colors as you like. If necessary, apply a second coat of varnish on top of the pattern.

6. Apply topcoat all over the nail. Once the varnish has dried, rub the cuticle oil on the cuticles to give moisture.

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