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Naturally Perfect: A Diamond Jewelry Company to Discover


With a formation process that lasts billions of years, Diamonds are the most unique, valuable, and beautiful mineral in the world. With the technological advances that have been made over the past 100 years, it is now possible to replicate that beauty, however, the intrinsic value is diminished.

Lab-grown diamonds have a value significantly less than that of a naturally sourced origin. Which is why the modern jewelry industry has gravitated towards the marketing and upselling of artificial diamonds. Due to modern technology, it is now easier to obtain and sell lab-grown diamonds than it is to source natural diamonds. This equates to the value of natural diamonds being higher than artificial diamond, due to the stone’s rarity and complexity.

The difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds is very difficult to detect visually, practically impossible to the naked eye. Only very well-trained gemologist can determine the difference, but with great difficulty. However, the pricing of these stones is quite significant. The exact price difference between a lab-grown diamond and a natural diamond varies. The average difference can range from 25% to 50% less than the value of natural diamonds. This is a given, when considering the fact that lab-grown diamonds are much easier to produce and manufacture than sourcing authentic diamonds from our planet.

The argument between what type of diamond is better has been present since the creation of the first manufactured diamond. It's safe to say that it's entirely up to the personal preference of the customer. Some value affordability and predictability rather than authenticity and naturality. There are many options available to customers to explore.

Which Type of Diamond Should You Get?

Being in the market for diamond jewelry, it's important to know what you're purchasing. This goes beyond the origin of the diamond, whether it is naturally sourced or manufactured in a lab. There's many key ingredients that make up the ideal diamond, such as: Diamond Color, Clarity, Shape, and the type of Cut. These are factors in both natural stones and lab-grown stones. They key difference, other than how it is sourced, is the value of the diamond. So if you're in the market for jewelry more affordable, lab-grown stones are it. However, if you're in the market for a precious stone like no other, a genuine diamond sourced from the planet is the best choice. In conclusion, your choice what type of stone to purchase is entirely up to personal preference and your values.

Despite the alluring market for cheaper diamonds, some companies refrain from selling what they call “fake” diamonds. Not many companies that stick with the traditional and timeless beauty that comes with natural diamonds can be affordable. However, Edwin Novel Jewelry Design adheres to both natural beauty and affordability.

More About The Company

“We idolize the classic and timeless significance of diamonds found in our very own planet, as well as the sentimental craftmanship that derives from jewelry made by hand”. – Edwin Novel

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Based in the eccentric city of Los Angeles, Edwin Novel Jewelry Design is an online jewelry marketplace for everyone. Adhering to the naturality and beauty of Diamond jewelry, they refuse to utilize synthetic diamonds and machine-made jewelry.

“I believe when time passes, Lab-made diamonds will destroy the consumer’s confidence in the jewelry industry. By utilizing only natural diamonds, you are adhering to the classic sentimentality that is as authentic as possible.” – Edwin Novel

Offering a large variety of unique designs, diamond qualities, and types of jewelry, this online business that can redefine your taste in jewelry.

My family and I have been loyal customers to this company. My uncle purchased his engagement ring for his wife from there. As well as most of my family’s earrings and bands. After contacting the company for their stance on the jewelry industry and why they stand out, I learned a great deal about the company, the industry, and the significance of natural diamonds.


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