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Naturally Color Your Hair

Why Used Natural Dye

If you decide to color your hair for any reason you should not sacrifice its health in the process. Using chemical products can be dangerous, even drastically effect your health. Be very careful when you read the lables of products you buy at the stores, 'natural' does not mean chemical free. These products can still contain hazardous chemicals which can damage you hair and scalp.

Harmful Chemical links:



-Allergic Reactions

-Respiratory Disorder

-Hazardous Chemicals


Why you would want to dye your Hair

Have you ever though about dyeing your hair color or even enriching your natural hair color for a more vibrant look. Treating your hair with care is not just keeping it clean, you should preserve your natural color or even try a new hair color. Just by changing the color of your hair you could look younger, some people use colors to even express themselves.

Color your hair to show:

-A Different Look

-Boost your self esteem

If you would like to dye your hair it can be done very inexpensively at home by you. The first step is protecting your hair to make sure you cause no damage with the wrong products and even worse, a bad dye job.

If you have not realize it yet changing the color of your hair can be very extreme, if you decide that is what you want to do take care. Think first of your profession, most hair dyes that are colorful are going to be offensive to some people. Look for natural hair dyes that may contain less or no paraphenlyenediamine or PPA and completely free of that strong aroma and ammonia. Remember to be patient when dyeing your hair, depend on the shade it may take longer to achieve the color you would like using natural products.

Home remedies are great, but they do take time, some even over months period of time so you just have to be patient. The end results are more than worth the wait, your hair can become stronger, healthier, and gain luster in the end. This can be a great step in leaving your hair chemical free.

**PPD damages the DNA of human cells and often causes allergic reaction, it can increased risk of developing Hodgkin’s lymphoma, multiple myeloma, and leukemia.

Express Yourself Though Colors


Before Using a Hair Dye

Natural product can be harmful to some individuals, you may have to worry about allergic reactions. Everyone body is different and may react to a simple natural herbs or natural clay. You may develop skin irritation just like you would with a chemical product.

  • Try testing just a small piece of your skin and see how it reacts
  • wait about 24 to 48 hours to see if you develop irritations of any kind

Most natural products are safe to use but everyone do react differently and you do not want to apply it all over your hair than realize that your have an allergic reaction.

Testing For Allergic Reactions

Having an allergic reaction can be contact dermatitis, you can suffer from redness and itching of your skin that was expose to the hair dye. Before you color your hair using any product you should do an allergy test to make sure you do not damage your hair and scalp. On average about 5 percent of people that use hair dye can develop an allergic reaction over time from the products. A good reason to use natural products is that they usually do not contain substances as the common ones found in chemical products like 4 ParaPhenyleneDiamine (PPD).

**Use the "patch test" which can be done at home with no complications

  • You first want to determine which type of hair dye you are going to use. Now make just a small amount of the mix in your mix bowl.
  • Using a cotton ball or Q-tip dip it in the hair dye mix. Apply a quarter-sized dab to the inside of the elbow.
  • Cover the hair dye solution, but make sure it does not get wipe off and to ovoid stains on your clothing. After about 30 minutes to 1 hours you can now remove the wrap.
  • Closely monitor your skin in the area where the hair dye was applied for up to 48 hours. If there is any signs of itching, redness to your skin than most likely you are allergic to that product. It is important if you have an allergic reaction before the 48 hours is up that you take care of your skin immediately. Wash your skin with warm soapy water immediately and let it hair dry, make sure to not use that same product again.

Preparing your hair for Dye

Before you dye your hair you should prepare it to avoid as much damage as possible. First try just washing your hair with conditioner (co-wash) your hair as to not completely stripe away the natural oils. Read any instructions that may come with the product you are using as to the state you should leave your hair before application of the product. Following proper instructions on a product is vital to avoid damages to your hair and achieve the best results.

Comb you hair out to keep it tangles free, the ends will receive a nice and even color all together. This will keep you from seeing one dark patch in one side and a lighter patch on the other side. Use a skin protectant around your hairline and ears, even on your eye brows to protect your skin and keep your eye brows from staining. Using a little mix of Shea butter and coconut oil should work just fine, just make sure it is applied on all the area, you can use petroleum jelly as well if you would like. Find an old t-shirt and towel you do not need, plastic glove, dye cup and hair dye brush if needed.

Most natural hair dyes work progressively, although some of them have immediate results.

Most natural hair dyes work progressively, although some of them have immediate results.

Choosing the Right hair Color

You where born with one original hair color, but maybe you would like to try a different hair color. Pick colors and shades that compliment your skin tone . Now choose the look that you want to go with, is it a dark, smoky look, pure black hair works great, even pic a darker brown color looks great. Did you want to go golden, choose a color like a platinum blonde or a bright red shade. What ever color you choose it should fit with the style you want to achieve.

If you would like a more conservative look for work or the everyday life try a more tame color. You can add a few highlights, cover any grey hairs you may have, or just refresh your natural look. Shooting for just a little change, pick a color that is about one to two shades away from your natural hair color to not make it that obvious of a change.

Natural Dye Options

Using lemons

Lemons have been use for a long time to lighten hair color. This methods do take a while to work and do lighten over time to create great highlights and natural hair color. This acts as a natural bleach to your hair, you can use the sunlight to intensified the effect.

Sage Tea

Using Sage tea is one the oldest techniques when you are coloring your darker hair. Using sage can help you deepen the dark look of your hair, this can even cover your grey hairs if you desire. Apply this rinse every week to your hair until you reach your desire hair color.

Walnuts and black walnuts

If you are looking for a powerful dye you can use black walnuts. This dye outer casing usually stains everything that it comes in contact with. You have the choice to use either the walnuts hulls or the powder, pick the one that will be most effective. The hulls will have to be crush and added to boiling water for about three days to soak over nights. Now using the powder takes less time and you do not have to let it seat overnight. Boil the amount of water you need and add a few tablespoon of the walnut powder to make your mixture. The time frame to let the mix steep depends on the color you desire, if you are looking for a darker color leave the mix for about 6 to 8 hours (**the longer the mix seat the darker the color will be).


If you would like a strong brew for darker hair brew an extra strong pot of coffee. Let the coffee brew of a little longer than usual than cool down to room temperature. Pour the coffee mixture over your hair repeatedly for about six to 8 times and than rinse your hair out with cold water.

Black Tea

This brew can be use to darken your hair color with a strong mixture. Take just a few bags of black tea and add boiling water than let it seat for about an hour and a half. You will than need to let it seat and cool to room temperature or warm if you prefer it that way but never hot because you could end up causing damage to your scalp. You can now use the mix to pour over your hair and do a few rinse.

Always properly rinse dye product out of your hair with water to make sure hair is clean and free of any residue.

Your skin tone can make a big difference on how your hair dye looks once applied.

Your skin tone can make a big difference on how your hair dye looks once applied.

Natural Dye Agents



strength, shine, color


dandruff and irritated scalp, Lighten Hair,Brightening

Black Tea

strength, elasticity, decrease breakage,blocks the DHT, increase thickness, decrease hair loss,sheen, luster, natural darkness

Walnuts /Black Walnuts

Longer, stronger hair, Prevents balding,Natural anti-dandruff agent, Healthier scalp, Highlight


as a possible stimulant for hair follicles

Sage Tea

help to soothe an irritated scalp,darkens the hair


contain beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A by the body, helps to prevent hair loss


More Shine, Added Thickness, Protects and Stimulates Growth


fight against dandruff, helps prevent its recurrence,helps strengthen hair roots,reduce excessive sebum secretion,promotes hair growth,conditions the hair and makes it soft,strengthens the hair, fight scalp infections and kill germs,reduces the after effects from the use of chemical hair products and the damage caused due to pollution


Brighten up Your Hair Tone

If you have a red tone color hair use beet and carrot juice to soak your hair. Let it seat for about one hour or more if needed, afterwards rinse out to bring out reddish highlights in your hair.

Your brown hair can be soak in what majority of the world love to drink, coffee. Brew a pot of coffee and let if seat to cool to room temperature. Soak your hair and let it seat for about 15 to 30 minutes, after rinse off and see your brown highlights.

If your hair is more on the gray and white part try a different trick with sage and water. By boiling sage and water than strain the brew and let it seat to cool to room temperature. Massage it into your hair and let it seat for about 45 minutes to an hour than rinse it out. Your grays and whites will highlights and your hair will reflect more shine as well.

Keep your blond hair shining and highlights bright with just lemon juice and chamomile tea. Brew a batch of chamomile tea and strain it to cool down to room temperature, after add lemon juice to the mix and massage it into your hair. Leave your hair out and seat in the sun for about 45 minutes to an hour to get the highlights going. Afterward rinse out your hair and style as usual.

The longer you sun-bay your hair the lighter it can get with each mix.

Herbal Hair Treatment & Coloring

Your Hair Color


You hair is fragile, if you plan on dying it you want to take precautions in its care. Over-dying or re-dying your hair can result in damage, if you do not like the color try washing your hair and letting the color fade naturally over a few weeks before trying a new color. This can cause your hair to get frizzy, your hair may even look really stringy, have a straw like feeling witch is never really attractive to look at when it is damage. If you damage your hair bad enough the only solution may be to cut it all off and start all over again. If you are uncertain about dying your own hair at home the best solution is to hire a professional at least the first time. They can do it right with no damage and give you tips on how to care for your hair to keep it healthy.

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