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Natural Care and Cure For Acne

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Skin problem



The skin problem is omit common today. Everyone is suffering from skin problem. This article is useful for you

What causes of Acne

To understand how to treat acne, you must understand the cause. Contrary to what people might think, it's not actually due to poor personal hygiene - hormones and genetics are often to blame, explains Mahdi.

People begin to develop acne for the first time when they reach puberty and that is basically because when they enter puberty, whether they are male or female, they begin to produce a much greater amount of androgen hormones.

Androgen hormones are testosterone and dihydrotestosterone (DH), and what these androgen hormones do is increase the size of the sebaceous glands. If your sebaceous glands are larger, you are producing more oil, your pores are more likely to get blocked and then the bacteria that live in the surface of the skin can act on this to create spots.

Natural care:

In today’s world beauty has a powerful expression in all matters. We have become biased and judgmental that we are quick to pronounce our opinion of somebody by determining their appearance.

First impressions of a person have a tendency to reside in minds for a long time.This can prove to very unfortunate for people who are suffering from acne. They usually tend to suffer from low self-esteem.

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Acne is a widespread skin disease which affects mainly teens and young adults. There are many factors involved which determine the skin getting pimples.

Some of the most common reasons are:

Hormonal changes:

During puberty our body produces the hormone androgen which is responsible for the pubic changes in men and women. This enlarges the sebaceous glands in the skin. These glands increase sebum production. Sometimes too much sebum is produced which clogs the skin pores and results in acne.

Bacteria accumulation: if the pores of the skin get clogged bacteria multiplies thereby aggravating the skin and causing inflammation

Heredity: it can be passed from generation to generation due to the similar genetic make-up.

Poor lifestyle: unhealthy diet, bad habits like smoking, sleeping disorders and depression can all lead to face becoming blemished with pimples.

Clogging of bowels and kidneys: acne is a signal which indicates that the body has accumulated more toxins which the kidneys and bowels are unable to clear away.

Remedies for skin care

Fortunately there are many remedies,which can assist you in preventing and treating acne.

  1. Our skin needs vitamins and minerals to remain fresh. This can be achieved by incorporating fruits and vegetables in our diet. Drinking water clears the impurities and keeps the skin fresh and smooth.
  2. One of the simplest of home remedies is the employing of toothpaste or calamine lotion to treat acne. A dash of calamine or non-whitening and non-gel toothpaste smeared on the pimples and kept overnight will make the pimples less perceptible in the morning.
  3. Oranges, lemons and limes are rich in citric acid. Citric acid can put an effective combat against acne as it not only fights bacteria but reduces the irritation of the skin. You can either blend to a paste the peels of these fruits or apply the paste on your pimples or you can apply their juice directly on the pimples. Both of the remedies work wonderfully.
  4. You can also make a paste of salt and vinegar and rub on pimples. Keep for 30 minutes and then wash off with lukewarm water. The salt acts as a drying agent and vinegar operates as a cleanser. Combined they make an effective ex foliage.
  5. Honey is said to be the remedy of all remedies. It has the power of healing. Honey and lemon combined balance the pH levels of the skin and aid in treating acne.
  6. Turmeric is a natural herb which is said to be enriched with healing properties. It’s medicinal value has long been acknowledged. Pinch of turmeric and one teaspoon of coriander powder applied on acne and kept overnight can be an overnight healing therapy.

Personal information

There are many ways to kick off those pimples with home remedies. If these do not work for you can always visit a dermatologist for medical advice. Taking care and attending your skin is the first rung of the ladder which leads to beautiful and glowing skin.

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