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Nail Polish For Men: Clear, Matte & Color: Top 4 Brands For Males


Nail Polish For Men: Who’s Wearing It, Where To Buy It

Actors like David Beckham, Johnny Depp and Cash Warren; musicians from Seal to Snoop Dogg to Dave Navarro; and even UFC fighters such as Chuck Liddell, Nick Gonzales, and Roger Huerta... they’re all doing it. Famous men from all walks of life are proving that it’s cool for men to wear nail polish - and that a man can pull off sexy, groomed, badass, or tough guy - whatever your thing - with nail polish on.

There are many reasons a male can and should wear nail polish. But let’s face it, you may not feel comfortable wandering down the Maybelline aisle and grabbing a hot pink. I get that.

That’s why I’m here to share the best brands of nail polish for men, where to get your hands on them, and how to use them. When we’re done here, you’ll be set to rock a polish your way.


Grooming: Nail Polish Can Help A Man Look Presentable

First impressions count. A man who wants to look presentable, neat, and professional, needs to take care of his hands and nails. You wouldn’t show up to a finance-related job interview, or an important meeting, or a date, wearing grease-stained jeans, would you? Your hands are no different. They’re one of the first things people notice, and there are few things as off-putting as ragged, dirty, or discolored nails.

Essie Man-E-Cure: Nail Polish For A Natural Wearing Male Look

I’m not saying you have to wear colored polish to make a good impression - but you definitely need to pay attention. A great way to spiff up your caveman nails is with a next-to-invisible polish like Essie’s Man-E-Cure. This is just a no-frills polish that will neaten up your nails without drawing attention to itself. It dries to a matte finish and looks natural, only better. For a look that says ‘I’m a decent guy and you should hire/retain/date me’, buy this.

Orly Nail For Males

Men’s Nail Strengthening: Polish For Males With Problem Nails

Maybe you have nails that embarrass you because they peel, crack, or split. A man’s nail polish can fix these problems and make them look a lot better. Orly Nails For Males dries to a matte finish so it isn’t noticeable, but it provides your nails with extra strength and protects them from these common problems. Any finger-picking guitarist will appreciate this strength too. It’s worth buying to improve your nails, yet not draw attention to them.

Manglaze: Matte Is Murder

Manglaze: Best Nail Polish For Men Wearing A Bad-Ass Look

Hard-core rock bands were among the first to start proving that nail polish on men is not only acceptable, but it can look pretty edgy too. Look at the brand Manglaze - it was made by men, for men, and calls itself ‘a less girlie nail polish made to function well for men and appeal to foxy women’.

Take a look at the edgy packaging and mancave-friendly names such as Fuggen Ugly, Matte Is Murder, and Butt Taco, for proof that this polish is neither for girls nor for wimps. Plus, these colors dry to a matte finish and they are made in the USA, cruelty- and toxin-free.

Evolution Man Nails - Matte

Evolution Man Nails: Wear A Debonair Look With This Polish

If you want to look suave and debonaire, try adding a subtle shade of polish to your ensemble. Evolution Man Nails offers a small, yet perfect, collection of shades that are made ‘for the manliest man’. These shades look classy, yet sexy, with a suit. You can’t go wrong.


How-To MANicure - Good Vid, Terrible Music

Take Your Cue From The Male Celebs Wearing Nail Polish

Take a cue from all the manly celebs out there and try a nail polish for men. A man wearing polish says ‘I’m confident’. And trust me: from a female perspective, there’s nothing so sexy on a man as confidence.

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Sarah (author) from Canada on October 02, 2014:

Hmm, that sounds like a great idea Greg! Thanks for sharing this suggestion.

Greg on October 02, 2014:

The brush on peel off polish (Bo-Po) from Worx Toys is easy. Just peel it off if you're going somewhere that might be uncomfortable. No harsh chemical remover needed

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