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Nail Polish Colors for Different Seasons


Nail Polish Colors

Nail polish application can be a relatively inexpensive way to help you stay fashionable and trendy. Whether you're dressed up for a night on the town, sitting around in your pajamas, or relaxing in the nude, nail polish adds flare and beauty to anybody's appearance.

It's important for us to feel beautiful and nail polish is a super easy way to do that. Each season brings new trends and styles and nail polish colors are no different. Thousands upon thousands of colors are available and new colors become available each season. Although there are color trends each season, it does not necessarily mean that you must conform to them. It's important to be happy with your appearance so you should choose whatever color you feel happy with at that time. The great thing about nail polish is that you can take it off at pretty much any time and reapply a new color.

Certain colors such as reds, pinks, and nudes are pretty much trendy all year round. The following sections are guides to nail polish colors that are trendy during different times of the year.


Easter Egg Nails

Spring Nail Polish Colors

Springtime is a time for soft, light colors such as pastels in baby pink, blue, green, yellow, and peach. You can picture softly colored Easter eggs or wild flowers and these are the colors of spring. When it comes to nail polish, the color possibilities are endless. Therefore, there are a ton of different shades of pinks, yellows, peaches, and so forth. Lighter tones are trendy in Spring but wear whatever color makes you feel the best.

Design Ideas for Spring:

Some holidays that fall during the Spring are Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Easter. Try some festive designs for each holiday such as hearts for Mother's Day, Checkers for Father's Day, or Easter egg designs for Easter.

Other designs that you can try for spring include painting each nail blue and making little cloud designs, or painting each nail yellow and creating smalls orange or peach colored suns.


Neon Rainbow Nails

Summer Nail Polish Colors

Summer nail polish colors are similar to trendy Spring colors except that they are typically a bit more bright. For instance, a soft baby pink might be fashionable during the Spring whereas a neon pink would be trendy during the summer time. Think beach parties, fireworks, and popsicles and you have the colors of summer.

Design Ideas for Summer:

Some holidays that fall during the summer are Canada Day, and the Fourth of July. Try some festive designs for each holiday such flag designs for Canada Day and the Fourth of July.

Other designs that work for summer are mixing up bright colors and painting each nail a different color, various rainbows, and two-tones.


Halloween Nail Art

Fall Nail Polish Colors

Some summer colors continue to be trendy into the fall, but the further into the season you get the more darker colors begin to appear. Fall colors are richer, deeper, and darker than summer colors. Dark earth tones are trendy, as well as darker versions of other colors. If you think of falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and even rich, hearty soups, you can get an idea of fall colors. Browns, oranges, deep reds, and greys are typically trendy during the fall.

Design Ideas for Fall:

A couple holidays that occur during the fall are Thanksgiving (both Canada and the U.S.) and Halloween. When we think of these holidays we can't help but picture fall. Simply choosing one fall color is nice on it's own but you can mix it up a little as well. Try painting your nails black and creating little white ghosts or cobwebs for Halloween. Pumpkins and candy corn designs can be used for both holidays.


Santa/Christmas Nail Art

Winter Nail Polish Colors

Winter colors are similar to Fall colors in that they are typically deep, rich, and dark in tone. However, in the Winter we see as shift from Earth Tone shades to more colorful shades. Deep reds, greens, blues, glitters, and shimmers are trendy during the Winter months. Just about any color that would look nice on a Christmas ornament would be trendy for Wintertime. Glitters and shimmers are nice throughout the year but they are particularly popular during the Winter months. Maybe it's because everything sparkles this time of year!

Design Ideas for Winter:

Nail polish colors are fun to play with any time of the year but can be especially fun during the winter. You can stick with solid colors such as a dark red, green, blue, or gold, or you can mix it up in a variety of ways. Adding a glitter on top of any solid color will give it that extra edge to make it more festive. You can also paint each of your nails differently to resemble holiday ornaments or gifts. You can also paint holiday patterns or pictures such as snowmen or Christmas trees. A simple but festive design would be to paint each nail a dark blue and cover them with little white dots to represent snowflakes. If you wanted to add even more to that you can cover with a layer of glitter polish to make it shine and add more depth to you snowflakes.

For New Year's Day just about any dark or bright color is trendy, especially if it has some glitter or shimmer.

For St. Patrick's Day, even though it is often forgotten as a Winter holiday, there are a lot of design ideas as well. You can go with a solid green color, mix between a green and gold, or do a variety of different patterns. You can even paint each nail differently if you like. Clovers, rainbows, and gold are huge themes for this holiday and they look very pretty on your nails as well!

Links for Nail Polishes & Do-it-Yourself Nail Art

To check out some websites for popular nail polish brands you can visit:




Here are a couple of Hubs that show you some nail art designs you can try for yourself. You can use these ideas to help create your own.




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What brands are the Easter egg polishes and the summer nail polishes?

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The season dictates us to wear not only the proper clothing but also nail polish colors and designs that are oh-so fashionable. I super love your hub! :)

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Cool hub! I like the video tutorials and also the inspiring and creative designs. I want to get some nail art pens and try the spring/Easter look.

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