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Nail Art Sourcebook


Nail Art

Nail Art has become big business these days. This form of artwork has been made popular by celebrities and well known people taking part in reality television shows. Nearly everywhere you go there will be a nail art shop on every high street. I have even seen customers having their nails done in hairdressers.

This has also become big business for people working from home too, and I personally know of several people who make themselves a bit of extra cash by painting the nails of family and friends who do not have the confidence to do it themselves.

This book, Nail Art Sourcebook, written by Pansy Alexander-Potter and Mineko Sugita has over five hundred designs that can be done by yourself or by somebody else. The authors give detailed instructions and ideas for colourways and patterns to make the process as easy as possible.


There are eight chapters in this book , these are as follows;

  1. Introduction
  2. Floral Designs
  3. Graphic Designs
  4. Pictures and Themes
  5. Glitter and Metallic
  6. Jewelled Designs
  7. Romantic and Bridal
  8. Three Dimensional Art


Whenever I read the sort of book that gives instructions on some sort of craft, I am often left wondering where I can buy the products needed to complete the projects that are being featured. It is all very well having a book with lovely pictures and easy to follow instructions if you have no idea where to go for the supplies.

So I was pleased to see that Nail Art Sourcebook does have a directory at the back of the book. This directory gives the names and address along with the website of artists and salons, suppliers of specialist products and brands, courses, and magazines.

My first impression of this book.

When I first saw this book for sale, at a local car boot sale, it was the cover that first caught my attention. I liked the design and the colours on the front cover. I am always interested in any sort of art so I thought I would buy it and have a look through it.

Another thing I liked about the book was it`s size. It is only a small book and it does not take up too much room on my bookshelf. It was also not too heavy to carry home unlike some art books that are very large and heavy.

My Opinion of Nail Art Sourcebook

After having read this book, I think it is a very useful book for anybody who is interested in taking up nail art, either for themselves as a hobby , or for doing the nails of other people. It is an easy book to follow and to learn from with lots of lovely pictures and easy to understand instructions.

The designs are all simple but effective and should be easy to do with a bit of practice. The authors have given some basic advice on how to care for your nails and where to buy nail care products.

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About the authors

Pansy Alexander Potter has been a nail technician and makeup artist who ran her own salon in London. Her salon was called `Nails to go' and it was based in Kensington. Pansy is known for having worked with some very famous people. She also worked as a beauty psychologist

Pansy has also written an earlier book called `Nail Art' , published in 1999.

Mineko Sugita also worked as a nail technician from her own nail salon in London and specialised in creating hand made nail tips. She showcases her work online on social media and her blog.

Useful Information

Nail Art Sourcebook was published by Carlton in 2012 and reprinted in 2013. This company was an independent book publishers based in London. They were known for publishing non fiction, reference and some children`s books. It has been said that they are now known by another name.

Nail Art

A five star rating

I have given this book a five star rating because I think it would be a very useful book for anyone interested in nail art. It would not matter if you were experienced in this subject or if you are a complete novice when it comes to nail art, this book will be a great source of information and design ideas.

My personal rating


Sp Greaney from Ireland on May 27, 2021:

It seems like a really useful book. It's nice to see nail technicians sharing their advice and tips.

Lady Dazy (author) from UK on May 27, 2021:

Thank you for reading my review.

Priya from Pune on May 26, 2021:

Great article for nail art lovers. Very useful content

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