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My Staple Wardrobe

My Staple Wardrobe

As I mentioned in my post "How to Dress Bussiness-y" I was gonna give you guys a little tour of my business-y staple wardrobe. Keep in mind that I've had time to develop my business-y staple wardrobe for about 8 years. So you guys should not feel pressured to go out and get everything that you need and I'm actually just going to break it down to you. I'm going to show you everything that I have and everything that I think you should have.

So I'm going to start off with the casual clothes that are for smart casual and business casual. Starting off I have two pairs of non ripped jeans and they’re straight jeans one is blue and the other is this khaki color. As for non-jeans I have one pair of flare pants from garage, brandy melville striped pants, and a pair of HM slacks in navy blue. I believe all these items individually are all under $25. Now going on to tops I have one plain T-shirt and I have a lot of sweaters, but in the summer it's kind of difficult to wear sweaters all the time so that's why I've that one tshirt. Additionally I have about 2 button-ups, and these have actually been a very trendy piece where you just kind of leave them open and it's very casual. I have a striped one that's blue and white and I have just a plain white one. Those two are basically a necessity from smart casual all the way to business professional.

As for business professional the only thing that I have like additionally would be blazers. I have a black blazer and a navy blue blazer that I can wear with my black flare pants from garage and the HM slacks that are navy blue.

Now as for shoes I have one pair of ballet flats, I actually don't own a pair of heels that are closed-toe which I believe are a necessity, I am on the hunt for a cute pair. Additionally I have a pair of loafers that I actually thrifted and they're the circus brand by Sam Edelman and they're black and white and really cute and those can be worn with any of the above items. Just a note that if it’s smart casual you can wear like a plain pair of white sneakers or you can wear boots and that's something that I do a lot like heel boots especially in the winter because who wants to wear a pair of stilettos in the winters especially with Illinois, Midwest winters.

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