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My Worst Wardrobe Malfunction-What's Yours?

My Most Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction

 What has been your worst wardrobe malfunction? What was the most embarrassing fashion moment you have had so far? I will tell you about mine, and hopefully, how to avoid this happening to you at some point!

One day, my husband and I needed to go by our bank. It was a situation where one of us needed to go in, and he got elected. Next door to the bank was an empty building, but it had several paintings displayed in the windows for sale, done by one of our local artists. Being an artist myself, I decided to stay outside and was strolling up and down the sidewalk, bending over and examining the paintings up close, then stepping back a few feet to do the same thing. This went on for about 20 minutes. Then, while I was bent over, looking at one of the paintings through the window, a man came walking out of the bank, talking on his cell phone. I overheard some of his conversation, and then he suddenly told the person he was talking to that he would call him back in a minute and got off his phone. He stood there looking at me for a minute (I could see his reflection in the glass of the building windows) and then started walking my way. I thought, "What does HE want?", since I don't get approached by men very often any more. All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind, some rather flattering to myself, and then he said, "Ma'am, I don't know how to tell you this, but, uh, you have a bit of a problem with the seat of your jeans".

I immediately whipped my hand around to my rear, and to my horror, I didn't just have a problem, I had a DISASTER! The seat of my favorite, obviously well worn jeans had ripped from the bottom of the waistband all the way down to my crotch! To make matters even worse, I had "gone commando" (no panties) that day, to avoid panty lines.... Needless to say, I had been putting on quite a SHOW, literally, and not even had a clue. I'm sure he and anyone else around got an eyeful before clueing me in! Anyway, I turned about three shades of red and stammered something about being sorry I had flashed him, but thanks for letting me know, all while trying to cover my ass and back my way to the car so I could hide in shame. He told me it was certainly no problem as far as HE was concerned, but thought I might want to know. Jeeze!

I made it back to the safety of my car, and a few minutes later my husband came out of the bank and got in the car. I was sitting there in silence and finally he said, "What's wrong with you?". Finally I told him and he laughed all the way home, until he literally had tears rolling. I briefly considered murder, and then it hit me how funny it really was and I laugh about it still to this day.

So, what's your worst wardrobe malfunction? Let me know and we can laugh together!

Panties for No Panty Lines


Elric Ong on February 09, 2014:

Happen to me recently

Was having lunch with a few friends at a restaurant, while waiting for the food, I decided to go have a cigarette. I went out the mall for a smoke.

I always sling my bag in front of me, as it was convenient. As I took out my cigarette, I realized I left my lighter at home. I then sling-ed my bag to the side It was a quiet afternoon & the streets were quite deserted. I walked towards 2 girls who were sitting on a bench smoking, one of them was engrossed in her phone, while the other gave a smirk at me. at that time I didn't know why.

As I stood in front of them & asked for a light, the girl that smirked tried to hold her laughter. The other girl began to dig for the bag for the lighter & when she looked up & passed me the lighter, she also gave a smirked.

I still had no idea what was going on & walk to one side to smoke. I then realize that the girls, keep looking at my direction secretly, but I didn't bother. When I was done with my cigarette & was a bout to walk back into the mall, the girl that lend me her lighter signal for me to come over.

I walk towards them, she then told me while still giggling - "Nice blue briefs, but we don't need to see it". I looked down & realized my fly was down, I quickly zipped it up & Thanked her.

It was so embarrassing & when I was walking back, I could hear her saying to her friend that she actually took a photo of my moment. X.X

SMN on May 04, 2012:

Happened to me a few times.

I'm a guy and I can guess You know what happens. Once I was traveling to school on the Train, I urgently had to pee half way... So when I reach school, I quickly went to the nearest toilet and relieved myself. It got a bit messy and I had to wash my hands, and my phone rang. so after that I washed my hands, dried it and answer the phone, with my ZIP OPEN.

After exiting the toilet, I walked into this group of girls walking towards me. They started to give awkward faces and started to giggle and whisper to each other about something. I ignored it as I was still in a call.

It was when I ended my call and put my phone into my pocket, I realized my zip was wide open and my orange underwear was showing.

Another time, my pant's zip came down by itself.

I went to submit my assignment to my lecturer, when I entered the room, She kept looking down and I had no idea why, YES, MY LECTURER'S A FEMALE! She was quite young and pretty looking... damn embarrassing for it to happen.

She just kept looking down and didn't tell me that my zip was open. Her class was coming soon, so i just quickly dug out the assignment and passed it to her. When I left, a group of girls was walking towards my direction and were giggling and talking about something. My class was next door so I just stood outside the classroom.

They just kept staring and staring, until one girl said: "Hey, Sorry, Excuse Me, Your zip is open." I thank the girl and continue walking. I heard the friend telling her that was awkward and how could she have told me. She just replied, if something like that happen to you how.

They then continued and added that they saw my Blue Underwear...

It was damn AWKWARD!

Diedre on March 21, 2012:

My worst wardrobe malfunction? It happened last week. I decided to take my two young nieces out for the day. Being nice weather I wore my purple, high waist button fly shorts. They fit snug last year but a pound or two of weight gain made them a bit tighter to get into and buttoned. I got them buttoned, only to have a button pop off once we got in the car. My nieces thought this funny, but I didn't. I ran back into the house, sewed the button back on and away we went. I really should have changed, but decided to repair and wear. Late in the afternoon me and the nieces were waiting in line to get a bite to eat, when a woman pointed out to me that my fly was opening. Yes, one button was undone. I very discretely struggled to button it, only to have it pop off once buttoned. If my nieces thought this funny, what happened next must have been a riot. As I bent down to pick up that button I managed to have two more buttons violently pop off! Three out of five buttons gone and my fly wide open. So embarrassed!

Terri Bergmann on July 11, 2010:

Yes Laura, that was extremely embarrassing to say the least. I think I paid $60.00 for the entire outfit and that did not break the bank. You would think that it would have held up longer than an hour of wearing. As the company I ordered it from did not ask for the dress back, but did give me a full refund, I took the money and used it to have the zipper replaced. With a better one, of course. As for the denim heels, well, they did not last too long either. I wore them out one evening and after about two hours of wearing them I noticed that they began to feel a bit odd while walking. It was not much longer after noticing this that, while sitting down, the soles began to pop off, peeling back from the point of the toe. Fortunately we were in a mall and I made it into Wild Pair and bought another pair of heels ($75.00)! If I were to wear those other ones another hour they would have probably completely fell apart and I would have been barefoot!

Laura Thykeson (author) from Central Texas on July 10, 2010:


Well, you have topped anything I have come up with!! How embarrassing!

Terri Bergmann on July 10, 2010:

I have had a few bad wardrobe malfunctions, but one that I would have to say was my worse was when I wore a very snug, strapless mini dress. It was denim, a bit stretchy and snug and I had a bad feeling about it from the moment I put it on. It was denim and was purchased from a well known lingerie/club wear catalogue as a set and came with matching denim 5' pumps, thong, garter belt and stockings. What bothered me was that rear zipper on that dress that ran from the bottom hem all the way up the back. It just seemed too flimsy. Well, my fears were confirmed as, on the first occasion I wore that outfit, that flimsy zipper failed! I had just gotten out of the car , and could not have walked more than thirty feet or so, when the zipper popped! The zipper slide popped off, the zipper completely opened and the dress sprung off, falling forward to the ground. I was mortified to say the least. Fortunately we were way out in the parking lot and it was in the evening, so it was a bit dark. I threw my hands over my breasts, my husband grabbed what was left of the dress, took me by the arm and rushed me back to the car. I tried to later to send the dress back for an exchange, but was told it had been discontinued and was offered a refund instead. i took the refund. Not only was the dress shoddy, but so was the rest of that outfit as a few weeks later the heels began to fall apart. Of course, this happened while being worn too!

Laura Thykeson (author) from Central Texas on March 13, 2010:


Oh dear...adding insult to injury because you didn't get the job!! That stinks, lol! You have to watch those tricky, innocent looking strings.....

2patricias from Sussex by the Sea on March 13, 2010:

Pat writes: This wouldn't embarass me now, but when I was about 19 I was going for a job interview and had got all dressed up for the occasion. I had announce my arrival on the ground floor and then take an elevator to the venue for the interview and just after pushing the 'up' botton I noticed a white thread showing below the hem of my skirt.

I gave it a sharp pull, and the lace from the hem of my petticoat dropped to the floor so that I was standing in a circle of white lace. The elevator doors opened and there was the interviewer waiting to meet me. Instead of simply stepping over the lace, I bent over, picked it up and shoved it into my purse.

I didn't get the job.

lululemon is pwn from Canada on January 28, 2010:

im a guy and if you read my hub ( do it PLEASE) you'll be filled in but after you read that you can read on. i was wearing my favourite pair of tight lululemon pants with a pink satin thong and as i walked into class someone pantsed me and everyone was looking at me! they knew i wore women's clothes but they didn't know about my underwear. so i quickly pulled up my lulu's and sat down. that was last year and im still bugged about that.

Laura Thykeson (author) from Central Texas on January 18, 2010:


I have sooo many embarrassing "monthly friend" moments that I could write 3 or 4 hubs on it, but I don't think anyone would want to read the! let's just say that it had a habit of showing up suddenly and in a BIG way. Hysterectomy finally freed me of that literal curse! I was so relieved that I never had to worry about that problem again... Thanks for sharing yours with me-it was brave of you. Many would be too embarrassed to even talk about it now!

Laura T.

Jane@CM on January 18, 2010:

Oh my gosh, that is so embarrassing! What a nice guy to say something to you. I think my most horrendous story would be from 8th grade. I was wearing light blue bib overalls and my monthly friend started & I didn't know. Thankfully, someone told me & I found a sweater to tie around my waist to hide the stains. I was so embarrassed.

Laura Thykeson (author) from Central Texas on January 13, 2010:

Hello folks, thanks for stopping by and sharing your experiences! I certainly got a bit of a chuckle out of them! Sorry it took me so long to respond to your comments-I had to switch computers for some reason for my responses to show up!

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by!

Laura T

iwhcpanties on September 15, 2009:

Well as a guy, my most embarrassing moment was when I was shopping for some new jeans and a couple of dress shirts, with arms full I went into the dressing room thinking I locked the door behind me, I didn’t. As time went by I was just taking off the last pair of jeans that I was trying on and the door opens! Two female sales clerks are standing there, they just stopped right in their tracks, did not close the door, all they did was smile at me with these silly grins, then the “I am sorry, didn’t know you were in there” come out. Yes I was embarrassed because I am standing there wearing nothing but my panties and a bra (at least they were matching panties and bra!). They actually started talking with me, as I am franticly trying to dress. Well come to find out they had been watching me and could see my bra under my tee shirt while I was shopping and just wanted to look. Well now when I go into that store they are egger to help and even pick things out for me (lingerie) and have me show them as I try it on. They enjoy it, and I do too!

Heather Nickless from England on September 01, 2009:

Well, I used to compete in Beauty Pageants. One year right after the competition, I was talking to one of the queens that happened to be a very good friend of mine. At the time we were in formal gowns. We decided to take a picture so as we went to step away from each other after the picture, the beads on her dress got hooked on my fabric and my dress ripped all the way up to my hip. So much for a $600 dress lol. Anyways, I learned at that time that it was best to take two dresses just in case one breaks.

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