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My Review Of Facetheory's Retinol Scar Treatment Oil and Glycolic Cleanser

I am a professional content writer with a *slight* beauty and skincare addiction. Stick around to read my honest product reviews.

My Journey With Acne and How I Discovered Facetheory

Growing up, I never really put much thought into my skincare habits (and I certainly didn't have what you would call a routine!). But after developing cystic acne in my late teens, my confidence plummeted and I began to see things from a whole new light.

So, I did what we all do. I vowed to rid my face of all blemishes by stocking up on my then barely existent skincare stash with acne-fighting ingredients (or so I thought) in the form of lotions and potions that all promised to reveal clear and glowing skin. You can probably already guess where this is going...

Yes, like many of those in my position, I soon discovered not only how pricey some of these ''miracle'' products can be (and as much as I wanted fresh and dewy-looking skin, I just couldn't justify spending over 30 minutes on the 10-step skincare regime that promised otherworldly results!). But also that these ''market-leading'' products didn't actually do anything for my skin.

It took some time, but I was finally able to admit that the majority of the products I had been lulled into buying were either a)completely wrong for my skin type or, (more commonly) b)were just plain useless. And unsure of what else to do, I sought the help of my doctor, who while sympathetic to my plight, couldn't offer much more than a skin-irritating night cream which left my face feeling itchy and flaky after a few months of persistent use. Not exactly the result I was going for!

Then, eventually, after a year or two of trialling different products of varying affordability (R.I.P. my bank balance!), I finally found a handful of brands whose products, for the most part, have managed to keep my acne flare ups under control - with the exception of that time of the month. But like the majority of acne sufferers, I have since begun tackling a whole new problem: acne scars.

Possibly the only thing worse than dealing with acne itself is dealing with the scars those pesky little spots leave behind. And just like the cause, the treatment options are often shrouded in mystery or are wildly expensive. With newly popular procedures like dermabrasion, laser treatment and subcision completely out of my budget, I turned my attention back to the internet in the hopes of finding a less bank-breaking solution to my problem, and that my friends, is how I discovered Facetheory.

Disclaimer: These products were purchased by me and all opinions and experiences are my own.


About Facetheory and Placing My First Order With Them

With an almost perfect 5-star rating on TrustPilot and a wide range of vegan-friendly, and cruelty-free products to choose from (none of which contain any of the nasties we are frequently warned against like parabens, SLS, SLES or sulphates), I was instantly intrigued by Facetheory and wanted to learn more.

Thankfully, their site offers a wealth of information, which is relatively easy to navigate thanks to the addition of special features like the ''concerns'' tab which immediately directs you to a list of products based on your skin woes.

As well as offering personalised skin-care that's naturally derived, Facetheory has taken huge steps to limit their environmental impact, such as using 100% recyclable glass bottles and jars for all of their products as well as cardboard and eco-friendly corn starch packing peanuts in place of single-use plastics.

Totally in love with the ethos behind the brand and figuring I had nothing to lose due to the 365-day money-back guarantee, I added the ''Retinol Scar Treatment Oil'' and ''Clarifying Cleanser'' to my virtual basket and placed my first ever order with Facetheory - and thanks to the first-time buyer 40% discount, I essentially got the cleanser for free. You can bet that my thrifty little heart was ecstatic!


Lightning-Fast Delivery

After a short 3-day wait, I received my products in the post and the first thing I noticed was the high-quality packaging. I can't be the only one who thinks there's something about glass that just feels more luxurious, can I? But while aesthetically pleasing products are nice to drool over while they're displayed on our shelves, like everything else in life it's what's inside that counts...

My First Week Of Using Facetheory

The Clarifying Cleanser - £11.99 (180ml)

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Designed specifically for oily skin, the Clarifying Cleanser is a triple acid cream cleanser that claims to gently remove makeup and target impurities, leaving skin feeling both refreshed and renewed.

As someone who predominantly uses foaming cleansers, the creamy consistency of the Clarifying Cleanser did take a little bit of getting used to. Having said that, I was immediately impressed by how gentle this product was, and how smooth and clean my skin felt immediately after use. By using the product both morning and night as part of my normal skincare routine, I found that my redness, discolouration and dormant blemishes cleared up very quickly.

After around 3/4 days, I did hit a bit of a rough patch where I started to notice clusters of whiteheads appearing around my chin - thankfully this was minimal and after allowing my skin a few more days to adjust to the new product, the issue resolved itself.

The Retinol Scar Treatment Oil - £17.99 (100ml)

Facetheory's Retinol Scar Treatment Oil is packed full of vital vitamins and naturally occurring oils that are designed to combat acne bacteria while promoting cell turnover which is the key to improving uneven texture and troublesome acne scars.

As is recommended with all retinoids, I only ever use this product at night as the chemical compounds increase the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, causing it to burn easier. I also find that heavy oils like these aren't at all wearable during the day and work far better when used immediately before going to bed.

While the oil is very thick, it is still easy to apply with one pump being enough to generously cover the entire face; and although I didn't notice a significant difference to my scarring during the first week, I did find that my skin felt a lot smoother and appeared brighter.


After 1 Month Of Use

After my initial experience with Facetheory, I continued using both products religiously and by the end of the first month, I was pleased to discover that my overall complexion and skin texture had visibly improved.

Although the Clarifying Cleanser definitely let me down with its makeup removing abilities, it is by far one of the best skincare products I have ever used and manages to give me that squeaky clean feeling without stripping my skin of all its natural moisture. Along with healthier glow, I was also pleased that some of my less prominent acne scars had definitely faded thanks to the Retinol Oil.


Three Months Later

I have been using Facetheory's Clarifying Cleanser and Retinol Scar Treatment Oil in conjunction with my other skincare faves for over three months now and I have only grown more in love with the brand!

While the worst of my acne scars are still quite visible - I never expected for them to disappear overnight (literally!) - the others have faded considerably and I'm confident that keeping up with my new routine will help me to achieve even better results than I have already. Aside from this, I have been experiencing even fewer breakouts and my skin, in general, feels much healthier and softer than it did before using Facetheory.

The only minor gripe I have is that my cleanser's pump stopped working two months in and I have since found myself battling each day to get the product out manually. The good news is, though, Facetheory has ensured this won't be an issue in the future as they have removed pumps from most of their products and are instead using fully recyclable glass jars with twist-off lids. Phew!

If you are considering making a purchase with Facetheory, be sure to make the most of the 20% off offer. And if you already use some of their products yourself then I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments section below!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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