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My Homemade Papaya and Mango Body Scrubs and Facial Masks

Thelma has lived and worked for almost three years in the Republic of Ireland as a spa wellness massage therapist.

Tropical Fruits

Papayas and mangoes are tropical fruits that are abundant in my home country Philippines. As I am here spending my winter time in my home country, I enjoyed eating papayas, mangoes and other tropical fruits which are in season. Those fruits are cheap at the moment from 30-60 Pesos ( 1€=58 Philippines Peso) per kilo. I don´t even have to buy the papayas. A papaya tree is behind my house bearing lots of fruits. Sometimes there are plenty to be eaten that I have to find a way to use them. I hate wasting food, so I create something.

Papaya and mango body scrub and facial mask recipes are the fruits of my creative mind to avoid wasting food that they could still be of use in one way or another. Be it in making a cake, smoothies and making fruit salads.

Papaya, A Tropical Fruit

Ripe Papayas

Ripe Papayas