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How to Fade Freckles & Sun Spots for Good, Best Cream for Fading

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Freckle Fade Cream, and Laser treatment Treadmill

There are numerous products and diets to fight wrinkles, but, I have battled sun spots all my life. Finding a way to fade freckles has been a lifetime journey, as It has probably always been my biggest beauty flaw.

I spent much of my youth in California where I must have gained 2000 freckles each summer, no exaggeration. At a certain point, one gets tired of the site of sun spots everywhere, and resorts to the cover up routine every morning.

I wanted a real solution. I actually wanted to see the freckles fade, so I decided to try everything, lemon juice, every age spot removal and fade cream on the market, expensive laser treatments and nothing worked permanently. I also invested in a few chemical peels that greatly improved the age spots, but these treatments were very expensive and I would need to keep doing them on a regular basis, because even with daily use of sunscreen, my freckles start to come back every time I spend 20 minutes outdoors.Overall I consider these treatments a failure for the freckle owner and a success for the Dermatologist. I needed something that I could do every day, or at least a few times per week to keep the brown spots at bay, but I had lost all confidence in products at the supermarket. My goal was to find something affordable and permanent.

Obagi From Amazon

Subjecting Myself to the $$$$ Med Spa

I went go through my rounds of trying products and when the spots became unbearable, I would have to return to the Med Spa to spend far too much money on temporary treatments.

I was back at the the med spa once again and walked away $1500 lighter, after undergoing an IPL laser treatment to lighten my spots. The results were not dramatic, but it did have some effect. However, this time I became friendly with my esthetician, and told her that I just could not afford having these treatments every year, and she let me in on her secret,... Obagi! This is what she uses and her skin is flawless.

Here is what I started with:

Morning: Gentle cleanser, followed by toner- Exfoderm, followed by Sunfader (sunscrean containing hydroquinone)

Evening: Gentle cleanser followed by toner, Clear, Blender, and tretinoin (retin A)

Many of these products can be found on Amazon or ebay, however, the tretinoin, and sunfader are prescription and you will need to go to a med spa or dermatologist to get those two products.

I know it seems like a big routine, but it really is not after you become familiar with the products, and besides, it actually works! People compliment me on how clear my skin looks. SIDE NOTE: One of the reasons these products are so effective is because they contain hydroquinone, the cleanser and toner do not. If you are really on a budget you may just use a good soap like cetaphil, and any toner you wish. Save your money for the real powerful ingredient products. The bold products are the strong products that target freckles.

How to Remove Freckles, A Real Solution

How to remove freckles- Obagi is a powerful treatment that one must not slather on, as with drug store products, it also may sting after a few days of use. After your skin is adjusted to the treatment, the stinging subsides. There are may Obagi products on the market, and it seems that most of them get excellent reviews, the products I mentioned above are the ones I used to target serious brown pigmentation. If you are not as fair and freckled as the girl at the top of this page, chances are you can tone down your routine as far as hydroquinone, which is in just about every one of my products. I use this routine for three to four months and then take about one month off using just the Obagi Vitamin C serum. Every time I get back on my "full" Obagi treatment, I can see the those troublesome spots trying to make their way back. But, I think they have finally lost the battle.

Trying To Get A Tan

This is a BIG mistake for those who freckle because it becomes a vicious cycle of tanning to cover up the freckles and at the same time becoming even more freckled. In the long run the skin will have a dirty, leather, and mottled appearance.

Never try to tan if you freckle!

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There are great self tanners on the market these days, and you should learn which ones look best on your skin and use them in the summer in order to have that golden glow without all of the horrific consequences. Find the best Self Tanner Here.


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Skarlet (author) from California on April 13, 2012:

Thank you Alastar Packer. More power to anyone who loves their freckles! You are really correct when you make references to being proud of Celtic heritage. That is a very healthy attitude. I also knew a very beautiful girl who was covered in freckles, and she seemed perfectly confident. However, many people just do not feel that way, or they just have "certain" spots that they hate. In that case Obagi to the rescue!

Alastar Packer from North Carolina on April 13, 2012:

You've got some interesting hubs here Skarlet. Even in Fashion and Beauty which I don't read too often. Unless someone has freckles like the model above they can actually be attractive and give a woman, or man, "personality" so to speak. Perhaps another way to look at them is being proud of one's Celtic or rather European heritage. But regardless, your Obagi and tips should help many out there looking for a freckle solution. Good info hub Skarlet.

Skarlet (author) from California on April 10, 2012:

Hi freckleFace. Lemon juice is said to work by gently bleaching the skin. If you are on a budget and want to do something about freckles. Number 1 is to always be aware of the sun. Wear a broad rimmed hat and sunscreen, (preferably containing zinc oxide)when you are at outdoor events, ect. Because if you lighten your freckles, it takes just one careless hour to bring you back to square one. So, always think prevention. Taking vitamin C,helps prevent new freckles. Another home remedy is sour milk, or rubbing a freshly cut red onion on spots twice daily. These things all work, but take time. That is why I stress to avoid the sun as much as possible so you don't undo your hard work.

FreckleFace on April 10, 2012:

I have a lot of freckles. And I can't buy any facewashes or anything is there any home remedy for freckles?

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