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Music Note Tattoo Designs

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Music note tattoos are a very popular theme among fans, and it's one of those images which can be used in a variety of place and additional themes to create a great work of art.

It's also one of those few tattoo designs which appeals to men and women, as it has an attraction to all people who enjoy music and its symbols, especially notes.

The treble clef is among the most popular of the music notes for tattoos, and is part of the vast majority of designs considered and inked on.

Among music tattoos in general, there are those that have favorite songs, artists or lines in a song they have inked on. We aren't going to get into those here, as the notes themselves are usually included in those interests, and are great as standalone tattoos, with or without additional images. 

Here's an example of the treble clef which is so popular among music note tattoos. It's cute and compelling, and while simple, looks great to me.

Treble Clef Tattoo


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The treble clef tattoo with the scrolling notes below is among my favorites of music note tattoos overall. The design is terrific and looks great. The appearance of what looks like a music sheet in the background of the notes looks really nice as well.

Treble Clef Tattoo with Notes


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This is a high quality music tattoo with some great shadowing, which is why I included it with the theme. The contrast between light, shade and dark really makes the image stand out nicely. With the old-time microphone and singer having the look of being in the background, it's an extremely well done tattoo design.

Tattoo with Singer and Treble Clef


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Here's a great example of placing a smaller music note tattoo behind the ear. What works good with this choice of placement is it can be covered up by the hair and ear, or can be displayed in the right social situations as a part of your jewelry and look.

Music Note Tattoo Behind Ear


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Continuing with a look at smaller music note tattoos, here's a grouping placed on the top of the foot. It's another example of the treble clef being used in conjunction with music notes. It still amazes me how simple of a design can look so compelling.

Again, the placement is nice because you can cover it up if you choose or feel free to include it as part of your ensemble.

Music Note Tattoos on Foot


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Here's another small but colorful music tattoo for the foot. What's nice about this tattoo is the way it appears to be a swirling, moving image, just like music is meant to be.

Colorful Music Note Tattoo on Foot


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While these large music note tattoos on the ribs and back are a little too big for my taste, it does show how it can work with other themes, as seen by the tattoo in the small of the back that is separate from the music theme.

Back and Rib Music Tattoos


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Pretty interesting music note rib tattoo below, with a lot of notes and symbols included in a relatively small space. I like how the notes are used to create almost another work of art by the overall look and placement of the individual notes together.

Music Note Tattoo on Ribs


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Since I'm not a big fan of tattoos with color, the vast majority aren't too compelling to me, including the bird below. I think it probably would look better with the music notes and stars. But for bird and music lovers, it may be just what you like. It more than likely would have looked better with dark lines on the bird without the color. But that's just me.

Bird and Music Note Tattoo


Bicycle Tattoo Designs

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This is really a cool music tattoo, even with the color, as there's not too much, and it combines dark lines and color together. More importantly, the subject matter is what appeals to me, as it has the look of a musical celebration with a heavenly feel.

Unique Music Note Tattoo on Arm


Hair Tattoo Designs

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I'm not sure why, but this design with music note tattoos where there is a contrast between the light and dark in the way of shadow highlighting the design, really works. Maybe it's the feeling it's written right in the music book with the notes.

Music Tattoo on Arm


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What a fantastic back tattoo with the music notes. Scrolling with notes really works well with a tattoo design, as you can see in some of the designs above. The back is just a larger canvass that can be used in a more creative way.

Scrolling Music Notes on Back


Moon Tattoos

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The back tattoo below is very similar to the one above, with the exception of the treble clef design being much more ornate than its above counterpart. It does show how one change can create such a different look even with themes that are very close to one another.

Scrolling Back Tattoo with Music Notes


To say the least, I was really surprised when searching around for music note tattoos what a unique and compelling number there were. There were literally hundreds of tattoos within the genre, which made it impossible to include in the wide variety there were.

But this gives a good foundational look at the what you can do with the music note and the various ways it can be worked into being a piece of body art.


Ally on January 16, 2012:

So I really like it the only issue is it was not what I was looking for

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Very artistic. Nice hub!

SilkThimble from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 15, 2011:

I particularly like the 2nd one - treble clef with notes - and the scrolling notes on the upper back. Some really nice examples of the genre!

hameidinger on May 09, 2011:

That's great, I love it.

Sun-Girl from Nigeria on May 06, 2011:

Nice hub but dont fancy all that.

Rebekah Nydam from Massachusetts on April 22, 2011:

Great hub! Up and useful :)

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