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Moynat, Delvaux, and Bottega Veneta! Understated and Underrated Luxury Brands Spotlight


I love handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

All About Moynat

The Moynat brand sounds unfamiliar to most handbag lovers. In reality, this is a very understated French luxury fashion house that is loved by classy ladies at the forefront of fashion. Moynat craftsmanship is comparable to the legendary Hermès. All handbags and accessories are handmade by a few artisans in France. Found in 1849, Moynat has a rich history of making purses, luggage, and other accessories. Even though this brand is not well known right now, it is only a matter of time before Moynat gets more popular. With most of their bags around $5000, Moynat is quite affordable compared to Hermès. You are also getting a good deal because Moynat is made with the most exquisite care just like Hermès.

Moynat Wheel BB Bag

Taking inspiration from a wheel, Moynat introduces the monogram wheel bag with leather trims. With a round shape, this bag is not super practical but does fit your essentials. Nowadays, it's not about the practicality of a handbag but the look and small size. The Moynat wheel BB bag is definitely a super coveted piece in today's small bag fashion environment. Like the Louis Vuitton petite boite chapeau monogram, this little bag is also very structured just like a piece of hard luggage.


Moynat Vanity Box Bag

Unfortunately, this beautiful vanity box bag by Moynat has already been discontinued by the brand. But, you can still find this gorgeous purse in the pre-loved market. It was made in many different colors. The most eye catching one is the light pink color. It looks so demure and understated with no visible logo on the bag. Best of all, the Moynat vanity box is so well made that it is often compared to Hermès bags. Look at the beautiful details, it is a little bag that you will cherish forever if you manage to find one in the pre-loved market.


Delvaux - Understated Luxury Belgian Brand

A brand that almost rivals Hermès' quality? The Delvaux is slowly gaining a loyal following. Even though this brand is not well known, the Belgian brand started in 1829. That's almost 200 years ago! With its fine luxury pieces, Delvaux is now starting to grow their clients internationally. No longer the best kept secret of the Belgian people, others are starting to appreciate the beauty of Delvaux fine leather goods.

Delvaux Brillant Bag

The most iconic and recognized bag from the house of Delavux is the brilliant bag. This little handheld bag comes in different sizes and colors. With no visible branding, this is an understated purse that is only recognized by its shape just like the Hermès Birkin. With excellent craftsmanship of leather and attention to detail, the Delvaux brand is now attracting attention from loyal Hermès followers. Right now, Delvaus is still an underrated handbag brand so their bags are not extremely expensive like Hermès. This is your perfect opportunity to get a gorgeous bag before it gets ridiculously expensive.


Bottega Veneta

This Italian handbag brand is known for being understated and luxurious. Bottega Veneta's signature style is the interwoven leather (intrecciato) purse with no visible branding. The handbags are crafted with skilled artisans and so beautiful to look at. With the recent popularity of small bags, Bottega Veneta reinvented their signature style with the cassette bag. With larger squares of interwoven leather, the cassette bag is an updated version of the classic Bottega Veneta. The padded cassette is even more modern with a cloud like appearance! Best of all, Bottega Veneta is great for women that are more subtle with their designer purchases. They don't use any visible logos to distinguish the brand from other luxury retailers. It's all in the design!


Bottega Veneta Cabat Tote

This classic Bottega Veneta tote is unfortunately discontinued. However, you can definitely find it in the pre-loved market. Made by hand, the cabat tote is one of the most luxurious and well made totes in the world. Some argue that the cabat tote is one of the few bags in the luxury world that is made just like Hermès bags. Back in the mid to late 2000s, you have to shell out about $4000 for a cabat. Fortunately, you can expect to save at least half in the pre-loved market for a gently used cabat tote today.


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