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Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra review: Best sports bra for everyday wear, workouts and for nursing women

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra scores well as a daily wear sports bra and also a good bra for nursing women. Features like an adjustable front strap, wide bands, seam free molded cups and moisture managing fabric come with an affordable price tag. If you were looking to buy a sports bra online but were bombarded with dodgy 5 star reviews, read on. This practical review rips apart the good, bad, pros and cons of Moving Comfort's Fiona sports bra which are a must read before buying online.

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra: What we like

1) Holds breast in place and reduces bounce

One of the first benefits of wearing a sports bra is that they hold the breasts in place and that's exactly what Moving Comfort's Fiona does. The bra has seam free molded cups which hold the breasts and offer adequate cupping to reduce up and down or side to side boob movement.

2) Support during workouts with low to moderate impact

The compression and support offered by the Fiona makes it a good sports bra for stretching exercises and for low to moderate impact workouts. All the different elements of the sports bra's work in harmony to secure breasts during increased levels of activity.

3) Adjustable front straps

The front straps on Fiona are adjustable with Velcro. This makes it very easy to tighten or loosen the straps without taking the top off. Easily adjustable straps also make the bra comfortable for uneven breasts.

4) 4th hook-and-eye row for 40-44 band sizes

Girls and women who have a larger band size have an extra hook-and-eye closure. 3 concealed hook-and-eye rowscome standard while all Fiona sports bras in band size range 40 to 44 have an extra row for added comfort and security.

5) Fiona sports bras won't bite

Ill fitting bras which bite leave sore skin patches below the breasts, on the back and on the shoulders, commonly known as the shoulder dig. Fiona has wide bands below the cups and at the back, giving a comfortable and snugly fit. As the front straps are adjustable which means the dreaded shoulder dig can be avoided.

6) Good sports bra for nursing women: Adjustable front straps

What makes Moving Comfort's Fiona one of the best sports bras for nursing and pregnant women in its price range is that the front straps are Velcro giving babies and mommies easy access to the milk, no pun intended. Breasts can become tender and heavier during breastfeeding, which is where the adjustable straps also come into play to deliver more comfort, support and ease of nursing.

7) Molded cups hold the breasts, not squish them

Fiona sports bra has molded cups which, along with the design of the bra offer a certain level of compression for movement control. Not to be misleading, it should not be believed that there is no possibility of a 'uniboob look'. However when compared to other cheaper sports bras which have a squishing effect on the breasts, Fiona does quite well. It is important to remember that sports bras are designed to be more on utility and less on fashion.

8) Can be taken off without a fuss: Added advantage whilst on the run

Racerback sports bras and other intricately designed ones can be a tough ask putting on or taking off, especially after a sweaty workout. With Velcro straps and a wide band at the back, Fiona remains to be easy to work with. In fact because of the Velcro straps, it makes this sports bra possible to be removed without taking the top off.

9) Affordable and value for money sports bra which can be worn every day

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra is priced to be an affordable pick for everyday wear. For its price, it remains affordable, convenient and comfortable in the type of activities it is designed for. Fiona ticks almost all the boxes when it comes to buying a sports bra which can be worn everyday around the house, while exercising or being about finishing work.

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona sports bra is available in peppy colors including black, white, berry, blizzard, surf, watermelon, bronte, coral, merlot, guava, mist, aubergine, seaglass and grass.

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona sports bra is available in peppy colors including black, white, berry, blizzard, surf, watermelon, bronte, coral, merlot, guava, mist, aubergine, seaglass and grass.

Moving Comfort Women's Fiona Bra: What we don't like

Sticking to the promise of not being just another glossy 5 star review, here is a look at the disadvantages of this sports bra.

1) Not the best for high impact workouts

Moving Comfort has designed Fiona to be a sports bra with intricate features including the two-way powermesh stretch at the back, molded cups and adjustable straps to give optimum support. However this review pegs the Fiona sports bra to give adequate support to workouts within the low to mid impact range.

Fiona has a comfortable fit however it does not seem to offer the levels of compression that high impact sports need. There is slight room for breast movement and bounce. For high impact workouts and contact sports like Zumba, Tennis, Volleyball, etc which put a significant stress on the breast tissue, other variants of Moving Comfort bras may be better suited. Links to those variants, namely Moving Comfort Women's Juno and Moving Comfort Women's Maia have been provided at the end of this review.

2) May need nipple covers if worn by itself during chilly weather

The fabric of the Fiona sports bra is designed while keeping in mind things like compression, encapsulation, moisture management and seamlessness amongst other things typical to a sports bra. However prominent nipples may be visible in case of cold or other factors. There is a simple remedy for the solution – Nipple covers which are a great fashion accessory, a must have item in the purse and can be bought online for as less as $20.

3) Wide straps and band could be visible under a top with lighter or sheer fabric

Fiona has wide straps and band for added comfort. A possible disadvantage could be that the large bands and straps may be visible under a light top with sheer or very delicate fabric. This may come in the way of an individualistic sense of style and fashion.

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