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Most Pragmatic Affordable Luxury Handbags for a Professional Working Woman

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I have loved handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Do you want to look sharp and ready for work with your whole outfit including the handbag? But, you don't want to spend a ton of money on true luxury European brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel and Hermès? A lot of times, a high end designer bag at the workplace might send the wrong message. Furthermore, it might make your co-workers jealous and talk behind your back. Mid range affordable luxury handbags are the best option for a woman that wants to look her best and not draw any negative attention. This article lists the most pragmatic and stylist affordable luxury purses.

Kate Spade Knott Medium Crossbody Tote

A sleek black leather tote bag is one of the best options for work. It's understated, practical and goes with all work outfits. The Kate Spade Knott Medium Crossbody Tote adds a little bit of interest to the traditional tote with a small leather knot near the handles. This little design touch really makes an ordinary tote bag look elevated. It is also just so pragmatic to have a tote bag for work because it will fit your essentials and things you might use for the workplace as well. The Kate Spade brand sits comfortably at the mid price point between very inexpensive and true luxury brands.


The Cambridge Satchel Company "The Satchel"

The Cambridge Satchel Company is based in England. This brand produces traditional style handbags that are very suitable for the workplace. This satchel is available in several different sizes (8 to 15 inches) that can accommodate any professional woman's needs. The small satchel is perfect for a woman that only needs to carry the smart phone and her wallet for work. The largest satchel measures 15 inches across and can fit a small laptop. Most satchels feature a top handle that makes the professional woman look sleek and smart. The crossbody strap makes the satchel very mobile. If you have to travel a lot for work, the work bag needs to fit that aspect of a professional working woman. The Cambridge Satchel Company makes this satchel in a multitude of colors to fit every personality and needs. Best of all, the stiff leather is a perfect workhorse and will look even better with time.


Senreve Vegan Leather Maestra Bag

Do you want a pragmatic work purse but that is also vegan? The well-known Senreve brand is now selling its popular Maestra bag in the vegan leather. The Maestra bag is so practical for the professional woman. With two ways of carrying it, it can fit the needs of the workplace. When you want to look professional with the whole outfit, carry this purse by the top handle. On the other hand, carry this purse like a backpack when you go to a conference. It will free up your hands and shoulder to carry all the supplies needed for the conference. This Senreve purse is perfect for all working professionals.

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Monos Metro Duffel Bag

Are you always traveling for work? Even though it's rare to travel a lot for work these days because of COVID-19, the world is starting to return to pre-pandemic life. Traveling for work and fun is becoming more and more common these days. The Monos Metro Duffel bag is so practical for a business woman constantly on the go. This style is available in nylon which is completely waterproof. You will never have to worry about the rain ruining your bag. What if you are not into the nylon material because it might not look very elegant and polished? The Monos Metro Duffel Bag is also available in vegan leather which almost resembles real leather. With seven stable colors to choose from, you will find the perfect bag for business.


Tsuchiya Kaban Clarte Boston Bag

The Japanese affordable luxury brand Tsuchiya Kaban is a little bit on the expensive side for mid range handbags. However, the handbags are finely crafted to justify its higher price point. The Boston bag is perfect and very practical for a working professional woman. The Tsuchiya Kaban Clarte Boston Bag can hold a lot of stuff despite its small size. This simple yet gorgeous little bag can hold all smaller items except for bigger items such as a laptop. This small bag is available in many different colors. The navy one is perfect for a traditional office that is very strict about the office dress code. Other brighter colors such as red, green, gray and light blue can be used in a more causal office setting. The light pink color is perfect for those that work in fashion!


Polène Numéro Sept Bag

If you love fashion, you definitely heard of the brand Polène. This contemporary affordable luxury brand was born in 2015. All the handbags are hand crafted in Spain of fine materials. All the purses are named with numbers. The Polène Numéro Sept (or N°7) is the most practical for work. Its sleek style screams professional for a well dressed woman in a serious business environment. This purse is also a very understated bag because it has no visible logos anywhere. The inside is very spacious and expands like an accordion. You also have a slit pocket on the inside that can fit your work badge. You won't have to dig around your purses to find it when you are trying to access the building. The Polène N°7 also features a keyring on one side that you can clip your keys to. All of these features make the Polène N°7 perfect for work!


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