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Review of the Morphe 35W Warm Eye Shadow Palette

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Just look at the range of colours you get!

Just look at the range of colours you get!

Morphe 35W

If you’ve been anywhere near the beauty scene recently, you’ve probably heard of Morphe. Famous for their brushes, they’ve also got a range of palettes renowned for being superb and affordable at the same time. This is my very first Morphe palette: the 35W, which is full of warm-toned eye shadows.

The Price

You can get this palette on Amazon (amongst other beauty websites), where it ranges from about £20–£25. I’m in the UK, and although the official Morphe website does ship to the UK, I really don’t think the shipping charges and customs duty are worth it; I cannot stand paying postage charges! You want me to both pay for a product and pay again on top of that? I don’t think so!

The Packaging

Anyhow, it came carefully bubble-wrapped to prevent breakages. The palette itself is pretty basic: simple black plastic with just Morphe’s logo on the front, no detail at all on the back save a small ‘35W’ sticker in the bottom corner. But hey, I don’t want to be paying for a case, anyway!

Sleek and gets the job done, no fancy packaging here!

Sleek and gets the job done, no fancy packaging here!

The Eye Shadows

So onto the eye shadows! There’s 35 altogether (hence the 35 in the name). The photo really doesn’t do the palette justice here. There are shimmers, mattes, metallics and even a few with specks of sparkle (like the glitter-black on the bottom row).

For the most part, the shadows are definitely worth it; they're soft and buttery, and the pigmentation is fantastic, especially with the metallics and shimmers. A few of the mattes come across a bit powdery with a little too much fallout, but I tend to expect that from most palettes.

One Con: The Glitter Colours

The only colours I was disappointed in were the glitter colours—the purple in the middle row (flecked with gold) and the glitter black in the bottom row. With these, the glitter just doesn’t come across; they may as well be full-matte shades! There is a light brown glitter in the fourth row (third from the right) which fares better, although it still doesn’t carry the same impact as using one of the metallics.

Colour Swatches

I’ve swatched every colour below on bare skin using no primer. The lighting varies, although they were all taken at the same time of day; the photos were taken inside, and the sun was dipping in and out of the clouds.

The first row, neutrals and transition shades

The first row, neutrals and transition shades

The First Row

These are mainly neutral-matte shades although the last shade in the row is a beautiful champagne shimmer. The neutrals are very blendable and are perfect for the base shadows in a look or perhaps as a transition colour. I’d also use the shimmer as a highlight. Watch out for fallout! Although with these shades, fallout is pretty easy to clean up.

A good mixture in the second row—just look at that pink!

A good mixture in the second row—just look at that pink!

The Second Row

I did have to flip this image as I swatched them from the wrong end of the palette. There are a few beautiful metallics and shimmers here; the picture really does not do them justice! The orange (in the middle) is ideal for a transition crease shade to add warmth to any look and also to go under your eyes before liner to add that warm, professional depth. I also love the baby pink; it’s just so sweet and goes great on the inner half of the lid for a fun, girly look.

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The first colour is a lot more pigmented than it appears here (my bad lighting!) and is a brown/neutral shimmer. All in all, it seems the orangey toned colours are the most vibrant and it’s the same case throughout the palette.

Beautiful pinks and purples in the third row.

Beautiful pinks and purples in the third row.

The Third Row

This row is beautiful! Pinks, purples and a gorgeous shimmery blue/grey right on the end which really makes your eyes pop! The pinky, peachy, almost orangey shades at the left hand side are ideal for a soft, romantic look. They remind me a lot of the naked 3’s colour scheme.

Then we get this purple surprise right in the middle. It is a glitter shade and has flecks of gold running through which, to be honest, don’t show up that much, but the purple itself is fantastic! The deep bronze/brown is super pigmented while still being very blendable and could easily compete with much higher end shadows. And that silvery grey, ohhh now that is a beauty!

A deeper row of colours in the fourth row.

A deeper row of colours in the fourth row.

The Fourth Row

Now this is where the intensity really ramps up, both matte and shimmer browns and coppers and two purples to complete the row at the end. The first colour is a little sheer but works perfectly as a transition crease colour to add depth. The purples are gorgeous; especially the brown/purple second from the end, it gives a bit of subtle colour to an otherwise neutral look. This row is a great basis for a warm smokey eye perfect for autumn and winter.

The fifth row ramps up the intensity.

The fifth row ramps up the intensity.

The Fifth Row

Here is where we find our deep, intense colours. The black is, unfortunately not as pigmented as I would have liked. The swatch above took a few sweeps over. It is buildable so the deep smokey eye is possible, but you’ll need to go over a few times.

The first colour, a deep brown metallic is beautiful and ideal for the eyelid. Its soft, pigmented and as blendable as a metallic can be (beware of shimmer going into the crease!) The glitter black does not contain as much glitter as I would have liked but it’s a good base to add glitter over the top if that’s your style.

A quick and simple look

A quick and simple look

An Affordable and Versatile Palette

Finally, here’s a very basic look I did in about 15 minutes. The Morphe 35W isn’t perfect, but it is definitely is a great tool to have in your arsenal. You can create so many looks with this palette, and, as far as palettes go, it is pretty affordable. At a price of around £25, it works out to about £0.71 per eye shadow. If you happen to be in the United States, then it’s likely to be even cheaper.

With a primer and setting spray, the colours will last all day, but on their own they can fade a little. Some of the colours lack pigment, and some tend to be a little powdery, but on the whole they are soft, blendable and especially the metallics are full of colour. I would certainly recommend.

Final Ratings

  • Texture: 7/10
  • Pigmentation: 5/10 – 10/10 (7.5/10)
  • Blendability: 8/10
  • Longevity: 7/10
  • Value for Money: 9/10
  • Total: 40.5/50, four stars!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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