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Mini, Nano, or Tiny ~ the Small Handbag Trend! Find Out Which One Is the Best for You?


I love handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

LV Speedy Nano

The legendary Louis Vuitton Speedy is now available in the super cute small size. This little purse is super hot right now among the most fashionable women. Even though this handbag is on the smaller size, it can still hold your essentials with no problems. But if you are a mom and need to carry more than just the absolute essentials, this bag will not work for you. Also, the straps are not detachable which is a slight annoyance. On the other hand, with such a little cutie as your arm candy, who cares about functionality?

Chanel Square Mini Flap Bag

The classic Chanel flap bag is also available in the mini square size. This is an ultra cute little handbag from the house of Chanel. You can buy the traditional diamond quilted pattern or go with the chevron quilting for a more modern look. This mini flap comes in a variety of colors that can compliment every wardrobe. Keep in mind that the strap is on the longer side and not adjustable. But, don't worry, you can purchase a clip to manually shorten the strap. Again, this bag is only big enough for your essentials. The Chanel square mini flap bag is for a very classic woman that wants to wear a slightly updated iconic handbag.


Loewe Gate Mini

Loewe is one of the hottest high end brands right now. With the talented J.W. Anderson, Loewe is now loved by fashionable women everywhere. The mini gate is a little crossbody bag that screams cute. Available in many different colors, the gate is best for causal events. Be aware that this little purse can only hold a few small things, nothing more. It is not the most functional small bag that you can get. Be sure to only buy the Loewe if you just want an extra bag to look cute. You are going to forgo functionality for looks in this case.


LV Alma BB

The Louis Vuitton Alma BB combines looks with functionality. Unlike most mini or nano bags, the LV Alma BB can fit a good amount of stuff. If you want a moderately functional small handbag, the Alma BB is the best choice for you. You can carry this purse as a crossbody or handheld little bag. Talk about versatility. Best of all, compared to other Louis Vuitton bags, the Alma BB is considered affordable. Pick the monogram for the quintessential Louis Vuitton look. Go with the Damier ebene for a slightly understated look. But if you want a more subtle bag, go with the epi leather.

Gucci GG Marmont Super Mini

The Gucci marmont is so popular that women all over the world want this purse. Talk about popularity. The marmont is available in the super mini size which is very small and uber popular because of the nano bag trend. Available in lots of pastel or bold colors, the Gucci marmont is a little statement bag that you use for special occasions. Although not very functional, the marmont can fit a card case, a smart phone without the case, and a few keys. So, you can work with it if you really love the style.


LV Palm Springs Mini

A small cute backpack that is both trendy and user friendly. With a bigger space than most mini or nano bags, this little backpack can fit your essentials plus more. Pack this Louis Vuitton up and use it like a backpack, crossbody, or handheld bag. Many women around the world are in love with this bag. This purse is in high demand due to its popularity. It can be tough to purchase one from the Louis Vuitton store. But, don't worry, you can sometimes find this bag on the second hand market.


Jacquemus Le Chiquito Bag

An instantly recognized ultra mini bag that is at the forefront of the small purse trend. Available in many colors, this bag is known for its one of kind shape. With an interior that can only hold some money, maybe a lipstick and keys, this tiny purse is not known to be practical. If you have more than just the bare essentials, this bag will never work for you. This purse is only recommended for a super fashion conscious woman that wants to make a statement with her arm candy.


Alexander Wang Heiress Pouch Rhinestone Mesh

Do you want a statement handbag? This small purse is embellished with rhinestones all over the exterior and is the perfect statement bag. The Alexander Wang heiress pouch rhinestone mesh comes in several different colors, white, pink, yellow, and black. Are you going to a party? Do you want to be the center of attention? Then, go with this little bag to show off your loud personality! Go for the small size for a super cute look. Pick the medium size for more functionality.

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