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Men's Rayban Sunglasses

Liam, a soldier, sports enthusiast, motorcycle biker and a huge fan of leather. I love to travel, write about my travels and my life.

Tom Cruise with Rayban Sunglasses

Tom Cruise with Rayban Sunglasses

Rayban Sunglasses are a Must Have

Rayban sunglasses may be pretty expensive, but they are well worth their money. Without any doubt. They are the Ferrari among sunglasses. Everyone wants to have at least one pair of Rayban sunglasses, but not everyone can afford them.

Among all sunglasses of this brand, probably the aviator sunglasses are the most popular and in my opinion, the hottest. Of course, sunglasses do not make a man/a guy sexy. A sexy guy with sunglasses makes them sexy.

Some people think they are not sexy or cool enough to be wearing sunglasses or even feel uncomfortable wearing them. But the trick is knowing who you are, what you like and not to be afraid to buy and wear whatever you like.

Many celebrities have modeled for these amazing men's sunglasses, among others also the Australian former tennis star, Patrick Rafter.

Aviator Sunglasses

Jake Gyllenhaal with Rayban Sunglasses

Jake Gyllenhaal with Rayban Sunglasses

Why Sunglasses are a Necessity?

Sunglasses are regarded as one of the most popular fashion accessories, but there is much more to sunglasses than fashion. We all should wear sunglasses since we are living in a time when diseases and infections are more common than ever before, and there is a lot of dangers that come from being exposed to the sun too much.

The sun has never influenced our lives in such a big way than it has done over the last decade. And who is to blame for that? We all are! We should take better care of the environment, and the environment would return us the favour. But be sure not to be wearing sunglasses all the time since you must allow your eyes to rest also in the natural light.

Review of Rayban Aviator Sunglasses

Aviator Mirrored Rayban Sunglasses

Do You Have a Pair of Rayban Sunglasses?

Rayban Sunglasses - Perfect Fit For Every Combination

Rayban sunglasses are extremely popular across the world. A good feature of these sunglasses is that anyone can find a pair of sunglasses which suit their style best. Regardless whether you are more into common-looking sunglasses or you prefer aviator sexy sunglasses. Whatever you want, you can get at Rayban.

I wear my aviator Rayban sunglasses when I go to work, looking, or at least trying to look, all stylish and elegant, in my navy blue suit with a tie and Rayban sunglasses. I am not one of those hipsters or guys who wear sunglasses even when it is raining or inside malls or stores. Actually, to be completely honest, I hate guys (or people in general) who wear sunglasses in big shopping malls. I don't know what their deal is, but it just looks weird, and if they are trying to look sexy, it has just the opposite effect.

I love wearing my Rayban sunglasses when I'm out for a nice walk in the park when the sun is shining and I put on my tight jeans and just a plain t-shirt and go outside to enjoy some fresh air and nature. Hopefully, this will not sound too cocky of me, but I know I look OK in such attire and also I feel very good wearing it..

My favourite time to wear my Rayban sunglasses is while I'm wearing my leathers, either on a bike or just when I am out with my friends. I don't know what it is, but leather and Rayban sunglasses truly go hand in hand. And such combination makes a guy even sexier, and more appealing, if I may add. And I am speaking in general and not about me, do not be mistaken!

Bradley Cooper with Rayban Sunglasses

Bradley Cooper with Rayban Sunglasses

Feeling Sexy with RayBan Sunglasses

Rayban sunglasses are a popular accessory of all those who want to appear sexy while staying protected from the sun. It seems that Rayban sunglasses have been around for centuries since the ads from the start of the 20th century already show sexy guys and girls wearing Rayban sunglasses.

I love combining wearing my Rayban sunglasses with my jeans and a leather jacket and I also adore my combination of full leather, tight leather pants, and a biker leather jacket with my Raybans. I feel it all gives me more self-confidence and that extra oomph I need when I am going out on the town and want to feel sexy, and get noticed. Although, I have to admit that is not very often, since I am a rather shy person, nonetheless.

And why wouldn't you wear sunglasses with which you feel more confident and sexy? It is always nice to be happy in your skin, in what you wear, be that clothes or sunglasses or any other fashion accessories.

Choosing the Right Aviator Rayban Sunglasses

Should I Wear Sunglasses?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Yes, you should. I'm not speaking about the UV-protection of your eyes and face, my answer is also positive in the fashionable sense.

The best thing is that you can combine sunglasses with absolutely everything. Be that a fashionable and elegant business suit or classic jeans and leather jacket image and of course in the summer with a pair of shorts and a T-shirt.

I have several pairs of sunglasses, among them, I have 3 pairs of Raybans, which are absolutely my favourites! Two pairs are classic aviator sunglasses while one pair is more elegant. I feel confident wearing my sunglasses, especially since I prefer people not knowing if I'm looking directly at them or not when I'm walking on the streets. It is like I am able to hide behind my sunglasses when I'm outside.

Which Sunglasses Brand is Your Favourite?

Ja on July 25, 2020:

Good article Liam, now I understand why you like the aviator glasses

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