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Mens Pantyhose - something to try

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Pretty guys should wear pretty pantyhose to enhance their looks and make them beautiful. Mens pantyhose have become so common that some online hosiery stores have more male customers than female. I really love it when guys dare to go and wear something feminine (or what most people consider feminine) because it can look so stunning and cute. Especially if you have nice clean shaven legs it can really get me going.

Mens pantyhose might sound funny to you, but to some women like me it’s really cute and beautiful and I really wish I’d see more guys wearing them. I would go into how mens pantyhose are so practical and how they can help keep you warm but the truth is that’s not why I like them. It’s the look that I love about them and a man openly wearing pantyhose on a night out will instantly get my attention.

I don’t know what it is about nice legs, that makes them so attention drawing. And I’m not only talking about smooth feminine legs. I equally love the strong masculine legs. If I had to decide between feminine and masculine legs on a man I really don’t think I could. Both are really beautiful to look at – especially in sheer pantyhose. And the thighs are the nicest part of the legs.

Wearing Mens Pantyhose

  1. If you wear sheer pantyhose, even mens pantyhose, then you should make sure that you shave or wax your legs. It really is essential to be hair free when wearing these. The same goes for most fishnet pantyhose (you’ll have to try them and see). You can sometimes get away with very fine hair or a bit of stubble (even though stubble doesn’t feel nice) but anything that’s visible through the fabric is too much. You should note that the nylon mesh used for mens pantyhose is super stretchy and when wearing it, you can see a lot more through it than when you just hold it up in front of you.
  2. Shoes should match the outfit (obviously) and this might not be so easy if you have large feet. If you just wear your regular mens boots or sneakers together with tight fitting pantyhose then that will make your feet look absolutely huge. So try to go for something smaller and less conspicuous. Best of all are high heels of course but you might not want to wear them. But do check out what I wrote on high heels for men and Men Wearing High Heels before dismissing the idea. You may want to try some women’s sneakers if you find a shop that sells your size.
  3. What kind of bottom to wear is also a very crucial part in pantyhose fashion. Obviously, wearing long trousers over the pantyhose will kind of miss the point of mens pantyhose in my opinion. But most guy’s shorts don’t go terribly well with tight fitting hosiery – not even mens tights. You could opt for some hot pants or other more feminine shorts. But I have to tell you honestly, the best thing has got to be wearing a skirt. Especially a short skirt is the perfect complement to beautiful legs in tight mesh. I know it might be asking too much but just give it a thought for a second.

So guys please give it a try and buy some mens pantyhose. It doesn’t matter if you have stronger masculine legs or smooth feminine legs. Both will go very well with mens tights. You can get various kinds of mesh from sheer mesh that’s semi transparent and very smooth to a more fishnet like structure. Typically mens pantyhose also come in a thicker form when they’re needed for functional purposes. You could start modestly by getting a pair of the thicker mens pantyhose for cycling or something like that. Then see how nice it feels and how women react. I wrote more about this in my article on mens tights.

Mens Leggings

Mens Pantyhose

Bodystockings for Men


Kathleen D. on March 06, 2016:

I have never had any problems getting a guy to wear pantyhose for me. Ladies , you would be amazed what a guy will do for you if you just ask seductively. If he will wear a bra for me, then I know he is mine. I live in the conservative Midwestern Davenport,Ia. area and I have never failed to get a guy to wear girly things for me under his guy clothes. I have talked guys into taking me on trips where they wore panties the entire time. Pantyhose are a nice touch too, because it tends to keep them aroused for me.

Dennis59 on October 19, 2015:

I have been i guess what you would concider a closet pantyhose wearer. I have told 2 different ladies that i had dated that i enjoyed wearing them. Well right after that they both broke up with me. So i think it is probably best i not tell any more ladies, and just keep it to me self.

Lingerielover on February 18, 2015:

Hi Lucy, another great article. Pantyhose are so comfortable to wear. I started wearing pantyhose as a teenager and love the feeling especially of satin sheers. Pantyhose can easily be worn under a suit. And I often wear pantyhose together with shorts. Of course it is necessary to shave the legs. There is one thing: fine pantyhose do not fit with men´s shoes. So I tried a pair of heels. There is such a broad variety of women´s shoes. From lower heels up to stilettos. I haven´t worn stilettos yet. On 3 in heels I can walk and stand rather comfortable. Thank you for your inspiring article.

golfer10 on August 13, 2013:

I have taken another comfort step, although I have not moved to wearing with shorts. I have purchased sheer compression pantyhose (medical grade) instead of the opaque ones I have been wearing. They are so much more comfortable under slacks that wear them all the time under jeans and when not at work. I still wear the opaque hose to work to look more like socks with a suit. However, when I go out to dinner with my wife, I will wear the sheer with a suit.

Tom on July 12, 2013:

It's been over a year since I checked this thread. Then, I was chicken, but since then, I've learned that what others are saying is true - most people don't notice or don't care, as long as you're dressed tastefully and wear your pantyhose confidently.

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mark on June 15, 2013:

life is too short wear what you want to wear if you want to wear sheer black hose and shorts do it if you want to wear your compression hose with shorts golfer do it consider this if someone looks strange at you so what that's their hangup someday we will all pass away what are people going to say about you oh he wore pantyhose and he was a guy so fffn what if people cant accept you because of a fashion statement so fffn what like i said life is too short

Dannypantyhose7 on May 27, 2013:

I been wearing pantyhose since I was in High School. I wear pantyhose 24/7 and wear openly in public (shorts and hose) nearly year round. I have over 30 years of experience with my pantyhose lifestyle. I find it to be very easy and normal for me to wear pantyhose openly. Pantyhose are comfortable and very relaxing on my legs. I prefer support hose. I wear mostly European Brands (female & male hose). I shave my legs every time I shower because I hate hair on my legs. I also have a large photo collection of myself, taken at home and in public.

golfer10 on May 27, 2013:

You make some good points in your argument. Although I only wear them with pants, my ankles don't look that unnatural to me, but maybe it is more wishing than anything. The more sheer are more comfortable, especially is they are compression grade.

mark on May 25, 2013:

its like this its because men look so manly most men and have hairy legs and act aggressive tights and pantyhose are considered a no no but consider this what if a male was androgenous and had long hair had little or no hair on his legs then it would look okay this and this alone is the secret answer why society does not like pantyhose and tights for men the answer because anything soft and sheer on a male is considerd a weakness that's why the more feminime you can look the more you can get away with the look

golfer10 on March 29, 2013:

I will wear shorts and sandles when on vacation with my family. However, I don't wear my compression hose when doing so. My legs hurt though, but I cannot bring my self to wear them openly. I also have compression leggings I bought to wear under my trousers when I had an evening beach party to attend. That way I could take off my shoes and be bare foot. I do shave my legs for comfort under the hose. They are much hotter with body hair and tend to slip.

samowhamo on March 19, 2013:

I would like to ask any female that reads this post one simple question. What is so attractive about seeing a guy with long bushy-haired legs wearing baggy shorts coming down below the knees and a clunky pair of sandals or tennis shoes?"

Well I do tend to agree with you Lucy on the hair thing I hate that I have so much extra hair on my body but as for shorts, sandals, and tennis shoes I like shorts when the weather is warm and sandals too and I really only wear tennis shoes when I have too. Do you ever wear shorts on warm days or sandals like at the beach just curious.

Lucy83 (author) on March 19, 2013:

Hi golfer10,

thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.

golfer10 on March 14, 2013:


I have been wearing compression 30-40 pantyhose for years for medical reasons. My typical pair is black and opaque and look like trouser socks or maybe just a little lighter. As summer is coming, I am dreading the heat and have thought hard about wearing the sheer pantyhose in the same compression. I always wear trousers, so the only part that shows is my ankle when sitting or bending down. I know men have worn sheer socks as formal wear and I would probably be fine with my tux, but was wondering you thoughts on suits, wool trousers, and jeans. When golfing I either wear black trousers or khaki. I will wear beige hose with the khaki pants. Can you please give me your thoughts on the fashion side as well as the opinion of a woman seeing a man's ankle clad in sheer hose. I would expect the sheerness to be a bit less than the normal sheer non-compression hose a woman would wear, but it would be obvious that it was sheer on my ankle.

To give you a visual, I am 6' tall with a good build and not overweight and am 55 years old.

Thank you.

Golfer10 on March 12, 2013:


Thank you for your articles and open mindedness. I have had to wear 30-40 compression pantyhose for the last 5 years for medical reasons. I always wear them under my trousers/jeans. At work it is a suit or wool slacks, mostly black. The hose I wear look somewhere between tights and a woman's trouser sock. I know they have some sheerness to them, but usually it has to be a bright room or outside to tell. I wear them golfing as well in khaki with khaki pants or black with black pants. My question to you is how odd would it look if I wore a more sheer product? I know I could pull it off if I had my tux on because formal socks tend to be sheer for men, but how about daily wear? I am sure they would be more comfortable for me even in the same compression. Thank you in advance for your opinion.

mark on February 02, 2013:

its been awhile since i commented on equal feminime rights for us androgenous looking males im ffnn sick of walking into a grocery store eating place or any outing without getting the hick one eyed stare at my nailpolished hands my long thick shoulder length hair and my black tights clinging to legs that girls would die for you see where i come from all the men have short or no hair wear baggy jeans and work boots and talk in ape talk i just cant identify with and if someone like me dont play follow the testostorone your an out cast well guess what i dont give a f any more but i will just say this is the very same old reason that i hated being a male or in my case stuck in no mans land for 54 years why dont i get a sex change you ask well i guess i feel im to old for this now and why you wonder why i didn't when i was younger i dont know except that i learned to live with my self and have a beautiful wife and daughter and im not that selfish to subject them to that so what do i do about it nothing just wear my pantyhose my leggings my nail polish and go for it no im not a crossdresser or a pervert or gay im just me

fashionseeker on December 20, 2012:

It is the most liberating feeling to wear silky sexy pantyhose under medium length shorts. The feeling of being vulnerable can be a rush while doing something that is not the norm. After getting noticed and gossiped about, a sick feeling sometimes sets in. A person could probably compare it to someone enjoying the high feeling of getting drunk, but feels horrible to the hangover the next day.

So, until males wearing pantyhose/tights in public is accepted by the mainstream public, a male must ask himself if it is worth attempting. If you're traveling to another state where nobody knows you, then go for it.

I wore lavender plaid shorts which had a tint of black stripes a few months ago. I never thought I would do it, but I wore a pair off-black sheer energy pantyhose, the medium length shorts, a lavender polo shirt, and flats to a mall in another state. At least 95% of people will never pay attention close enough to a male wearing nude or tan pantyhose. Take it from me. You will get looks when you wear jet black or off black pantyhose like I did. From what I noticed, the looks were positive.

Liberating is the best way I can describe this. I'll admit there is something extremely exhilarating with a little bit of vulnerability when I had smooth hairless off-black pantyhose legs exposed from the bottom of my shorts to my low ankle.

fashionseeker on December 20, 2012:

I saw a picture of a woman in a pair of professional pleated black medium length pin-striped shorts, white shirt, black tights, and heels. I'm thinking this look would work on a male. Instead of a male wearing feminine high heels, he could wear Mary Janes, which doesn't look totally feminine. I'm trying to figure out which outfits males could wear to introduce pantyhose/tights in a stylish, fashionable, classy, and acceptable way.

mark on December 09, 2012:

im still watching the mainstream stores for mens pantyhose and tights on the shelves still no sign of them i had hoped somebody out there in the fashion industry would have noticed this idea ive presented it goes like this take pantyhose get indorsement from nhl nba or a sports team put the logos down each side of the legs and front of the pantyhose select a well known sports figure to wear them and even the machoest ape will take notice and want them its that simple put them in your walmarts your sears your jc penny or any other store and watch what happens i kn0w emile cavellini has sort of took the mens pantyhose idea with skulls and bones but the mainsteam stores is the key like how many men go on the internet looking for mens pantyhose but if the product was in site on shelves with sports endorsement it would seal the deal that's all for now

joe on October 31, 2012:

i turned on the tv tonight and guess what i seen a spanx feature on all kinds of colourful womens tights i watched in envious jealousy as this one salesgirl ran her hands up and down on them describing how soft they were and how fun yes fun they were to were stop here what if it were a man and all the tables were turned sadley i was thrust into this body as a man years have passed as i watched different events like this and other women hosiery talk encounters and i cried why why cant i be included by the time mens pantyhose and tights get into the social store shelfs im gonna be to damn old to care anymore hurry fashion designers get them in your walmarts your sears etc etc make it unisex this will work i just know it there are other men out there like me who are not gay who are not weird that just want the same hosiery rights as women

mark on October 26, 2012:

its been a while since i commented on my ongoing struggle for pantyhose and tights acceptence for us made fun of your weird your a pervert its not normal yes and my favorite your a crossdresser girls you have no idea how lucky you are or do they ive said it over and over again the key to making our male hosiery quest work are you watching the posts fashion designers make pantyhose unisex put them in stores like walmart zellers target the bay sears and watch your product explode in sales also with a tv tasteful commercial featuring male pantyhose with sport logos on them newyork jets etc etc i know this will work even for the toughest male get a sports hockey player or football hero to wear and make them sound like they are the in thing i gurentee it will seal the deal

joe on October 02, 2012:

just curious what if a man was born with no penis and no balls would that make it ok to wear pantyhose or if a women was born with a penis would that make it unacceptable to wear pantyhose see what im getting at i watched an old video yesterday these boots were made for walkin all the girls had hot pants and black sheer hose on as they jumped up an down in their hose and go go boots and ran their hands down their stockinged legs i envied them and cursed at myself for being a man why i will tell you why its because of media and societys rules its like its ok for a women todo it but not a man now do this same vidieo and give the girls a bulge and a beard lets see the reaction now bet it would be a different story got to go now and have that sex change to make it ok to wear pantyhose

Steve on September 23, 2012:

As a hetero man who has worn hose for 30 years, it's comforting to know there are women out there who understand....and don't judge. Have wondered though, the lack of public acceptance MUST add to the psychological thrill. The feeling of good quality, sheer, 90%nylon/10%lycra cannot be denied; however the social taboo of our practice is what makes it "kinky".

P.S. I too am fanatical with regard to punctuation, structure, and SPELLING.

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and remember: "If only close minded people came with closed mouths".

mike on June 30, 2012:

I like wearing the compression type hose, and wear athletic tights and shorts daily but still get constant strange looks and comments when in public. Not saying i'm out shopping or running errands but actually working out, The unfortunate un acceptance has kept me from wearing regular hose in public, my wife says she doesn't mind if i'm comfortable but even she kinda acts like it bothers her. maybe someday an unapproving public will start being more open minded.

sissy on June 28, 2012:

I wear pantyhose and heels daily my wife and myself wear the same size so feminine clothes are all I wear I have no male clothing we get pedicures and manicures together with same color nail polish I like reinforced toe leggs pantyhose as my wife likes sheer toe I work in her firm as her personal secretary. I love your column keep up the great work

mark on June 16, 2012:

its been a while since i put my 2 cents worth in on us men and our pantyhose acceptence crusade so this is my latest comment first of all thank you lucy and to all the women that understand and support their men wearing hose and tights or any item of clothing considered female attire its about time the general public get over there fashion hangups ive been wearing my beige sheer hose and shorts for a couple of months now and im loving it im wearing them out to stores and restaraunts so far no weird looks or comments im still hoping the drugstores the department stores and the mens stores will finally get a shipment of mens pantyhose put them on their shelfs and have them in their flyers i still am confident this will sway a lot of public opinions on this fashion subject that's all for now

Lucy83 (author) on June 12, 2012:

"But dang, women's clothes are so much more comfy than men's."

Then you haven't tried enough of them yet ;)

TomT on June 06, 2012:

If I thought that all women were like you, I'd wear skirts in public. Wife asked me to wear skirts and hose around home about a year ago. I was simply indulgent... until I learned that a skirt and tights are more comfortable than men's shorts. Then I learned that it's oddly relaxing to have a band around my chest, a.k.a., a bra. I don't consider myself to be a crossdresser, since I'm not interested in passing myself off as a woman. But dang, women's clothes are so much more comfy than men's.

Paul Duane from Salt Lake City, Utah on April 22, 2012:

I've been doing exactly what you talked about in your article. I love blending heels, hosiery and a skirt with some other masculine items. It creates a style all my own. I've got a few photos here:

Great article, keep it up.

Lucy83 (author) on April 18, 2012:

Great comment Berenice! Couldn't agree more.

BereniceTeh90 on April 17, 2012:

Hey Lucy!

How have you been? :) Tim, as Lucy said; don't be shy to ask an open-minded woman for fashion advice when wearing women's clothes. TBH, not all women's clothes complement the male form, and i've found halter neck tops (I've got massive shoulders i love to accentuate) and ladies'shorts (size 10) to work quite well for me You'd be surprised at how many women like Lucy there are out there. Let's face it, mate - Mainstream men's fashion hasn't changed much at all since the Victorian age. Men in the Victorian era would not be caught dead in anything else but a shirt, slacks or suit. But men even today would not be caught dead in anything else but a shirt, slacks or suit. We boys seem to have skipped that aspect of social evolution; while women developed more gaudy, exciting, racy, "fun" styles of fashion (during the flapper era), straight men have more or less stuck to their drab, uniform, rigidly conservative Victorian dress code. Women often point out how boring mainstream men's fashion is, and I have 2 agree. Men don't get the "fun outfits" e.g.backless tops, halter necks, classy sleeveless tops (only the wifebeater), racerback workout tank tops, skirts (except kilts) and form-fitting short shorts. The commonly accepted rationale (usually perpetrated by other men) is because a man looks sexier when his body is covered up, because women don't gaze at the male body the same way men gaze at the female body; it's said that while the female body has got power over the viewer, the male body doesn't have that kind of effect (it's a myth, don't believe any of it. Women watch AFL just for the footballers in short shorts lol). I duno who started that myth, but twas probably some straight bloke who didn't want to see men's bodies in public! Anyway, as i was saying, you'd be surprised how many women want to see men break free of their rigidly defined hetero-normative dress code in Western society.

Truth is, women also enjoy the male body as much as the female body. And i find that there is a certain aesthetic than you can capture through women's clothes that cannot be captured through typical men's clothes (which still tend to be very conservative). I describe my style as being bold, daring and outrageous, and you can't capture it thru men's clothes, because almost all of men's clothing tends to be uniform and abit too conservative for my taste (not that theres anything wrong with that; just aint my style)

Pantyhose Plus from Long Island NY on April 17, 2012:


I've been wearing pantyhose out openly with shorts for years. When I was younger my shorts were very short. That also was back when men's shorts were short. Even so, mine were exceptionally short. They were Daisy Duke style cutoffs of athletic shorts.

As I got older and less bolder and the length of shorts got longer, I started wearing somewhat longer shorts too. They are still somewhat shorter then what is customarily worn today but not by all that much. They are long enough so I don't necessarily need to wear sheer to waist pantyhose.

My suggestion to you is to wear your nude/beige pantyhose with your denim shorts and t-shirt. Just dress as you normally might, go about your business as you normally might and most important of all, behave normally. Good luck.


Lucy83 (author) on April 16, 2012:

Hi Tim,

I get a lot of guys asking me for advice on what outfit they should should wear and I pretty much tell them all that it depends on your physique. What works for some doesn't work for others. Without having seen you, I'd just have to say, pick what you feel most comfortable in.

Or, ask an open minded salesperson for advice.

Tim on April 12, 2012:

I need some advice from the women or the "fashion forward" men. I have decided to (finally) venture out into the world in my pantyhose. I am not fashion savvy at all. My usual clothes consist of jeans and t-shirts. I want to wear my pantyhose with shorts in the spring, but I just don't know if anything I have would work. My pantyhose are sheer nude/beige in color. I also have black, but I'm not ready for that yet. Could I get away with the sheer nude with denim shorts and a t-shirt or should I get a new outfit for the occasion? Also I guess I should say that I'm not interested in going out in any other types of women's clothes. Thanks in advance.

Lucy83 (author) on April 11, 2012:

I love imagining how many of the "normal" dressed men I see out in public are wearing pantyhose underneath ;)

Tim on April 09, 2012:

I love to wear sheer pantyhose while I'm at home or if I'm out, under my pants. Unfortunately, I have never been able to get the courage to wear them in public with shorts. I am much too shy to do so. Hopefully one day I will be brave enough to try.

Lucy83 (author) on March 27, 2012:

That's right. The industry usually adapts to the demand. But this isn't always the case. Some very smart ideas can become popular before the consumers even know that they will love it. Take the iPod and later the iphone. Demand is surely the most important but not the only factor in making something popular. Sometimes it's enough for just one celebrity lead the way.

SkirtsNHose on March 22, 2012:

Men wearing skirts, pantyhose, and heels is never going to be publicly accepted as normal (as opposed to, say, "normal for you") unless more men go out publicly that way. The designers will catch up to demand, not create it.

Lucy83 (author) on March 20, 2012:

Hi Gunnau, thanks for the info. I'll check it out.

Gunnau from Central Coast NSW Australia on March 13, 2012:

Hi Lucy.

The world press has gone viral after Emilio Cavallini did a press release on it's mens range of tights and pantyhose.

Run a current search on Mantyhose and Brosiery and the articles numbers are staggering.

Another source of articles comes from Steve Neumans blog called the nylon gene.

Of course not all articles show mens legwear in the best light nor the comments but some do and it's a very positive spin on our choice of clothing.

Also check out a blog by photographer Paul Duane. Very cool.

Take care till next time.

Mike on March 10, 2012:

HI Lucy, lots of times I see articles about men wearing pantyhose and its posted years ago.I am glad to see the post every few days.Soon the weather will be warm again to wear my beige colored thigh-highs with shorts like I have done for 15+ years.Like most say,no-one notices.It does have many advantages. If your leather car seat is hot, wearing nylons reduces the hot feel behind your thighs.Your legs won't get sweaty either.I have sons that are young adults now and I know they must see my hairfree legs but, they have not said anything. Its really not a topic people will bring up, so wear the nylons and enjoy.Even my wife has never commented on the subject.

driver8 from Los Angeles on March 07, 2012:

I would love to get a kilt and wear it with tights -- I think that would be amazing. My wife is cool with me wearing tights in the bedroom, but not sure how it would go over outside the house. I know she does love my legs, though, so it might be worth a shot.

Marios on March 03, 2012:

Hey Lucy, I admire your perspective on the idea of men wearing pantyhose. I do too, though secretly because most people are not as open-minded as you. I adore pantyhose both on women and on myself, I definitely enjoy wearing them, however I prefer buying pantyhose for women, I find them sexier.

mark on March 01, 2012:

please excuse my computer punctuation lucy im not very good at typing anyhow dont know if i asked you this question before or not so here goes what brand of pantyhose do you find the best myself i find secret the most durable and sheer after wearing them all afternoon they feel very soft and fun to have on what's your favorite brand

Gunnau from Central Coast NSW Australia on February 28, 2012:

H&M did a mens skirt a couple of years back but as it wasn't mainstream, it didn't go anywhere. Urban apparel in the US do a mens skirt and dress. A number places do some great leggings for men as well including

I would love to see the designs and styles of mens pantyhose shown on E-mancipate.

Lucy83 (author) on February 28, 2012:


PLEASE use some punctuation and fix your caps lock. Your comment looks like some cryptogram.

I think you asked about H&M. I know they exist in much of Europe. Had no idea they might not be in the US.

mark on February 22, 2012:


Lucy83 (author) on February 22, 2012:

@ mark,

I think I was talking about H&M. Only a few years ago they introduced skirts for men (they were pretty masculine though).

Lucy83 (author) on February 22, 2012:

Do you know Andrej Pejic? He recently appeared in an ad campaign (in Holland I think) modelling push-up bras. Though most people would never guess that it was a man. Still, people like him and the industry that uses them are pushing the boundaries.

mark on February 21, 2012:

thanks for your replys lucy you mentioned some main stream stores trying this do you remember which ones i think you may have a good point celebrity input would be a good idea im still hopeful lucy my feminime side is positive i think this an my exposure to this soft beautiful garment at the tender age of 5 has had me hooked since then im over 50 now but still look 38 thank god for good genes and lots of hair and androgony to boot although i hope mens pantyhose and tights becomes an every day occurrence real soon in the mainstream stores and society in general

fashionseeker on February 19, 2012:

I just watched Celebrity Apprentice. I've got another idea.

A major hosiery company could sponsor a men wearing hosiery campaign where both apprentice teams could have men wearing different colors with coordinating clothes, specifically shorts. Hosiery sales could skyrocket possibly if this happened.

If would be an awesome way to pioneer men wearing hosiery into mainstream society.

Gunnau from Central Coast NSW Australia on February 15, 2012:

Where i have always seen this disconnect is with the fashion industry and with the opinions of women.

They both still see men as a hairy smelly sweaty thing that can only wear either hi-viz clothing or a suit.

My wife was banging on again last night on the subject of men's skirts. She said in Australia, it's socially unacceptable. Same goes for pantyhose and leggings.

So few designers have tried to mix up men's wear and it seems in they're eyes, we will wear baggy dull and uninspiring clothing forever.

Often, trends in clothing get picked up on the street but as we all know, men are not known as trend setters for fear of being laughed at on the street and divorce from the person they hopped may support them.

I still hope we can get some freedom of fashion but at the rate it's happening, I'm not holding my breath.

Time to de-hose and put on bloody trousers and sox for work. Yuk!!

Lucy83 (author) on February 15, 2012:

Mainstream stores have already kind of tried this a few times and they seemed to have some success but nothing enormous. I think what's really needed is a few celebrities leading the way. That has often worked well - like with the side shave trend which I think was started by Cassie. Suddenly it's considered cool to shave the side of your head.

Lucy83 (author) on February 15, 2012:

Interesting stories,

actually, tight fitting hosiery and trousers were originally an exclusive men's thing. Only in the early 20th century with the invention of nylon stockings did they finally become a female only garment leaving men only wearing them in certain professions like dancing or athletics.

I think women who disapprove of this are just immature and sexist. They're not used to seeing something so their first reaction is rejection by default. Try not to take that personally. In my teens I would have probably been like that too.

Lucy83 (author) on February 14, 2012:

Hi mark,

my views on guys in pantyhose came with my general views on guys in women's clothes which basically started when I fell in love with a man who came out to me. That was in my early 20s. Before that I knew very little crossdressing and generally only associated it with old fashioned comedy.

mark on February 11, 2012:

lucy im curious how long ago did you get the idea about your views on mens pantyhose the reason i ask is i knew a girl when i was 13 she was my best friend like a girl friend we would dress up all the time not a sexual way but like 2 girls i loved her acceptence on me wearing pantyhose and tights together we would try on different colors and patterns giggle and laugh for hours inside i wished all girls were like that as time went on and we grew up i never seen her again but for them breif moments in time it made me a better man and softer and gentler human being

mark on February 09, 2012:

pantyhose should be a unisex garment ive stated this since i started commenting on this hub does it really make any difference what you have between your legs that should dictate what you wear over the years ive experienced a lot of emotional frustration and anger of different situations on this topic example 1968 i was at home i was 10 my female cousin came over asked my mom if she had a pair of green pantyhose she said yes ill get them thing was i had them came out of my room my cousin laughed her head off i had them on she looked at me like i had no right to wear them almost taboo like i was a freak yet my mom who dressed me and my sisters in tights cause it was cheaper at that time than long jhons felt bad for me to make a long story short i cried felt crushed puzzled to me it was normal another quick story its 2007 my wife and i are buying pantyhose for each other its winter i often wear them for warmth we go to the counter the sales lady says to my wife o there a comfy sheer pair i like that brand so i comment to yes i like this brand too she looks at me like i commited female blasphmy like i was a weirdo i think a lot of females not all are afraid if us males make strides on this they will no longer have control over what males can wear well ladies not all are day is coming

mark on February 07, 2012:

your right fashion seeker its what ive been commenting all along mainstream stores like walmart sears etc have to wake up and smell the coffee if they would have a section for mens pantyhose it would start a fashion acceptence reaction and i also agree another name perhaps unisex tights or sporthose they could create pantyhose with nhl or nba team logos down the side of each leg this would definitly create a manley and society acceptence like a football jersey for your legs hello fashion watchers reading this take my hint sports pantyhose for men toronto leafs logos down the side of the leg something to consider i think this would start the chain reaction needed

fashionseeker on February 04, 2012:

There seems to be a lot of males who enjoy wearing ph "hiding in the closet."

What if Comfilon, Hanes, and other ph companies went on an international campaign to create acceptance/awareness of males wearing PH? What if there was one week out of the year dedicated to international professional "MIH (Men in Hosiery)" week?

Large retailers could give away a free pair of hosiery for each male that wore pantyhose or mantyhose into the department store or clothing store. Male maniquins with color-coordinated clothes with hosiery on the legs, coupons, best-dressed contests, and other promotions could launch an acceptance into our brainwashed American culture.

Yes, it would cost the companies who manufacture the hosiery, but imagine the number of males that would be shopping, working, or going about their regular daily activities while wearing PH openly potentially for many years.

Since hosiery sales have suffered immensely for the female market in the US, acceptance for males to openly wear hosiery would create a boom for hosiery sales. Clothing stores and department stores could put hosiery kiosk in the male sections of their stores to create more acceptability, and less shame of getting caught.

There would also be a rise in shaving and laser hair removal products and services.

Maybe if people would refer to the garment as male hosiery instead of "pantyhose," more males would wear the garment. The name "pantyhose" would make most men feel ashamed to try wearing this garment even though they enjoy the feel and/or the look.

Just some ideas that I think could divert the negative stigma about hosiery.

It's time for the marketing people to get to work to make this reality.

mark on February 03, 2012:

thanks for the reply lucy i acually live outside of town i was commenting on the narrowmindness of some men and women in the town i frequent guess you can get that double standard anywhere anyway my wife and i buy secret pantyhose very good quality with reinforced toe black is my favorite color what's yours but in the summer cutting grass or just laying around i wear beige it seems to match the best color for a tan is there another shade you could recommend for a tan like hue still dont have the courage up to wear black in public wish there was acceptence worldwide for this beautiful item of clothing i wear everyday still keeping my stocking toes crossed your one awsome lady lucy keep up the good work ill wait for your reply

C on February 01, 2012:

I have been wearing hose for years usually for cycling. My legs are always shaven and I love the feel of them on my legs. If this was accepted more in public I would dare to wear all the time. I often wear pattern tights under my cycle shorts when it's dark and more un noticed and why not!!!

Lucy83 (author) on January 28, 2012:

Hi mark,

that is a pretty bad double standard. If your town is so narrow minded, have you considered moving to a better area? Perhaps a bigger city where you're likely to find others who share your interests.

mark on January 25, 2012:

hello once again hosiery crusaders i dont know how much progress us men have made but the small town i used to reside in is still narrow minded on the topic of mens pantyhose my frustration gets bigger picture this women not all want us to change diapers they want us to wash dishes they want us to do laundry etc get the picture they want us to be strong they want us to be gentle more soft understanding stop there im all this and im not gay but have a lot of feminime qualitys androgenous almost thick long hair u get the picture but if i slipped on black pantyhose and shorts went to the mall ide be laughed into hosiery hell why ladies im gentle im sensitive i can do the dishes so why cant my male hosiery legs cant be accepted i always thought women had it all yes they do like the shania twain song pisses me off hope all this changes so before i get too old and then i dont care anymore and ladies even in old age you got it made you can still wear your pantyhose in your rocking chair and be accepted damn i shoul have been born a woman

Hawk3520 on January 18, 2012:

I have just recently started to where the womens tights this year but am unsure about pantyhose. I am always in to trying something new in my life and really did not know how many of us there was. Surprised yes. I have also for many years have shaved my legs and it a feeling that is very comforitable. Maybe that when it is time for the world to say ok men can do it to like women can. But I have like what each and every one of you have said. Thanks Lucy

Lucy83 (author) on January 15, 2012:

@ Berenice

you're very right. Lets hope the days is still coming where men can emancipate themselves without being discriminated for doing so. At least we can see things improving in this area - but very slowly.

allsheerguy on January 13, 2012:

I've been wearing pantyhose openly with shorts and hairfree legs for years. I always wore nude, beige, tan or taupe. It was always something fairly close to my skin tone.

I was always surprised at how I could be around so many people wearing real short shorts and hardly anyone seemed to notice I was wearing pantyhose, even when I was shopping for and buying more.

When I did get noticed, it was for having nice legs. Even from up close some were still not sure or aware I was wearing pantyhose. Many asked if I was. A few still claimed to not believe me and asked if they could touch.

If you wear a color and shade of pantyhose close to your skin shade and behave normally when you are out and about, more them likely most people will not notice you either.

It's still fun to wear pantyhose out openly in public.

allsheerguy on January 12, 2012:

When I was 17, I wore pantyhose out openly in public for the first time. My girlfriend bought me some. She thought it would be fun and sexy if I wore them. She didn't like my leg hair crushed underneath though. She thought it looked weird. She helped me shave the hair off. My legs looked a lot different. When I put the pantyhose back on, I was amazed at how good my legs looked. The pantyhose felt much better too. My girlfriend was very impressed.

Then she coerced me into putting some shorts on so we could go out. I was reluctant to wear pantyhose out openly in public. I thought I would get noticed immediately and often. It would be terribly embarassing. We brought along some long pants in case that happened.

No one seemed to notice or react when they saw me. We were around a lot of people with my hairless pantyhose clad legs in plain view. I was really surprised. I started wearing real short shorts to show off more pantyhosed legs. Still nothing.

Several months later while shopping for pantyhose, a girl told me I had really nice legs and asked if I was wearing pantyhose. Several weeks later I was shopping for pantyhose again. A girl at the register seeemd to be looking at me. I figured she either thought it odd a guy was buying pantyhose or she noticed my pantyhosed legs.

When I went to the register to pay, we made some small talk and smiled a bit. She rang up my purchase, bagged the pantyhose and then told me she would like to see me in them. There was no comment or remark about me wearing pantyhose.

The next spring when the weather warmed, I was out in my pantyhose and shorts again, shopping for more pantyhose. I went to the register to pay. The girl there rang up my purchase and told me if I need any help putting the pantyhose on to give her a call. She wrote her phone number on the receipt. Once again, no comments about me wearing pantyhose.

Any time after that when I thought I was noticed, it was always by girls and always be for having nice legs. Upon closer inspection, I stil got asked if I was wearing pantyhose. Some even asked if they could feel them. Others just reached out and touched. It was like even though they were real close to me, close enough in many cases to see the mesh, they still thought I might not be wearing pantyhose. My legs just looked nice and smooth.

Even when I met my wife, she told me she noticed my legs and thought they looked so nice, tan and smooth. It wasn't until we stopped to talk that she realized I was wearing pantyhose.

I think if you wear nude, beige, tan or even taupe or something close to your skin tone, your legs just look better. Maybe from up close someone will notice you are wearing pantyhose, but from a distance, not so much.

If you want to be noticed for wearing pantyhose, go with black, brown or colors. That will definitley get you noticed. When I wore brown, heads turned everywhere. People were talking to each other, whispering and pointing at my legs. Others were looking at my legs and walking into other people and things.

If you want your legs to look nice, wear skin tone pantyhose. If you want to get noticed for wearing pantyhose, then definitely go with something other then the skin tone colors.

BereniceTeh90 on January 09, 2012:

Yea, just 60 or so years ago it would have been considered extremely inappropriate for women to go out in anything construed as "masculine", e.g. trousers, shorts, tank tops, etc but today the pendulum seems to have swung the other way round. But with guys like fashionseeker, I have some glimmer of hope that we guys will not always be stuck within our rigidly-defined gender roles. It doesn't help as well that men's fashion magazines, e.g. GQ and Esquire are extremely hetero-normative and repressively mundane in essence; women's fashion mags have already long begun to acknowledge the beauty of androgyny, yet men's fashion magazines still haven't seem to have caught up yet. Formal event? Don't even think about wearing anything besides a 3-piece shirt and nice long pair of trousers. And Lord forbid men wear any shorts shorter than knee-length! It's almost as if we're so repulsed by the male body that we feel it needs to be kept under layers and layers of clothing in order for a man to look "well-dressed". Which has lead many guys to believe that the male body is inherently inferior to the female form, and less worthy of longing or display. In fact, the media continues to perpetuate this myth,e.g. Elaine from Seinfield ("The male body is like a jeep; practical but not pretty. The female body is a work of art")That of course, is a myth. But one thing that puzzles me is why many men don't want to stand up for their brothers who want fashion equality? Women stood up for each other, and that was how they gained the freedom to wear what they pleased and take part in conventionally men's sports, but men don't seem all too eager to support their brothers' fashion freedom. They instantly label a guy who wears speedos "gay", there's even a theme park in UK that banned speedos for men but allowed bikinis for women (patriarchy much?) and there's even a male blogger whoze name i'll not mention who said something like,

"Wearing clothing that is meant to show off your muscle mass just makes you look cheesy. Show off your body in the context of good fashion" (e.g. If it isn't GQ, it's bad fashion). Why can't they be more supportive of their fellow men's individuality, rather than trying to repress them from expressing themselves through their fashion I wonder..? I thought we were all bros!

mark on January 08, 2012:

hi again lucy i see im not alone in the hosiery quest for acceptence sadly all these positive comments will be in vain unless the mainstream stores get the guts up to try mens pantyhose in their fashion ailes ive been waiting since 1965 to see that magic happen if theres anybody reading these comments in this common market wake up get your mens tights and pantyhose in your walmarts your drug stores your local sears get the picture you could be making a fortune in this new fashion adventure personally i have an idea its a seal the deal for mens pantyhose and tights that's all i can say right now your every hosiery mans dream lucy thanks for seeing the male point of view on this wonderful soft garment cmon ladies help make it happen and just for thr record im wearing sheer black reinforced toe pantyhose and a football shirt and loving it

Lucy83 (author) on January 08, 2012:

You're totally right fashionseeker. It's about bad stereotyping and small mindedness. Women had to fight for making society more accepting in female fashion. Men have that fight mostly still ahead of them I think.

fashionseeker on January 06, 2012:

I've really taken bold steps the past few days to wear pantyhose more openly. Today I wore suntan PH under skinny jeans, which showed the bottom of the ankle with my running shoes on. I've worn black PH with low-cut mens casual dress shoes.

My wife came out and asked why I wore PH tonight. I told her they feel good, look good, and help my circulation (I have vericose veins). Her interpretation of a man wearing PH as being gay, like most people people have been conditioned to think. So, I asked her how does tight pants and PH on a male label him as gay.

Just because I see a family of Muslims in a Walmart doesn't mean they are terrorists with motives to blow the shopping center up. Just because four black men walk in a convenient store doesn't mean they have intentions of robbing the store like many prejudice people might think.

Why can't I enjoy my firm and smooth shaved legs encased in silk pantyhose? Why should I, or anyone else, let the conditioning-minded fashion police convince the public that a male wearing pantyhose should be considered gay.

I told my wife, even though she already knew, that I was not gay, and I was merely trying to exercise self expression as to my fashion choice. I have been trained to think of a continuous excess-testosterone cave man way of life wearing boring clothes, shaving facial wiskers constantly, and not having anything sensual, sexy, or appealing to my own eyes and touch.

What if this labeling mentality was used on females wearing men's boxer shorts, men's gymn shorts, a sport coat and tie, or some other male attire? Should the female be considered a lesbian?

Go to a traditional church on Sunday morning and see how many women 50 years old or younger that actually wear a dress or skirt. Alarmingly, males and females are merging into the same type of clothes, which destroys the imagination and self expression possibilities for a more interesting world while motivating the sexes.

What a person wears should not label him/her in any way. The individual's sexual actions should be what determines if the person is gay, lesbian, or straight.

I have full intentions of wearing PH in a fashionable and tactful way in public. If anyone ever chooses to question my sexual preference, I assure you that my desire for the female will probably be greater.

For the first time, I bought myself a pair of black lace panties. I feel there is a femaniness that is good for me, and long over due. I'm planning on exercising, smile and laugh more, encourage and help others in need, and not take things so serious. Life is too short.

Thank you for this wonderful blog and being able to express free speech.

I love wearing pantyhose!!!!

Chris on December 27, 2011:

Hi Lucy! Can't believe I just now found this article. Thanks for writing it and for your support to men who fall outside of what society calls "normal". I'm not a crossdresser per se. I wear womens clothing as a man but I do try and feminize my appearance somewhat by always being clean shaven and getting rid of most of my body hair (at least what can be seen). I don't even have any guys clothing anymore. I also carry a purse, wear perfume, get regular pedicures, have acrylic nails, color my hair and get my brows waxed to a feminine shape. I wear mostly nylon knee-highs because I wear pants (palazzo pants, wide-leg pants..etc) but I do have a skirt that I wear occasionally as well. When I rock a skirt, I wear full pantyhose. Legs look so much better wearing hose! In colder weather I'll also wear full pantyhose under my pants for warmth. For shoes, I wear only womens shoes and almost always pumps or high-heel boots or sandals. I have really small feet for a guy so I have my pick of all the great styles. I'm a women's size 8.5. Just wanted to give you my two cents. Thanks again for your encouragement to men! I hope more guys will venture out into the unknown. It's amazing how second nature it becomes once you get used to it.

joe on December 26, 2011:

hi lucy still wearing my hose with pride and confience went to a party a while ago thought ide try a little experiment so i wore sheer black reinforced toe pantyhose pulled my boots off and guess what the men at the party didn't notice or didn't care to my surprise the women did i sat there legs crossed my stocking foot swinging with the ther pantyhosed ladies and was socially welcomed with what i call female hosiery accepted into the pack i was on cloud 9 all night discussing to where i purchaced my sheer hose and actually being invited to go hose shopping to pick out brands and colors i think i whent to hosiery high that night

Jack on December 20, 2011:

Hi, it is really refreshing reading all those stories about why you guys wear pantyhose. As for me, I use them as long as I can remember. Partly because I feel sexy in them, partly especially in wintertime to keep my legs warm. I buy the largest size I can get, and have no problems of them being to tight. What I do is that I put on my underpants over them which makes it more comfortable while I walk and work in them. If its extreme cold I put two pairs of pantyhose on. Try it, it is a new sensation.

Another thing I bought on ebay is a nylon bag. It is the same nylon material from which pantyhoses are made, but over two meters long and you can cover your body completely with it. It is crazy to wear that, especially if you have your partner inside as well...

I don't care about the fashion part or the "beautiful" legs that some guys think they have when using them under a short or even skirt. I believe that women look much better in them.

Since I'm a cabin attendant and fly all over the world, I found in Japan a Pantyhose Paradise... all girls and women wear pantyhose and they come in the most amazing designs... It's really a joy seeing that... the only downside about the japanese girls is that most of them are rather short.. but hey... nobody is perfect.

So, guys... enjoy your pantyhose like I do, there's nothing wrong with it.

mark on December 19, 2011:

thank you for you lucy ive been wearing pantyhose and tights since 1962 my mom would buy pantyhose and tights for my sisters and me because it was cheaper at that time to do so ive been what i call darting and dodging wearing them for years in secrecy i would envy the girls so much like they had a special right and boys didn't the only way its ever going to be fully accepted is if you open up a sears fler or walmart etc and see mens and womens tights and hose in the flier or catolog this would seal the social deal love you lucy keep up the good work

Lucy83 (author) on December 13, 2011:

Hi fashionseeker,

sorry for the late moderation and answer.

"I would like to ask any female that reads this post one simple question. What is so attractive about seeing a guy with long bushy-haired legs wearing baggy shorts coming down below the knees and a clunky pair of sandals or tennis shoes?"

Nothing - to me at least but I know some women like hairy men. Less hair is always better for me though. But a little hair would not be a deal breaker either.

Mike on December 11, 2011:

Thanks Lucy for the pictures men in tut.The public is not accustomed to seeing pictures like that.If they were,men could wear a hose a skirt in public with no problem.To make me feel better I wear ladies jeans size 14 with pantyhose under.Why does clothes have to be so gender oriented.Why can't we wear what we want.This world is so judgemental!

My3stockings from Indonesia on December 08, 2011:

For me..pantyhose and stockings is my regular daily underwear. And if you want to know,as a normal male my regular daily basis underwear is bra,corset,panties,pantyhose,stockings,womens body shaping and cami set. is not something special for me to wearing all that "ladies" undergarment,what i know it's just my regular daily underwear. Thank's.

fashionseeker on December 05, 2011:

Thank you for your kind comment and having an open mind. Please excuse me for overlooking my grammer, spelling, and unclear sentence in the previous comments I made. It was late when I wrote the article.

I am old school when it comes to short skirts, pantyhose, heels, and stylish tops. I'm not trying to be a pessimist, but there is no way that fashion will take a 180 degree turn to include males wearing skirts, pantyhose, heels, and coordinating top. It would take enormous public relations and branding through all media, including motion pictures, to get society to accept a radical new trend like this.

Sadly, I see females not wearing skirts, dresses, and pantyhose like I remember in the 70s, 80s, and most of the 90s. Women's liberation, increasing numbers of single women in a fast-paced society, conditioning, and some fashion designer's twisted idea of making it acceptable for women to go with the clad-legs look are just some of the reasons that come to my mind concerning why I think females don't wear pantyhose.

I would like to ask any female that reads this post one simple question. What is so attractive about seeing a guy with long bushy-haired legs wearing baggy shorts coming down below the knees and a clunky pair of sandals or tennis shoes?

If a female wouldn't enjoy rubbing her hands up and down her own hair-stubbled legs, then why on earth would she be interested in looking at, or caressing her hands across a man's beastly-hairy legs?

On a side note...lets face it. Guys' clothes are boring and unflattering, especially to the guys who work out and have toned bodies.

The way I see it, if a male or female has a great set of legs, then the way that person dresses should accentuate his/her legs with appealing legs and pantyhose.

Our world is changing drastically in the way that males and females become attracted to each other. I seriously wonder if there is a small elite group of people that control the trends and styles of our culture, and as a result, their goal is to ultimately create a culture with everybody looking unflatteringly and boringly the same in the sense of fashion.

This is just my opinion. I'm not advocating males take on a feminine side. God gave us eyes and imaginations.

Whether male or female, everyone should have the right to see and imagine in a positive way of the human body. Just think. This could enable us all to appreciate the beauty of the human body through wearing desirable and appealing clothing and legwear such as pantyhose.

Samurai on December 05, 2011:

I love shaving my legs, and wearing toe nail polish too. My girl friend thinks it is super sexy. She gave me some stockings and it has been very entertaining.

Lucy83 (author) on December 02, 2011:

Hi fashionseeker,

what a great comment. Everything you wrote makes perfect sense (except the part about you having "facial hair from the waste up" - even if you meant "waist", it still gives me an indescribable picture).

That reminds me of this photo series:

They look so hot! You're perfectly right with your last sentence.

fashionseeker on November 28, 2011:

As I type this, I wonder why a middle-aged man like me enjoys wearing soft, silky, and sexy pantyhose. When I look in the mirror, I see a masculine image of myself with broad shoulders and rapid-growing chest and facial hair from the waste up. I've always had extremely-toned, and very firm short legs which I keep shaved.

I like this article, but my obstacles to experience the true liberated feeling of wearing a short skirt, pantyhose, a nice shirt, and heels have not become accepted fashion for men. Why is the openness of a short skirt and pantyhose on a male brand false gender warning signals in the minds of the masses?

I bravely tried experiencing the feeling of openly wearing a short skirt, tan pantyhose, heels, and a button-down top a few years ago. I subconsciously felt out of place wearing the skirt openly, giving me a feeling of being alone in a world of conditioned-thinking people with controlled thoughts.

I do continue wearing pantyhose openly when I'm away from my small "everybody-knows-everybody" community. We are conditioned by maniquens in stores, pictures on the internet, and our peers as to how to dress in society.

Who started the fad where guys had multiple piercings? Who started the dress style of guys wearing shorts twice the width of their legs while coming down three inches below the knees?

A group of people started these trends, much the same as the craze for females wearing leggings. How difficult of a task would it be for fashion designers to style clothing for the male anatomy so that a guy could wear a skirt, pantyhose, heels (non-feminine looking), and a nice shirt, sweater, or top? With some branding and creative public relations, creating this unthinkable style is possible.

I wonder if women would turn their heads as guys wearing skirt, pantyhose, and heels walked by. Regardless of whether it's a male or female wearing pantyhose, absolutely nothing beats a great pair of legs in pantyhose.

Gunnau from Central Coast NSW Australia on November 08, 2011:

I've been wearing pantyhose and tights for 20 years.

During winter, pantyhose double up as my socks under work trousers and jeans. I would love to be wearing them with shorts but this makes my wife uncomfortable. I did wear pantyhose with denim shorts aon a road trip reciently, anyone who saw me didn't see to notice or care.

SkirtsNHose on November 07, 2011:

Thank you for this hub! I am a married straight man who absolutely loves wearing pantyhose in public, and especially with short skirts and high heels, as a man.

Jon on November 01, 2011:

I love wearing nylons all day long. I have a variety to choose from; opaque tights, sheer pantyhose and even a few garter belts to go with my opaque stockings.

It is a sexual turn on for me to wear them, but it's not like I am aroused in them all day. My wife was opposed to the idea for a while-she wanted to be the one to look feminine and sexy. She has since realized it is a part of who I am and lets me wear them as it makes me happy.

The biggest pain is that she likes my body hair and doesn't want me to shave my legs :( I try to accommodate that wish as best I can but it sure makes for uncomfortable evenings after wearing a snug pair of hose all day under my pants.

Love to wear skirts when I can- and I am looking to find the perfect pair of red hidden platform pumps.

John on October 31, 2011:

I like to ware men's pantyhose, I only ware them around the house these days. In cold weather they are great, I was asked to use them by a woman I was dating when I was 22. I guess she was ahead of the crowd in her thinking.

soleado87 on September 11, 2011:

I wear pantyhose most of the time, but not in public. In winter time I shave my legs, not in summer because at the same time i enjoy the look of my legs covered with long hair and somehow feel more protected from the sun. With the cold weather I do shave my legs and the feeling with nylons is great!! I don't care what others might think, but this is the way I feel about. Married with one child.

by the way....for those who want to wear nylons feel free, your body is only yours and must enjoy.

And for Lucy, thanks for thinking the way you do, hope many women would think the same

Mike on August 27, 2011:

Well another summer is gone and I still wear my beige stockings/garters with shorts,legs shaved of course, for a few more weeks.This year I finally put on a jean skirt and walked into a supermarket hoping the shopping cart would block most viewers.Actually I beleive no one noticed.If they did notice, they were behind me and did not say anything.I do find most teen girls look closer and give a giggle.I beleive it's guys in general that hold us back from wearing what we want.We are afraid of them,or atleast I am.Women seem to take it much better.

Duane on August 04, 2011:

Hey Lucy ;) I love the look and feel of pantyhose and i get cranky and moody if i cant wear them.Ultra sheer are my favorites and yes i can wear them without getting runs in them better than some women. For those who know they have tried too hurt my feelings about it, and the truth is I could careless its my choice.

joe on July 13, 2011:

Hi Lucy, im a straight male also. I love to wear pantyhose and high heels. I have gone out to stores wearing a womans suit with a short skirt as a male and have got a lot of nice complments, and i have been going out wearing womens short shorts, with coffee color hoses and heels and it seems no one really cares but they do look and smile and sometimes giggle. As for the men that want to wear hoses and go out, it's hard getting yourself into the store, i know, but once your in the store you'll see that a lot of women will smile at you and the guys will look then turn around. I have wonder how many men, that saw me, want to or do wear pantyhose. I feel that if more men would start wearing hoses out in public, other men would start also. Just look at ear rings in the early 80's if men wore them they were gay, and today most men are wearing not only one but two ear rings and its o.k, hopefully pantyhose and also high heels will soon be o.k also......

Mike on June 19, 2011:

Hi Lucy,I can understand some wives not wanting to look at their husbands fully crossdressed,but I really do not understand not accepting a skirt and hose.There isn't really much difference between shorts and a skirt.Society is really messed up when this wonderful piece of clothing is not accepted by both genders.Thanks for your response.I will post again soon.:)

Lucy83 (author) on June 13, 2011:

Hi Mike,

well at least she accepts you. Many of my readers say their wives even forbid them to cross dress or they just separate as soon as they find out.

Mike on June 12, 2011:

HI Lucy. I wished I met someone like you before I got married.Although my wife doesn't mind me wearing beige stockings with my chic shorts, she has never said how nice my legs look.I keep the shaved and wear stockings and pantyhose 24/7 I personally think hairy legs are ugly!I wear skirts often,usually to get the mail,mow the lawn or other times I can.Skirts and nylons are the greatest and most pratical of clothes to wear,its too bad they are not accepted yet by the narrow minded people.

Gina Honey on February 11, 2011:

This is a great article. I wear pantyhose with shorts whenever I can. I keep my legs shaven at all times & I usually wear womens sheer nudes or beiges, I like to blend in rather than be noticed. I buy most of my pantyhose at the larger upscale dept stores & alway's get great service. I'm looking forward to this spring as I have purchased a few pairs of women's shorts that are not very feminine looking but they are women's shorts. I don't think I will be in skirts or heels in public in the near future at least in the daytime.

Gina on February 11, 2011:

I love to wear pantyhose under short's. I usally wear skin tones that aren't too shiney, I like to keep a low profile.

jason on January 22, 2011:

Lucy thank You !! I love wearing pantyhose . I love how they feel I love how they look my favorite pantyhose are women's control tops . Like legs silken mist , Haynes silk reflections. Sears nice touch silk sheer . I love how it feels when i am in between the sheets and we both have pantyhose on. That is rare though since the wife don't really like me wearing them. She thinks if people knew they would see it as freaky . I do wear them under my suits to work a lot and often under jeans . I love seeing other women in nice pantyhose. Its nice to see there is a women who also likes it because I love wearing pantyhose . Not to mention that they help my legs feel so much better and energized .

jim on January 11, 2011:

I love wearing womens pantyhose I love women in pantyhose , Wearing silky control top pantyhose makes me so friggen stiff , I wear them 24-7

Mark Duszka on December 30, 2010:

I wish I had the courage these guys have. never worn them in public but have worn under pants. Interested in talking to like minded people.

Thomas on December 29, 2010:

Hi Lucy, I have tried men's pantyhose and keep coming back to woman's brands as I don't like the compression they have on my legs and find they are to thick and tend to slide down. I personally like the sheer 100% nylon type, they don't slide down on me as much. as for me wearing high heels or a skirt is totally out of the question, sorry no way, I'm still to shy to show the world, once I did wear pantyhose under shorts out in public but it was at night and while I was on vacation at Niagara Falls Canada, possibly some day. Thanks, nice hub and enjoy reading your posts

Lucy83 (author) on December 28, 2010:

Hi Fred,

thanks for the nice comments.

Assassin Fred on December 28, 2010:

I too love the look and feel of pantyhose on myself and others legs in general. I would wear pantyhose or stockings 24/7 if I didn't work in such a judgemental male hormone charged environment. If I were able to get away with keeping my legs cleanly shaven, I would do so at all times. For now, I can manage to keep myself soft and smooth typically during the winter months when I am expected to always wear pants.

This is definitely a great post, thanks for being an advocate for men to be able to wear what we want, and what makes us feel good.

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