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Men's Leather

Liam, a soldier, sports enthusiast, motorcycle biker and a huge fan of leather. I love to travel, write about my travels and my life.


Popular Men's Leather Clothes

Men's leather clothing, especially leather jackets have always been popular. Leather has been a popular fabric since prehistoric times, when man hunted down animals in order to provide his family with food and fur to keep warm.

Nowadays leather jackets are probably the most popular fashion item of the modern era, as one can see men (and women) of all ages sporting all kinds of leather jackets on our streets. Leather jackets come as elegant blazers, as well as sports-like fashionable jackets and of course who could forget biker and rocker leather jackets.

In the past decade, we noticed a huge increase in men wearing leather pants. Before, leather pants were more the forte of bikers and rockers, gay men, but nowadays they are a popular item among all men. Numerous actors, musicians, tv show hosts as well as athletes can be seen sporting full leather attires and leather pants as well as sweatpants.

Leather gloves have always been a popular fashion accessory of all men. Not just with all those men who want to appear elegant and stylish with every step they take, they have become also an important accessory of men driving with leather gloves.

Men's Leather Boots were always a popular choice among all men, from bikers, rockers to cowboys. I guess there is almost no guy who hasn't worn and had a pair of leather boots at least once in his life. And why is that? Because leather boots are durable, sexy, warm and attractive. Who doesn't want to feel like that every day?


Leather Can Be Combined With All Types of Clothes

Many people see leather jackets and leather pants only as a domain of rockers and bikers. But the truth is that nowadays leather jackets and pants can be combined with just about anything.

Of course leather jackets go best with jeans or leather pants, but you can put them on when wearing just about anything - from stylish and elegant pants to cargoes, even sweatpants. When it comes to men's leather pants, I would say that it is best to combine them with a leather jacket, a jeans jacket or even an elegant blazer. Nowadays, there are many businessmen sporting leather pants, while combining them with an elegant blazer and even a tie. You'd be surprised how attractive and appealing that looks on a guy.

Who could forget about men's leather gloves ... Probably the most stylish and popular leather accessory, since you almost cannot see a guy not wearing tight black leather gloves to keep warm during the colder winter months. Leather gloves are also a perfect choice for riding bikes and driving cars, if you are into that kind of thing, of course.

Last but not least - men's leather boots. They seem to be the perfect choice to keep warm during the cold winter months, while they at the same time offer comfort and that extra attractive look. Men's leather boots are a perfect solution for every guy!

Men's Stylish Leather Jacket

In my opinion, every guy should have at least one leather jacket in his wardrobe. Why? Well, it's rather simple. If you are undecided what to wear either to a formal or less formal occasion, you can never really go wrong with a leather jacket. Be that an elegant black or brown leather blazer or more a rocker men's leather jacket with zippers.

I wear leather jackets whenever I can, meeting friends, going to a business event, when going out just for a walk in the park. I just love leather, how it feels on me and how it looks. And on top of it all, it keeps me warm.

I have like 8 or 9 different leather jackets which I wear all the time. Some of them are stylish while most of them are biker and rocker leather jackets, mostly in black and with zippers.

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Men's Leather Jackets

Men's Leather Pants

Some people would say that leather pants should be worn only by bikers and rockers. But I'd reply to all those by saying wear what you like and what makes you comfortable. If you like leather pants, wear them without paying too much attention to what other people are saying about you.

I wear my leather pants when riding my motorcycle and when going out partying on the town with my friends. I love the way I feel in them and even though many people would probably say that leather pants are rather uncomfortable, I find them really comfortable and sexy.

Nick Jonas in Leather Pants


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Best Men's Leather Gloves

As I already mentioned leather gloves are the most stylish and elegant leather accessory worn by almost everyone. If you live in a place where winters get really cold and freezing, you probably cannot imagine the cold winter months without wearing tight men's leather gloves. They keep you warm and make you even more appealing and attractive. If you opt for men's leather touchscreen gloves, then you are able to use your smartphone and your tablets without even taking off your gloves, constantly keeping your fingers warm while communicating with friends and family at the same time.

Leather gloves may also be a perfect choice for you if you enjoy driving your car with gloves on. They offer extra grip and allow you to steer the wheel with even more control than usual.


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My Favourite Leather Clothing...Leather Jacket

Since I can remember I have been a huge fan of leather. I guess it all started in my teenage years when my uncle often came for a visit on his bike, dressed in all black leather. At that time, I did not know exactly what appealed me so much, or better said I thought it was more the motorcycle. But, gradually I noticed that I wanted to wear as much leather as possible, and started pestering my mum about getting me a brand new leather jacket. I got one at the age of 14.

Although I don't have that jacket anymore, I still love that style of a jacket the most. It was a motorcycle black leather jacket with pockets and zippers, similar to the one Marlon Brando wore in the movie and one which you see Harley bikers wearing.

I wear my leather jackets to different occasions. I wore them to college, when partying out on the town, to work. Actually there is almost no situation to which I wouldn't wear my jackets.


Best Men's Leather Boots

Leather boots are another popular item that should be found in every guy's wardrobe. I believe that every guy should have at least one pair, if not more, of black leather boots. They can be extremely comfortable and can provide that additional warmth that one needs during the cold winter months.

I love my motorcycle leather boots which are black and have a steel buckle which looks great. I love the way I look in my boots, like a real tough guy, somewhat mysterious and sexy.


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    Men's Leather boots are very popular among all men, especially motorcycle riders, bikers, cowboys and guys who just want to be and feel sexy at all times.

What kind of Clothes do you like to wear?

Every individual has their own style. Some prefer wearing jeans, some more elegant pants, while others opt for leather pants, sweatpants or something similar. I always say that each of us should wear what we feel most comfortable in, of course it shouldn't be tacky and always respectful to our surroundings.

I love wearing jeans as well, combined with a blazer or just a regular sports-jacket. Sometimes I add to the entire ensamble also a tie or a shirt with a high Russian collar. I like mixing things up, adding style and elegance to the sporty look I usually go for.

Men's Leather Chaps - Perfect Choice!

Many people regard men's leather chaps as a gay symbol of some sort. But this couldn't be further from the truth, since leather chaps are a popular item among all motorcycle riders, horseback riders, and yes, also gays. If you are a hard leather fan, then you must get yourself a pair of leather chaps. They are also a must for all Harley Davidson riders out there, since they give extra protection to the rider and provide additional comfort while being worn over jeans or leather pants.


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  • Best Men's Leather Chaps
    Men's leather chaps are very popular among motorcycle bikers, horseback riders and gay men. They perfectly protect your gear on a motorcycle and make a biker even hotter and sexier.

Men's Leather Shirt – A Must Have for Every Leather Lover

Leather shirts may not be the first choice of every leather lover, mainly due to the mistaken belief that they are too warm and less comfortable to wear, compared to leather jackets, but their popularity has been on the rise over the last few years. Not only gay men, many straight businessmen started wearing and combing leather shirts with their business attire and even wearing this type of shirts to work.

Speaking from a completely personal perspective - I love wearing my leather shirt, since it gives me that extra soft and gentle touch of leather against my skin. And if it is breezy outside, it is a perfect choice for a cool summer evening outside.


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    Leather shirt are one of the most popular items on the market. Businessmen, straight and gay men love wearing them and combining them with elegant pants, jeans and leather pants.

How to Take Care of Leather Clothes?

Leather clothes are not your typical pieces of clothing. If you think of cotton t-shirts or pants, you can simply clean them by putting them into a washer and drying them off. While with leather jackets, pants, shirts, etc. the cleaning process is not so simple.

Probably the best solution for cleaning your leather jackets or pants is to take them to the cleaner's. But if you are determined to clean them yourself, I would suggest using warm not hot water and some soap and just gently pressing the cloth against the leather and start wiping left to right. In the end don't forget to dry the leather with a warm, dry cloth.

How to Clean Your Leather Clothes?

Leather Sweatpants? Sure, why not!

Many people prefer to opt for regular men's leather pants or leather jeans over leather sweatpants, or leather tracksuits as they are also called, but I'd say that if you want to feel comfortable and loose in leather, then leather sweatpants are just the right choice for you. These pants provide comfort, sex appeal and are extremely soft and gentle to the touch. And if you want to look good and sexy while jogging or maybe just resting on the couch, then leather sweatpants are a must for you!


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    Leather sweatpants or en noir leather pants for men are the most popular and fashionable leather item. Kanye West, Justin Bieber any many other male celebrities are wearing en noir leather pants.

Full Leather Attire - Yes or No?

Many guys feel a bit embarrassed to put on and wear a full leather attire, meaning a leather jacket, leather pants and maybe even gloves. This could be regarded as the most common and popular outfit for any biker, but I know a lot of bikers who don't feel comfortable putting on a complete leather suit, just for the fear of them standing out too much.

I feel that no one should be embarrassed by their choices in fashion. Well, we are living in the 21st century when everything or almost everything is allowed. No guy, especially a hot guy, should feel ashamed when wearing leather jackets and/or leather pants, since leather makes the body even more appealing, hot and sexy.


Nick Jonas Interview in a Brown Biker Leather Jacket

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Liam Leather (author) from Europe on October 22, 2020:

Very cool Douglas, nice to hear that. You maybe have an email, where we could discuss our leather affection?

Douglas Jarett on October 20, 2020:

Love leather. I wear it as long as weather permits. Also, I love to be with other men who wear leather.

Ja from Dorset uk on May 19, 2020:


If your ever on the south coast of Dorset give me shout and I'll buy you a beer for writing all of your articles, they are really really great gives a perspective on other people's views on men wearing leather, I know a leather history has been written but I'm sure you could include some of your ideas. I may come from a Hick town down here & Im not daft but even I wear leather.

Shame you didn't reply but that's ok.



Liam Leather (author) from Europe on May 16, 2020:

Ja Dennis, check your inbox, I've sent you my email address.

Ja from Dorset uk on May 16, 2020:

Most of my leathers are well worn and mold well to my frame, I love wearing jeans and one of my Leather shirts open with a Tee most of the year put with a gilet or jacket looks hot.

A lot of folk think leather is to hot to wear but it keeps you cool,as well as warm. Love wearing gloves too but they've got to be a tight fit really looks the business when guys ask you where you bought them! Now I like getting the looks or the comments from both sexes when I wear leather, you know they are asking themselves can I wear that and the answer is yes, like you say if you want to wear leather just wear it and wear it with pride.

Liam Leather (author) from Europe on May 14, 2020:

Hi Ja Dennis, thanks for your comment. It's always great to get to know a fellow leatherlover - if you want, send me your email address and we can discuss leather even more.

Ja from Dorset uk on May 14, 2020:

Liam, thanks for this page it's great to read and find other guys who love wearing leather jeans and all leather. I've also worn leather most of my life love the way it makes me feel and now I don't care what people think if I wear it. I did do when I was younger even though it was popular to wear, some of the comments I used to get were ridiculous! Now I'm older it's hard to find jeans that fit well though especially in the U.K.

Cheers for the read


Liam Leather (author) from Europe on January 16, 2020:

Hi Andy. If you want, feel free to send some photos of you in your jacket to my email: leatherismyname@gmail.com

Andy Smith on January 14, 2020:

Well, so trendy topic you have shared & this will be more effective for leather product lover. I also love to wear leather jacket rater I bought this from "A1 FASHION GOODS" which is really suited for me. So I must suggest choosing some leather stylish get up.

Liam Leather (author) from Europe on May 08, 2017:

What kind of investigation?