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Men Wearing High Heels


There is something very incredibly sexy about men wearing high heels. They radiate a beautiful mix of confidence and femininity that I can’t quite pin down. Perhaps it’s the fact that they dare to do something forbidden or perhaps it’s how they look a little vulnerable as they struggle to keep their balance. Or maybe it’s the feminine aura that gets me going. Probably all of those things but any one of them alone would be more than enough reason to love them. Seeing men wear high heels is fun, exciting and very attractive and I wish more men would dare to try going out in them because, believe it or not, some of us love high heels on men and they most definitely catch my eyes.

In fact, every man should get himself a pair of high heels for some special occasion or just for fun.

High Heels make the difference

Now take a look at the photo on the right. The one standing in the middle with those gorgeous legs is a man and the two standing on either side of him are women! He is the beautiful one, the eye-catcher and I’m not surprised they’re standing around him. Anyone’s eyes would just have to wander up and down those perfectly shaped legs and the shoes are the perfect finishing touch. The high heels make his legs look longer, make him stand taller and absolutely condemn him to looking feminine. Yes, I know, the fishnet tights are also feminine but without the heels, he would still look masculine because of his muscular legs. That would make him look like a dancer and they often wear tights. No, it’s definitely the high heels that really make him feminine.

The magical effect of high heels

It has a whole load of effects on the man wearing high heels. They force him to carry himself in a more feminine way (this part I love). He has to walk more cautiously and self consciously. Men wearing high heels even sound like a woman. Try walking in high heels across a wooden floor in a large hall without getting noticed by everyone and making loads of heads turn - mine in particular.

Wearing high heels also makes you taller and that again makes you more noticed. You literally stand out more in heels. Once you’ve learned to walk in them, you will look very elegant and emit an almost noble kind of confidence.

So go and get your own pair right now

I love shopping for shoes and so will you once you discover the world of women’s shoes. Men’s shoes are practical and functional, but women’s shoes have all the elegance and variety that makes shoe shopping fun. I’m sure men would develop the same shoe obsession if they had as much choice.

Well fortunately, now days there are plenty of shoe shops where you can buy high heels for men. I’m looking forward to seeing more men wearing high heels in the future. Many more I hope.

High Heels for Men

Walk in Her Shoes


Randy on December 12, 2019:

Hi loved your post i thought I was the only man with the conference to wear high heels and i always wear heels out in public. I have 7 pair of heels sometimes I wear them with jeans, leggings or pantyhose i total love the way they feel and look also love all the compliments I get.

Yes more men should wear heels or at least try.

I've been wearing heels for 5 years and never saw another man in heels maybe they don't have the nerve but I've been told hundreds of times how great i look in heels especially when i pair them with suntan pantyhose or black leggings and all my heels are 4 inch and up.

Hopefully more men will do this! If you would like some pictures feel free to ask.

peter on October 17, 2015:

Hi , i love to wear high heels.i would love to wear them in front of my fiance but dont know how she would react.when she leaves for work and i know she gone .i grab a pair out of my secret hiding place and strut around the house all day wearing them.i love the way they feel when im walking nice and sutall.i go check our mail once in a while just to get a little courage to walk outside is intense.i wear 4 to 5 inch stiletto heel do i tell my Fiance that i would love to wear heels in front of her with her not freaking out.she's never seen my fetish for heels.

robert hathaway on May 09, 2015:

im a man who loves to walk around in public wearing 5 or 6 inch high heels and do

highonheels on January 01, 2015:

Ive been wearing highheels for some time now and ilove the feeling I get so much that I had to know how it felt to wear other womens clothes so I also started wearing dresses and skirts and tights I feel so sexy wearing these items but I just cant get up the courage to wear heels in public much less dresses and skirts and tights but im slowly working on it. As far as size for highheels ive found that one size up from mens sizes works for me but that may not work for all men. I think its awsome that there are so many men out there that have the courage to wear heels in public , its truly inspireing I say keep it up guys one of these days maybe it will be accepted , I for one hope it is, peace and love to all of you includeing all of you women who are accepting of and turned on by such sexy behavior , I hope to find such a women someday, so have fun out there guys and stay high on heels.

Heels 6 in on June 18, 2013:

Great little article,and yes I want and need to go out in public in my heels and jeans.I do already,some things like fuel my car up.Go to the ready teller.When fueling go inside to get something.Would love to meet other people with the same interests.Im not sure but is there a way to contact people on this site.Say with the same interests,and maybe you live close to this person.Also can you say where you are city and state...

HighHeelsSpandex on June 14, 2013:

Finally a site that doesn't condemn men for wanting to wear more feminine attire. Everywhere I look, all I see is negative comments from most likely kids who don't bother reading others input and would rather belittle, degrade, and resort to name calling, because some guys--including myself--have the desire to want to wear high heels and other feminine clothing. Let's not forget that it is all because of MEN, women wear what they have on today.

I agree that most women probably look a bit more attractive in heels and other feminine clothing than men. However, coming from a straight male, my attraction for wanting to wear high spiked heels, as well as skin tight shiny spandex leggings, does NOT define my sexuality. Many would say its 'strange', or 'odd', or whatever. The simple fact is this: High heels are very attractive and pretty to look at. So is tight shiny spandex, to me at least. On male or female, it doesn't matter.

High Heels were designed for one purpose in mind, to be worn by people with FEET. Just like leggings, tights, and spandex were designed to be worn by people with LEGS. I personally find it even more strange that in a world where 'EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL', and same sex marriages have become the 'NORM', however it appears to be a criminal act when a man wants to wear ANYTHING feminine. I've been wearing spandex, leggings, and the recent Disco Pants for years, since I was a child. Although I never venture into public in fear of ridicule with my heels and leggings on. And I truly envy all the lovely ladies I see moving about in the city wearing what ever they want.

What's even more hilarious, is the fact that just about everyone seems to think if you're a man, and you are going to wear spandex, or what ever you desire in public, that you need a 'reason' i.e. SPORTS, MOVIES, BALLET, ETC. So its okay if you're Superman, or a football player, or cyclist. But heaven forbid a man simply wants to wear high heels and leggings, just to feel and look sexy.

I've been a man for 38 years, and not ONCE have I ever put on anything that was specifically designed for men that felt even remotely sexy as high heels, spandex leggings, tights, etc. All of male attire is the same, and kinda boring in my opinion. Unfortunately I have to hide in my house behind closed doors just to enjoy the feeling and look high heels and spandex give me. Meanwhile every time you see or hear the news, it's always something truly terrible happening, like Boston, or New Town, that people have practically become used to such violence and terrorism.

Our society really has its priorities backwards. Things that make us happy--are bad or strange and frowned upon. But things that literally take peoples lives, day in and day out, are normal? I hope I live long enough to REALLY see EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL, male or female, to wear what ever they choose. Without judgement. Rant over.

beachin1958 on May 27, 2013:

I love high heel shoes.I have a pair on now,they are called "Wedges".

I have others as well.They make you walk a little different but i like that.

And yes,im a straight guy with kids,home,good job and so that any of that matters.


Histiletto on November 12, 2012:

Hi Lucy83, Men wearing high heels has been happening for centuries, but due to the social attitude and the fact some men were marked and executed for their status of being part of the social elite by their high heels, it has been kept from social familiarity. Mean while, the look of heels became more associated with femininity in society, especially when the slenderness of the spike and/or stiletto became prominent features.

There has been an undertow of thought to keep men and women thinking they are totally different and can't have the same desires, such as wanting to wear heels or other adapted attire that has been put into the "only for feminine use" category. History bears out that men use to be able to choose more flowery and frilly styles of apparel for social activities, but the social phobia of men and women being seen with the similarity of mind seemed to override what people actually felt. So, males became stereotyped with snails, pails and puppy dog tails (the responsibility of commanding and providing support) and females were associated with sugar, spice and everything nice (the nurturing and dealing with the exciteful beauties of life), as far as their personal appearances were concerned.

The business world of today has proved this senario of stereotyping incorrect, for many women are taking active roles in the business world and some men have become more engaged in the nurturing roles of the family. I'm not saying that males have to be seen in the women's roles or females in men's to become similar for they already have the same potential traits. Each individual has their own desires, thoughts, and talents. Since men and women have shown they can function in the other's stereotype, the obvious conclusion would be they have the possibility to desire the same things. The attire that women have to select from includes menswear, so they don't have to worry about the stigma of appearing like men for they have already eliminated that socially defined stereotyping. Society has limited men's choices of apparel to a couple of looks, which has resulted in the loss of the freedom they use to apply in choosing how they would dress according to the look they desired.

Men are desiring to wear high heels again. The fact that other people aren't familiar with seeing men in heels is irrelevant. Society wasn't use to seeing women with tattooes either, but lately many women have gotten them. The fact is there is more than enough evidence that men are choosing to wear heels. As to how fast this desire becomes main streamed depends on the men who have the desire to wear heels are willing to be seen in support for this stereotypical change, just like women have to support the movement to be acknowledged for their equality in society. What would say more to equality as men wear heels openly with women?

Dave on September 07, 2012:

Hi Lucy! I loved your post and fully agree that once men start wearing heels they too will get the 'shoe obsession' My mother-in-law introduced me to heels and trained me extensively in how to walk in them. I am now very confident in my ability to walk in heels of any height. I have a rather nice shoe wardrobe of over 30 pairs (and growing!). My heel wearing used to only be at home but I've recently started going out to visit friends and relatives in them. A few months back my mother-in-law told me to put on a pair of heels and i soon found myself walking through the mall in them. I got some dirty looks but also a lot of positive comments from women. When asked by an admiring woman why I wore heels I asked her, "why should women have all the fun?" She agreed and I told her that I felt heels were the ultimate luxury and wearing them was sexy and inspired confidence. One might think that wearing heels takes away from a man's sexuality - not according to some women who said it too a man who was very secure in his sexuality to wear heels. A few added that their macho husbands didn't have the guts to wear heels

lifelover on August 23, 2012:

I am a female and my bf loves to wear womens high heels, the higher the better and hes really into a brand called pleasers. I find him totally hot in his high heels and cant wait to see him in them. So for any man out there wear your heels with pride, men in heels are totally sexy.

Scott on July 11, 2012:

Hi, I love the post. I have always been interested in heels. I do not wear them but wish I could. Seems I have a lot of feminine qualities, and the older I get, the more they wish to expressed. 47 now, married with 2 kids. As much as I wish to go down this road, I cannot. Ah well.

roniheels on June 13, 2012:

I am a man who likes to wear feminine high heels with my favorite men's suits out in public as often as I can. I have been wearing pumps with 5" stiletto high heels in public with my favorite coordinated men's suits for several years now. I enjoy the looks, comments, and feedback I get from both men and especially women who are curious and interested in as to why I wear high heels in public. I think the more men are seen in public wearing high heels, possibly the more common-place it will become and might start a trend.

Jeff on May 01, 2012:

Hello I have always been fascinated with high heels and lingerie. I meet a very understanding woman and I told her my fetish bout high heels and she was confused at first and the more we talked bout it she loves the idea. I bought a pair of 6inch strappy sandals and bought her a pair of 4.5 inch strappy sandals to she loved the pics I sent her and can't wait for us to wear them together. I think heels are sexy and these are not to bad

Paul Duane from Salt Lake City, Utah on April 22, 2012:

Love the article, could'nt agree more. There is something empowering that happens when you step into a great pair of heels. Every time I walk into a club showing a lot of leg and wearing heels, I know that the night is mine. I've got a few photos of how I do it here:

Keep it up.

Wendygrrl on April 15, 2012:

Very nice site... thank you for sharing...


Reece on April 02, 2012:

i've always wanted to be locked in high heels or just wear them everywhere i love high heels !

i'm a boy and has always wanted a friend (girl) that would understand, teach me to walk i heels and help me buy and choose which ones :-)

lightinventor from Chicago, il on February 04, 2012:

it was in dutch see translation

I am wearing boots with a 8cm high heel under a jeans with nylons in public and body. Super feeling when shopping or walking. It is my wife without behaviour. Men must know how this experiment and feels fantastic. But try.

Lucy83 (author) on February 04, 2012:

Hi jempyy,

couldn't understand any of what you wrote :(

jempyy on February 01, 2012:

Haalo lucy. Ik draag laarzen met een 8cm hoge hak onder een jeans in publiek met nylons en body. Super gevoel bij winkelen of wandelen. Mijn vrouw gaat mee zonder reaktie. Mannen moeten experimenteren en weten hoe dit voelt Fantastisch. Proberen maar.

hathaway on January 24, 2012:

since last time i wrote iv woren my high heels out in public they had a 7 inch heel

sirmrbubba on January 20, 2012:

I love to wear high heel shoes or boots. My size is either 13-14 depending on shoes but love to wear womens boots and very high heel shoes. I have several pairs of high heels but my favorite is my high heel boots. Would have no problem wearing them if or when I get banged by another male. Hope to hear from him soon.

david on January 20, 2012:


Thank you for the help getting better in walking in heels started with a much smaller heel found that works better and work my way up to a larger heels not sure how long to stay in the small heel.

lightinventor from Chicago, il on January 03, 2012:


I wear a 7 to 7 1/2 women's and found that wedge platform boots fit the best at 7 1/2 but the stilletos are platform too which makes a difference, I find platforms work the best for for me My actual size is just above a 7 so i do a 7 1/2 fits best. as for as your size of 8 wide might consider 8 1/2 , but also look to see if your feet are the same. I found my right is closer to a 7 1/2 and my left is closer to a 7.

david on December 30, 2011:


How long did it take you to get used to wearing High heels and how is the best way to do that? I am also having a hard time finding a shoe that will fit me. I wear a size 8 wide where would you start looking for that size?Hope you can help this is all new to me but i have allways love the thought of wearing high heels and just thought it is time to go for it and wear what i wont to.

lightinventor from Chicago, il on December 28, 2011:

looks good desmond , you walk very natural , and very nice lags and shape.

I just got denim pencil skirt and 5 inch platforms and went to the city for a stroll still getting used to the stillettos may wear my wedges next time there still getting used to new height.

Lucy83 (author) on December 28, 2011:

@ Heels 6 in

That's my fault. I'm behind in moderating the comments. Sry about that. Eventually I read all the comments.

@ Desmond

Nice legs! You need to get better posture and learn to walk to make the best of your figure.

Desmond on December 26, 2011:

Forgot to share the link, here you go...

Desmond on December 26, 2011:

Hey Lucy, I'm a man who loves wearing feminine stuff. I just recently indulged in my own pair of stiletto heels just to get a sense of how it feels for a woman to walk in these shoes..! In the video you can see me (30-year-old man) in pantyhose, skirted leotard and black patent high heels that lock around the ankles! I simply adore the fact that I can't take off my sexy heels without the keys! Please leave feedback and.. great article!

Heels 6 in from Upland Ca. on December 25, 2011:

I dont see my post did I do something wrong and you did not post it here...connie

lightinventor from Chicago, il on December 24, 2011:

Shawneejones i went out night in the city my wedge boots and a above the knee blue denim skirt and did some shoe shopping and a starbucks and a little strolling around i found no one even batted an eye. it was a nice evening, living in the suburbs there they are a little more conservative. i enjoyed the walk and enjoyed the freedom.

Heels 6 in from Upland Ca. on December 24, 2011:

Hello high heel lovers.I just joined.I have been wearing heels since I was nine or ten years old.Its been 30 years or so and still wearing them.A 100 + pairs later..I only wear 5 or 6 in heels ,mostly 6 in and without a platform.Receintly I just bought several pairs from Germany made in Italy.They are awesome the feel of them when you put your foot in them,and I always wear stockings.They are the best fitting shoe I have ever worn.I love going out in the evenings wearing them.And I am also a CD which enables me to go out wearing heels and usually a very short skirt,about as short as hot pants.I have great legs and ass.My ankles are so small that handcuffs slip right on.And by the way I live in Upland Ca.Well that's a little about me.And that's all for now....

lightinventor from Chicago, il on December 22, 2011:

it s not difficult but would recommend starting lower to get used to it, but also the heel and general fit makes a difference. a spike is the hardest to walk in and the chunkier the heel the easier it is.

David c on December 19, 2011:

how do you learn to walk in high heels.

john on December 18, 2011:

biggest deal is finding a pair of heels that will fit if you wear size 11 (male) and do not want the stripper type of shoes/boots

lightinventor from Chicago, il on December 15, 2011:

shawneejones, they are 5 1/2 wedge boots with a 1 1/2 platform in black. they were extremely comfortable. I did wear them in the city at a shoe store and some walking around but found little most did not even turn and look. your experience does give me a bit more confidence for me.

shawneejones on December 13, 2011:

I'm curious to know whether lightinventor had wore his wedges in public and if so, how did it make you feel?

I wore my newest pair of 6" high heels (black) out in public, but this time I decided to be more daring. I went to a local bar while Monday Night Football was on. I'll be honest... this is a local bar about 5 minutes from where I live, but not one that I frequent.

This time I wore my heels with a pair of dark blue jeans so you can definitely see that I had heels on, and a black DNKY sweater. Lol, I did wear a black ball cap pulled down really low, so this time the punk out factor was minimal, considering my heels were totally visible.

As soon as I walked in, a group of young ladies were the first people I saw. The first young lady looked at me and immediately turned to her friends and said, "He's wearing high heels!" They all turned around and looked down. I kind of felt uncomfortable but I figured I'm here, so I might has well embrace the moment. I walked up to the bar right next to them and ordered a beer. I took a couple sips and spotted an open seat, which was at the end of the bar, of course, lol!

As I walked through the bar every person turned to look, and I continued to the open seat smiling at every person that looked at me. I sat between a lady and an older guy. They were having a conversation about the Steelers winning another Super Bowl and whether Pitt basketball should get more recognition in the city, so I joined in.

I stayed about an hour or so, and when the lady started wrapping the night up, so did I. I admit that the walk that I had leaving the bar was way more fierce than when I came in, and do believe sporting my heels to that bar was a huge confidence booster! The lady that I walked out with didn't bother to ask why I was wearing heels. She told me her name and said, "Maybe I'll see you here again."

I now feel like the sky is the limit! Although it will take me some time to actually wear my heels to the bars I do frequent, I don't think I'm too far off.

You will build more confidence every single time you wear them in public. Who knows... maybe the strip district is next on my agenda!

robert-hathaway on December 06, 2011:

im-a-male-who-loves-wearing-high-heels-with-a6-or-6-inch-heelboth at home and in public i to like making love to a pair of high heels

lightinventor from Chicago, il on December 05, 2011:

thanks for the inspiration to wear my wedges in public shawneejones i m going out in the net week or so.

Lucy83 (author) on November 22, 2011:

Hi shawneejones,

that's a great story and will hopefully encourage many more men to try high heels in public.

shawneejones on November 18, 2011:

I'm 100% man, but I'm so attracted to women and their attire that I was overly curious to see if I would feel as sexy as women looked. So, I bought my first pair of super high heels and a couple pairs of stripped socks.

I felt so sexy that I couldn't wait to get home to put them on! I'm 6', so I chose a closed toe 4" platform, 6" stiletto heel. I probably watch too much porno, lol, but I didn't want my feet to look like boats in flats. When I have them on I feel almost as sexy as I would right before playing with my girlfriend... ALMOST as sexy!

Last Sunday I decided that I liked them so much that I ventured to wear them in public. I kind of punked out a bit because I wore an Adidas sweat suit and the pants are cut loose at the bottom, AND the pants are very long. I suppose that I didn't want people to notice, but when you walk in heels, people notice. The sound of heels on concrete or hard floors is definitely noticeable. It's the same sound that makes a man turn to see just exactly who is wearing them, and how cute she is!

Surprisingly enough, I felt exhilarated! I knew that I turned heads, and every person in my vicinity knew I was wearing heels! What's really odd is once I was out there, I didn't care who saw, or who knew. I felt empowered. It was strange but at the same time delightful.

I know that this won't be the last time I wear my super high heels or my next pair of heels in public!

paulfort607772 on November 15, 2011:

I'm not into the whole high heels thing, but I do like women's boots, I'm looking at a nice pair of riding boots at my local DSW, and since they have a low-heel, wearing in public won't be an issue at all.

Lucy83 (author) on November 12, 2011:

Hi Cherry,

I know it can be hard to deal with someone who closes up. All you can do really is keep making clear to him that you're fine with it. Perhaps it helps pointing out much worse problems that other couples can have. He needs to get it into perspective that wearing heels (or anything else) is harmless and no big deal.

Cherry on November 08, 2011:

Hi Lucy and others

I need some help.. Ive been reading the articals on hear and its great to hear there are so many open minds out there.. I really need help from everyone. Im a 26 yr old girl and have been dating my bf for about a year. Recently i have desovered that my bf wears high heels.

It doesn't bother me but he is to embarrassed to talk to me about it.

I would love us to wear them together but first i have to get him to open up and talk to me about it... any suggestions will be much appreciated

Thank you

Dave on October 27, 2011:

What to get--well. I like the louis heel (concave heel) I guess because Walt Disneys Pacos Bill came out when I was around 8 years old and cemented in my mind what a high heel boot or shoe should look like. I have tried spikes but they wear out fast and can break. Generaly a heel tip about the size of a quarter or at the least a dime is ok. Also the strike point of the heel should be under your ankle bone. To test this rock back on the heels while watching in a mirror, if you lift up much at all the heel is to far back and will be hard to walk in.

Blacksheep557 from NewZealand on October 24, 2011:

Hi Hope,

I love your articles.

I am a male who enjoys high heels and wearing in public mainly in parks.

I like a solid heel for walking and my favourites are heeled hiking boots. they are mot particularily feminine, so go well in an all male woardrobe. if trousers are worn over the boot, some ar all of the heel can be hidden from view.depends on how much you want to show. Having shoes for walking, strenghtens the calf muscles which for a first time heel wearer will testify, the calf muscles get very sore. I often walk 5 or 6 kilometrs each day with no discomfort

heel height I now wear is 4" - 4 1/2"

Blacksheep557 from NewZealand on October 24, 2011:

Hi Lucy,

i am a male who loves to wear heeled hiking boots. The heel is solid which is great for lots of walking and strengthening the calf muscles. they are not to feminine and when worn under trousers, can barely be noticed. It is exhilerating to be able to wear heels in public and to take laong walks of several kilometers at a time. thanks for your articles, blackshep

David C on October 22, 2011:

Lucy, about the only thing that i would weal them with is my girl jeans, where would you start to look for high heels boots and high heels shoes i have a silm body type and i have been tould that my legs look better than most girl not sure how to get started i live in the south and the hole men and high heel has not quite got started here and when i go to try on lady shoes will you know i get some hard looks.I am not sure what size to get i wear a 6 1/2 to a 7 in men but not sure what size that would be in a lady shoe.Hope you can give me a hand i do wont to wear high heels lady shoes and boots. Thank you david

Lucy83 (author) on October 22, 2011:

Hi David,

I think you need to try on different outfits and shoes in front of the mirror. How they suit you depends on your taste and your body and leg shape as well as how they match each other. Ultimately, if you feel comfortable in them, then they're almost certainly the right thing to wear.

David C on October 22, 2011:

Hello Lucy,I would very much love to wear high heel boots but not sure what is the best for me to get i have been wearing girl jeans for some time now and i am ready to start wearing Medium to high heels boots and maby some high heels shoes but not sure what to get i was hoping you are some one on this page could help thank you for you and keep up the good work.

David C on October 21, 2011:

Hello Lucy,I love the thought of wearing heels but not sure what to get love the high heels boots could you help me to fine the best for me i have been wearing girl jeans i would like to wear a pair of meadium heels boots with them just not sure what to get hope you can help.

thank you David c

Marcos on October 20, 2011:

Hello lucy, i've enjoy your post and I wish society wouldn't be the way it is but until we as individuals put our heels down and say I want to dress as I want, there will always be the trditional judgement. PS I Love high heels

dr.fouronheels on October 04, 2011:

hallo Lucy,I found your site and I am very satisfied because I am a straight married man who loves wearing heels, I am o collector and have 55 (!) pairs!!! more than my wife. well, she know about my fetish with heels but is not very excieted about it. anyway, I wish I could wear them in public but the thing I can enjoy is wear them when I am alone or while driving. why is it so hard for society to accept men's right on wearing highheels??? keep up the good work !!!!

Dave on September 20, 2011:

Well Lucy, I have tried the skinny jeans thing and I think that regular boot cut jeans and heels look best. So--thats the way I'm going. Keep up the good work.

Flake on September 13, 2011:

Hi Lucy

Love the post and the open mindedness. I am a male in his early 40's and have just discovered the joy of wearing heels (pumps, sandals, platforms and just yesterday a pair of knee high boots with 5 inch heel) everyone should share the fun.

Lucy83 (author) on August 30, 2011:

You're very right Tim,

but I often feel the media exaggerate that 'misfit' image of men wearing high heels. I also agree that the world needs more male celebrities to come out and wear what they want as opposed to what they should.

Tim on August 29, 2011:

Unfortunately, a major reason there is such a negative stigma about men wearing heels or female clothing in general is because too many CD's and TS's portray themselves as undesirable sexual misfits who wear these things for sexual gratification. I see this all the time on the Net and on trash TV talk shows and it sickens me.

Until this behavior is not portrayed in such a way, and ordinary men, successful men and men who are married have the courage to wear what they want, be who they want and live ordinary respectful lives things will not change.

Isisgreen on August 14, 2011:

Hey Lucy it me again i like to wear high heels also and pantyhose to i wear the pantyhose more because i can wear them under my blue jean when i go to starbucks in upland on 19th street and campus i just wish i could meet a woman like you

My the sun shine in you face and the wind be at your back

Duane on August 11, 2011:

Hey Lucy its Duane I didn't mean too be a bad boy with my lingo in this forum IT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN :( But I would like too say thank you for the feed back :)xoxoxoxo

Lucy83 (author) on August 11, 2011:

Hi Duane,

sorry I had to deny your comment because it had naughty language. On my site at you can talk more freely but here it's better not to.

To answer your question: it's ok to wear whatever you want. Personally I'm not so into bright colors on shoes as they tend to look tacky but that doesn't mean they don't suit you.

Daz on August 06, 2011:

Hi Lucy

As a man who loves heels as much as any girl and wears them outside sometimes, your article is like music to my ears. When the topic men and heels crops up on fashion boards it is normally attacked with lots of negative 'gay' comments which mostly outweight any neutral or positive encouragement. The site mentioned by the posted shafted above is worth a visit too, there are plenty of men who are dying to get out in heels but scared of the negative potential reactions.

So i say thanks to your article, and i wish there were more girls like you with your outward thinking as if there were im sure there are many men who would love the chance to step out without fear of been ridiculed.

Lucy83 (author) on August 04, 2011:

From what you've told me it might be ok, Dave. But it depends on other things too. You just have to try it out and stand in front of a mirror.

Dave on August 04, 2011:

Lucy: I'm 5'9" and bmi of 22 or so. Do you think I could get away with skinny jeans and heels? I wear a size 39 or 40 shoe.

Shafted on July 28, 2011:

Lucy, you really need to check out . There really are guys out here who wear high heels in public. I have been proudly wearing my stilettos in public for 6 years. Reactions from people have been very positive. I get compliments on my footwear choices from women and men. It has gotten me noticed by women. I wear them with carefully chosen men's clothing. If a guy is going to wear them it is important that he develops fashion sense.

Lucy83 (author) on July 19, 2011:

Hi Chris,

that really depends on the shape of your legs and feet. If you have very big feet then the skinny jeans will accentuate that further and make them look. Most men have quite big feet so then flares are surely better but this also depends on how thin your legs are. Better try them all out and see what works best.

Chris on July 18, 2011:

Hi Lucy,

What a great post!

I would love to wear high heels out in public, (I'm a man), but I'm unsure of what to wear with them. Wearing skirt and stockings seem a bit "over the top" for me, so what I'm wondering about is what kind of jeans style would be best? Skinny, boot-cut, flare, straight etc. What would your advice be?

lots of heels on June 03, 2011:

My wife has had me wearing high heels for several years since she is only 2 inches shorter than me and loves to wear 6 inch heels. She also doesn't like to be taller than me and so having me wear 5 to 6 inch heels keeps our heights in the right proportion.

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