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Fly & Fresh Airbrushed Clothes in the 80s a Memorable time

80s Airbrush-art a Memorable time

People in the urban areas would get just about anything airbrushed on their clothes, in the 1980s. The people that were into airbrushing their clothes in the 80s remember going to the shopping malls or swap meets to get their Biv-overalls airbrushed. The name Biv-overalls came from the singer Michael Bivins of the group Bell Biv Divoe (Formerly n.k.a. New Edition). Michael Bivins and his singing group wore their overalls with one overall strap hanging down their backs; which was the style in the 80s. Most of the airbrushing ideas came from music videos in the 80s. The airbrush on the overalls would mostly be on the pants leg area.

Many of the hip hop music performers wore airbrushed clothes; this is what the people in the urban areas shared with the hip hop artist. There were many things that people wore that were airbrushed by an airbrush artist in their town.

Things That People Got Airbrushed in the 80s

  • Overalls
  • Hats
  • T-shirts
  • Shoes (sneakers)
  • Fingernails
  • Hairdos
  • Short pants
  • Pants
  • Birthday cakes

Nearly all age groups had to have custom made airbrushed clothing items. In the 80s there were teenagers wearing airbrushed clothes, infants, toddlers, and adults. It was one way for taggers to show their art work in a positive and constructive manner. Most 80s airbrush art was created by people that truly like to draw.

Airbrush Clothes in the 80s

Airbrush Clothes in the 80s

Remembering Airbrushed Clothes of the 80s

People in the urban areas had words and pictures airbrushed on their clothing in the late 80s. In the urban areas or in the hip hop music industry people would say to each other that the clothes they were wearing, were fressssh or fly, which means they look hip and stylish.

In the 80s people would get pictures of a family member airbrushed on their clothes, such as a newborn, a deceased person, a celebrity's name or photo, or their lover, etc. The words that were airbrushed were of a person name or their nick-names. Some people got custom made airbrush on their t-shirts for their cheer leading teams, or for other school activities.

There were many dance groups in the 80s as well, that got their clothing items airbrush with different colors of their choice. The 80s dance groups wore the names of their dance group airbrushed on: hats, t-shirts, pants, short-pants, Biv-overalls, shoes, etc.

Airbrush art were also wore by other people outside of the urban areas. It was a fun and creative way to wear artwork.

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In the 80s airbrushed clothing represented style and flavor of the hip hop music and the urban areas. The people that like wearing airbrushed art on their clothing would sometimes have airbrushed art of animated characters on their clothing items also; such as Betty Boop, Bugs Bunny, Tweedy Bird, and others. The art of airbrushing ideas were endless in the 80s, people even got airbrush art painted on their cars. The airbrush art of the 80s came back in style after the 80s, and then it went back out of style. It seems that different states such as New York City will never let the art of airbrush painting go out of style. Actually in many towns the art of airbrushing will always be in style.

Hip Hop Airbrush in the 80s - Airbrushed Shoes

Hip Hop Airbrush in the 80s - Airbrushed Shoes

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Brinafr3sh (author) from West Coast, United States on August 08, 2012:

Hi Lindsay, your correct. Airbrushing never is going out of style, it is a form of art and expression. I see still airbrush-stands set up at swap meets and mall stores. Thank you for your comment.

lindsay on August 08, 2012:

i have always loved airbrush/graffiti art and have a ton of airbrushed clothes (tank tops, t-shirts ect) and they have quite a few different airbrush places in the malls where i live in phoenix, az. i also love the big airbrushed murals on walls in different cities. most fairs have airbrushing booths too. like the article mentions, it does remind me a lot of the 80's (but that's a good thing) with the birth of hip-hop, breakdancing, the big gold chains ect but as far as i'm concerned, it never really went out of style.

Brinafr3sh (author) from West Coast, United States on May 22, 2012:

Hi Ruby, Airbrush art painting is cool, thanks for commenting.

Maree Michael Martin from Northwest Washington on an Island on May 22, 2012:

That will be fun to see what is created with air brush art this time around. Interesting hub.

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