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The Man Manicure - DIY With Tips for Your Man Grooming Box of Tricks


If you're too shy to step into a salon but still want to tidy up your hands, here's is a simple 'how to' that you an do at home. Nice hands give the impression of and help make you feel confident and groomed. This especially applies if your hands are on show, if you are in sales or a business man who does the business shake everyday. If you don't want to do for yourself then do it for the opposite sex. Women take notice of men's hands! Many women find men's hand very sensual whether they are strong and broad, slender and artistic, hairy or smooth, women notice it all.

Basic tools.

If you are too shy to go into a salon I'm guessing you don't want to go and but a bunch of manicure items either so a lot of the items will be stuff you already have around the home.

  • 2x popsicle sticks from an ice cream or craft store. One pop stick needs to be split lengthways.
  • A tablespoon of coarse sea salt.
  • 2x tablespoons of olive oil.
  • You will need to invest in a nail file/ buffer (much easier than using your sandpaper and block). You can buy this in a pharmacy or online at ebay, amazon etc. Try and purchase a 2 in 1 file with a really rough side for filing and a buffer on the other side for convenience.
  • A dish of warm water.
  • 2x hand towels. Dish drying towels are also a good size.

How to.....

Okay now it's action time.

Line up all your items and ingredients on the kitchen sink. This will keep the mess to a minimum and easy access to warm/hot water.

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  1. Get your nail file and shorten your nail leaving at least 1mm edge. A square shape or a very slight curve suit men's hands best. To do this file straight across the top of the nail to make a straight edge. Make sure you file off any hanging bits. It is important to do this before soaking your hands as it nail is still strong before softening in water and the nails are dry to prevent ruining your files which disintegrate quickly if wet.
  • For a slightly curved shape nail - from the middle of the nail going to the outside gently file 2x both sides of the nail but avoid filing the middle part of the nail. This will give you that slight curve.
  • For a square look nail -again file straight across the top and with your file from the outside coming in do one file each side only on the very corner. This will get rid off that sharp part of the nail that hooks and snags on everything.
  1. With the pop sticks parts that have been split in half longways, use the ends of these to clean out under the nail. Don't clean so much it hurts. Keep it gentle guys.
  2. In your bowl add luke warm water with a drop or two of olive oil. Swish the water around and immerse you whole hands for a few minutes.
  3. Dry your hands off. Get your intact pop stick and push back your cuticles on every finger. This is where the skin and nail meet. Slide the rounded end of the pop stick from your nail toward the skin as far as you can without it hurting. This keeps your cuticles from tearing and growing too far up the nail which looks bad and causes the cuticle to get raggedy.
  4. Tip the water out and mix you salt and oil in your bowl. Use this mixture all over your hands rubbing gently and concentrating on the tough or dry spots.
  5. Leaving this mixture on, run hot water through your tap and wet one of your towels to heat the towel up. Squeeze out the water and quickly wrap your hands in the towel trying to keep as much of the scrub mixture on your hands as possible. The heat from the towel will help the conditioning properties of the olive penetrate. Do this twice.
  6. Rinse off oil mixture and wipe dry with your dry towel. Make sure your nails are really dry to prevent your buffer getting ruined
  7. Buff across the surface of every nail at least 6 - 10 strokes each. General rule is the more strokes of the buffer you do the smoother and shinier the nail will appear so tailor to your own tastes.


Frangipanni (author) on February 06, 2013:

Pleasure, glad you enjoyed it.

Marvin Parke from Jamaica on February 06, 2013:

I need to set some time apart and do a manicure. I always thought olive oil was enough to accomplish a manicure. Thanks for the in-depth technique.

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