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Makeup for Dark Brown Hair and Green Eyes

Sophia Bush's Makeup. Makeup for Dark Brown Hair and Green Eyes.

Sophia Bush's Makeup. Makeup for Dark Brown Hair and Green Eyes.

Having exotic features of dark brown hair and green eyes gives you a look of natural beauty that makes other women envious.

Celebrities like Sophia Bush, Evangeline Lilly, and Kristen Stewart all share the same features that you have, and all have mastered their beauty routines to maximize their looks.

This hub will give you makeup tips for dark brown hair and green eyes.

We will focus on foundation and concealer, eye makeup, and blush and lip colors.

Quick Tip: When going all out for parties, dates, and nightclubs, there is nothing sexier than dramatic makeup on green eyes.


Foundation and Concealer

  • When choosing a concealer, pick one that will easily glide across your skin. Many brands of concealer come in a hard lipstick-like shape, which does more harm than good. The goal of concealer is to hide blemishes, not to contribute towards wrinkles by tugging at your skin.
  • You should only apply one layer of foundation. If you have spots that require more coverage, only apply extra to those specific areas, and use your fingers to smooth heavier and lighter coverage areas together. The reason you shouldn't use more than one layer of foundation on most of your face is that the coverage effects will then look dulled in the spots where you really need the most help. So keep one layer for general coverage, and two layers for trouble spots only.
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Kristen Stewart's Makeup

Kristen Stewart's Makeup

Eye Makeup

  • Wear black mascara because the hair on your hair is already very dark. The black will set off your eyes and make them pronounced.
  • Go for a thin layer of black eyeliner for everyday wear. To spice up your eye makeup routine, try a green eyeliner.
  • You green eyes give you a great variety of eyeshadow colors to wear. Your best eyeshadow colors will be green, purple, pink, blue, and brown.
  • If you want to be more daring, try a smokey eye makeup look like Kristen Stewart's (above), using gray and brown eyeshadows. You can also go for more smoldering eye makeup copying Sophia Bush's eye makeup (first photo at top of page). She wears a combination of purple, pink, an pearl eyeshadows, and a purple eyeliner.
Evangeline Lilly's Makeup

Evangeline Lilly's Makeup

Blush Colors

  • Your best blush colors will be light browns and medium pinks.
  • If you don't have a lot of time, double your blush as eyeshadow. Since your blush will already complement your face, you know it will look good anywhere on your skin. Simply sweep across your eyelids and under your brows and go!

Lip Colors

  • Your best lipstick colors will be varying shades of violets and browns.
  • If you would like a soft yet fun look, you can try a light pink lipstick like Evangeline Lilly's (above).

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