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Makeup for Blonde Hair and Hazel Eyes

If you were blessed with hazel eyes and blonde hair, you realize that you have a rare beauty combination. If you want to learn how to play up these looks, read on. This hub gives you makeup tips for blonde hair and hazel eyes, including your best colors for eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. We feature two different makeup looks -- "Gentle on the eyes" like Jessica Biel, and "Standing Out," with Kelly Clarkson.

Blnde-haired, hazel-eyed Jessica Biel

Blnde-haired, hazel-eyed Jessica Biel

What Color Eyes?

"Are they brown or are they green?" "No, they're hazel." You've probably had that conversation a thousand times. The truth is that people are intrigued by the beauty of hazel eyes. So why not play them up?

Gentle on the Eyes, Like Jessica Biel (above)

This look is all about softness. First, make sure your eyebrows and your hair aren't clashing, if your eyebrows are way darker than the hair on your head, you have two choices: either lighten your brows with a facial bleach like Jolen, or wax your eyebrows to be thin, since the color of thin eyebrows isn't very noticable. But bleaching the brows is the number one choice.

Jessica Biel makes you notice her hazel eyes by making her eyelashes stand out. To get her look, apply a light brown eyeshadow over your lids. Then line your eyes in brown pencil very lightly around the entire eye. Then apply two to three coats of clear mascara. If your lashes don't stand out enough with clear, then apply two coats of brown mascara.

Luscious Lips

Makeup for hazel eyes and blonde hair isn't complete without lipstick. Jessica Biel's lips are full and fabulous. To get her look, choose a light lip color like a beigey pink. The beige in the lipstick will complement the blonde in your hair and complete this soft look.

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Kelly Clarkson with her blonde hair and hazel eyes

Kelly Clarkson with her blonde hair and hazel eyes

Standing Out with Kelly Clarkson (above)

This look is all about saying "Notice me and notice my eyes." Makeup for hazel eyes and blonde hair can be sultry and striking, just like Kelly's.


To get Kelly Clarkson's look:

  • Apply dark violet eyeshadow on your lids
  • Glide light violet shadow in the crease of your eyelids and then extend it past the outer edge of each eye.
  • Apply a pearl shadow beneath your eyebrows.
  • Line your entire eye with black eyeliner of a medium thickness.
  • Apply one coat of black mascara to upper lashes only.


Kelly's lips are feminine yet fully stand out. To get this effect, wear a frosty pink lipstick like she does.


To make your skin be the center of attention, apply a light pink blush on your cheeks, forehead, and a dab on your chin.

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