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Makeup for Blonde Hair, Tan Skin, and Blue Eyes

Kate Hudson Makeup

Kate Hudson Makeup

Blonde hair, tan skin, and blue eyes is a beauty combination that always turns heads. It is one of most popular and sought after looks in Hollywood.

Celebrities like Kate Hudson, Charlize Theron, Carmen Electra, and Julianne Hough have perfected this look.

Women with this color combination need a makeup routine that highlights these features and sets them off.

This hub will give you makeup tips for blonde hair, tan skin, and blue eyes.

We will focus on eyebrows, foundation and concealer, eye makeup, and blush and lip colors.

It does not matter if your blonde hair is from a bottle or natural, if your tan is from the sun or salon, or even if your blue eye color is from contacts. These tips will bring out the best in your features.

Charlize Theron Makeup

Charlize Theron Makeup

Foundation and Concealer

  • Women with bronzed skin need to find concealer and foundation that matches the glow their tan gives them. If you keep up with your tanning routine, you will only need to invest in one set of concealer and foundation. If you let your skin get light, your "tan" makeup will not work well against your skin.
  • Try putting on your makeup near a source of natural light, like a window. Tan foundation and concealer have a way of altering where light sits on your skin, so you need to have a very clear and natural view to get it right. Simply blending in different directions can cause your makeup to look "off." Always apply your foundation in small, circular motions upward so that you don't wind up with streaks.
Carmen Electra Makeup

Carmen Electra Makeup

Julianne Hough Makeup

Julianne Hough Makeup

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  • Women with blonde hair and blue eyes have a more delicate look to their features, so keep a slim, trim eyebrow shape without going dramatically thin.
  • If your eyebrows are blonde, try coloring them with light brown pencil to add definition to your face.
  • If your eyebrows are much darker than the hair on your head, consider carefully dying your eyebrows. Be aware if you do this, though, you will have to dye them at least once a week. Eyebrow hairs grow in fast.

Eye Makeup

  • Stick to brown mascara. It will work well both in the daytime and the evening without being overly dramatic.
  • You can go with a thin layer of eyeliner around your eyes, and also go for the smoky look.
  • Try gray, black, or brown eyeliners. All of these colors will suit your eyes and you may decide that you like to use each color to suit a different mood or setting.
  • Good eyeshadow colors are: different shades of brown and pink, and dark peach.

Blush Colors

  • Since you are tan, varying shades of brown will look good on your skin. Stronger peach hues and dusty pink tones will also look good.

Lip Colors

  • Pinks and soft browns will be your best lip colors.
  • Stay away from dark reds and hot pinks. Blonde, blue-eyed, tan women look better in the pastel and neutral end of the spectrum.

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