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Makeup Tips for Teens: Best Advice and Tutorial

Linda has been a fashion writer and skin care enthusiast for over a decade. She enjoys sharing tips to help others.


Teens and Makeup

Every teenage girl makes the same mistake when they first start wearing makeup: using too much. This is understandable; after all, there’s no point in wearing it at all if it isn’t going to be noticed. However, makeup is supposed to be used to enhance your natural features, not to replace them.

A good guideline to use is to set yourself a five-minute time limit for your makeup application. If you can’t finish within that time, then you are using too much makeup. If you are just getting started and haven’t yet figured out a look, start by just using BB cream (tinted moisturizer), blush, mascara, and lip gloss.

“Beneath the makeup and behind the smile, I am just a girl who wishes for the world.”

— Marilyn Monroe

Keep the Canvas Clean and Clear

A skin regimen is the uttermost important and vital step, whether using makeup or not. Depending upon the skin's condition, which can vary from oily to dry, having the right products makes all the difference. Acne-prone skin can really frustrate a person causing them to buy everything off the shelf. Be careful to not overdo it with acne products that will further aggravate the skin.

Stick to one product, and use it as directed; moreover, if you find that your skin is in terrible shape, visit a dermatologist before considering any makeup application. If your face is healthy, wash with a cleanser, and apply a light moisturizer or serum, always maintaining your skin smooth and well hydrated.

Young woman wearing light makeup suitable for her age, appearing natural and beautiful.

Young woman wearing light makeup suitable for her age, appearing natural and beautiful.

Skip the Foundation

Foundation can be too heavy on young skin and therefore reserved for special occasions. Young skin is best kept free from coverage and allowed to glow freely. BB cream (tinted moisturizer) is a good alternative, providing you just the right amount of coverage. It hydrates and disguises blemishes without the cakeyness.

BB cream formulas have become sophisticated in the last few years and can now provide skin-improving benefits offering broad-spectrum SPF, acne prevention, antioxidants, and more. Select one based on your skin's needs, but ensure it contains SPF protection as this is vital to protect against sun damage. Always remember: Prevention is the best protection.

Visit a Make-up Consultant

Generally, it is highly recommended that teens visit the makeup counter and meet with a makeup consultant for the best advice in choosing the most complimenting shade for your skin color. Starting your makeup lessons on the right track from the beginning benefits you financially, and of course, your skin will appreciate it.

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Avoid asking advice from older family or friends; unwillingly, they might divulge outdated makeup trends. Visiting a makeup consultant provides added advantages; aside from the ability to try it, you receive application tips from someone with makeup training plus the latest techniques.

Young girl wearing only mascara showcasing her naturally beautiful eyelashes without overdoing it.

Young girl wearing only mascara showcasing her naturally beautiful eyelashes without overdoing it.

Highlight Your Features

Young women with naturally long or thick eyelashes are blessed, as not much else is needed. Just a simple mascara will suffice. Start with a clear mascara, which gives you a pleasing curl effect without the dense dark color. Want to intensify them? Apply brown mascara for lighter eyes and black for darker eyes. Make sure to wiggle the wand while applying to avoid clumps and start at the root of the lash moving upwards for a curl. Do not over apply. Two to three coats should be sufficient.

Furthermore, if you have little length or sparse eyelashes, use a waterline eye pencil in the same shade as the mascara to make the lashes appear fuller than they are. Just sharpen the pencil to a generous point, and press it between the eyelash gaps and under the eyelash line. It truly makes a difference.

Blush to Brighten

Blush is optional for some but highly recommended if foundation was used to recover and refresh the natural glow in your cheeks. Based on your skin tone, try these shades.

  • Fair Skin: soft pink, light coral, or peach.
  • Medium skin: rich pink, warm mauve, or deep peach.
  • Dark skin: deep fuchsia, warm brown.

Application is just as important as the right shade. Watch the video below for an easy tip.

How to Apply Blush the Right Way

Use Lip Gloss or Tinted Balm

Lip gloss or tinted balms are perfect choices for young women so they don't overdo it with strong, pigmented lipsticks. Pink or nude shades are great for nearly everyone, and they give you just the right amount of radiance. Moreover, after reaching 18, you could get away with red on special occasions as long as the rest of the face is kept light, meaning a light layer of mascara and eyeliner and without any dark eyeshadow.

Perfectly natural pink color on the lips magnifying them in a subtle way.

Perfectly natural pink color on the lips magnifying them in a subtle way.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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