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Makeup Suggestions and Shortcuts

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Here are a few of my own suggestions that I hope will help you along your personal journey to skincare confidence.


Take Inventory

Take inventory of all your beauty products and tools and write down what you have and the quantity. You will be surprised how much you have accumulated and how much you no longer use. Your vanity table should reflect your current mood and where you want to go in life. Are you transitioning away from working inside an office building? Then you may not need to keep all the professional makeup palettes you once used. Or, vice-versa. Periodically, take inventory and you will see clearly the style you want to either maintain or switch up to a new you.

Keep it Fresh

Do not feel guilty about throwing out any makeup, tools, or products that did not work for you. Keep it moving, keep introducing new products and tools into your life and you will wonder why you kept trying to use the same old stuff for so long. Just count it as money spent towards learning and education on what works and what doesn't. The experience was worth every penny you spent. So, go ahead, put that makeup and brushes that don't work into a plastic bag and throw it in the trash. Keeping old products or even new products that do not work for you, is very inauspicious. You must clear out stagnate energy and move on. Then you can start with a fresh new attitude and a new beauty routine.


Double-Duty Blush and Eyeshadow

Make your makeup work for you, not against you. If you love a certain makeup color, you can use it on various parts of your face. Either a cream or a powder color can be swept across the forehead, eyes, and cheeks. You can even swipe color down the bridge of your nose for a sun-kissed effect. Blush and eyeshadows can do double-duty on your face to save time and money on buying individual products for each part of the face.

One blush or eyeshadow product in the same color can be used on eyes and cheeks to create a monochromatic effect so you don't have to purchase multiple items for each part of the face.

One blush or eyeshadow product in the same color can be used on eyes and cheeks to create a monochromatic effect so you don't have to purchase multiple items for each part of the face.

Double-Duty Lipstick

You can dab a bit of your favorite lipstick color on your cheeks and use a sheer liquid foundation over the top to blend. However, some experts suggest that you should not use lipstick on your eye area. Sometimes the ingredients are not for use around the eyes as it can melt into the eye as the makeup starts to settle or if you have oily skin as the day wears on. It depends on the makeup itself and if the package states it is safe for use around the eyes. Check with a professional if you are concerned about using certain products that are not made specifically for use around the eyes.

Don't Toss Mascara Wands

Have you ever purchased a new mascara that you love but hate the brush wand that came with it?

Some of them have these huge brushes that get more mascara on the eyelid than on the lashes or are so curved and arched making them impractical to use.

Don't discard the mascara wands and brushes you love. If it's from a waterproof mascara tube, then soak the brush in a solution of liquid waterproof makeup remover and rinse in tap water. If regular mascara, just use any liquid makeup remover and then rinse in tap water. Let them air dry overnight. Place them in a brush holder and reuse your favorite brushes with any new mascaras you buy. Keep them separate from your other makeup brushes to avoid transferring mascara onto your clean brushes you use for other makeup applications.

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Mascara Dried Up?

Sometimes you may struggle with clumped or dried out mascara. But, don't toss it just yet. Go to any grocery or drug store and purchase saline solution. Place only a few drops inside the mascara tube, close the tube and shake it up. It will loosen the dried up mascara and it will turn silky smooth again. Do not use too much saline or it will cause the mascara to become a liquid and it will drip on your lashes and onto your face and not stay put.

Gel Eyeliner Dried Up?

Is your gel eyeliner drying out too fast before it's all used up, or maybe you need to get that extra bit out of the container? Each time you open the lid to use it, the air will begin to dry it out before its time.

Mix in some eyeshadow primer, just a tiny dab, mix it around with your makeup eyeliner brush until the primer disappears into the gel eyeliner. You shouldn't see any color, and in my experience, it won't change the color of the gel eyeliner. I buy a medium skin tone eyeshadow primer, squeeze it into the gel eyeliner container, swish it around a bit with the eyeliner brush, then apply it as eyeliner or smudge into eyeshadow. You will see it goes on silky and smooth once again just like when you first opened the container.

Clearance Bin Shopping

Do not pass over those clearance sections in drug stores, specialty cosmetic shops, or discount stores. It's a really good idea to purchase some basics directly from those bins or from those shelves featuring clearance items. It will give you a chance to try some new brand or product that you wouldn't normally buy at the regular price.

Buy a bunch of lipsticks in different colors, the prices are normally reduced by at least 50 percent off the regular price. Same with mascara, eyeshadows, and some foundations. Pick up a handful of stuff and then separate them by category in small baskets at home for your makeup table and enjoy the variety.

If you find something you really love, write down the brand name and color and it may be worth it to buy it at the original price.

Makeup Palettes

Purchasing makeup palettes at discount stores is a good way to save a lot of money and from wasting money on buying individual eyeshadows or blush. Then, you can experiment with a variety of colors and textures, like metallic, matte, or glossy, and you can see what works and what doesn't. Then you can focus on a particular color and texture that suits you and only purchase a few items that you know work for you in a particular eyeshadow or blush. The same with lipstick palettes where you can sample glossy, matte, or sheer lipsticks to see what works for you. Then you can focus your purchases only on the items that you like and work with your own unique style.

Buy discount makeup palettes to experiment with various colors and textures.

Buy discount makeup palettes to experiment with various colors and textures.

Products Not Tested on Animals

Be wary of cosmetic companies that advertise that their products are not tested on animals. The reason is because some farm-out [no pun intended] the testing to other companies or laboratories to test their products on animals. Even though the parent company opines that it does no testing on animals, it could be because they hire companies to do it for them. Read labels and disclaimers carefully when purchasing products if the testing of cosmetics on animals may conflict with your own values.


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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