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How To Sell Successfully On the Poshmark App

I am a Posh Ambassador and have sold 100+ items on Poshmark!

My tips!

I am a Posh Ambassador on the Poshmark app for buying and selling new and used fashion (@riteaway). I used to use eBay but liked that Poshmark is more specialized toward buying and selling clothes, jewelry, bags, accessories, and more! It's also great to support the idea of reusing items instead of always buying new items and encouraging unneeded manufacturing and use of resources.

I joined Pishmark in July 2018 and started listing my items, sharing other items and sellers. The next thing you know I started selling lots of items; I've currently sold more than 100 new and used items from my "closet". My closet includes clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, and other accessories.

I wanted to share some tips on how I sell items through my account because I know it can be intimidating when you start. There are a lot of users and competition on the app. I'm not making money for writing this article - I just like to help!

Here are some of my tips:

  • Have lots of quality listings: It's good to have lots of listings so today people can find your items by way of other items. Brand names sell best but I've sold other items just fine too. Make sure to take great pictures and include as much detail as possible, especially about flaws. Be prompt about getting back to questions from potential buyers. The more awesome things you have, the more people may want to bundle multiple items of yours in one order do they can save on shipping and you can sell more stuff!
  • Become a Posh Ambassador. Maybe easier said than done, but it totally pays off. Package sales nicely (I always wrap in tissue and include a thank-you note) and quickly (I strive for less than a day to ship). Share other closets and your closet. Be a mentor to other sellers! Once you become an Ambassador, when other people join Poshmark, they are automatically added as one of your followers, so you gets lots of new followers each day. The requirements to become a Posh Ambassador include: sharing at least 5,000 items from other Poshers' closets; sharing your own items at least 5,000 times to the community; having at least 50 available listings in your closet; making at least 15 sales; having an average rating of at least 4.5 stars; and having an average ship time of fewer than 3 days. It's a bit of a formidable task, but it's absolutely worth it!
  • Share share share! This really drives more people to your closet. Share your items, share other items, share other Poshers; it just puts you out there in more places so more people can find you. I've shared items outside of my closet thousands of times and will do it if I'm waiting in a line or any other time I have a spare minute.
  • Make changes to your closet. Be willing to make price adjustments as the times change. Consider or make offers, and communicate with potential buyers. Don't just let your closet sit. Also check out the competition; it's likely there are similar if not the exact same listing that someone else has, so see how they compare and adjust your price accordingly if necessary.
  • Participate in Poshmark's activities! Poshmark will have occasional promotions and challenges to encourage you to make sales, etc. If you participate and even win, you're putting your name and closet out there for more Poshers to see! I also add comments to major events. There are Posh n Sip events that you can host, and also there are Posh Parties multiple times a day with different themes (activewear, weekend wear, chic trends, etc.) where you can share your items that for the theme, and also share items from other Poshers. I participate in almost every Party.

Don't hesitate to contact me with any questions! Good luck Poshing, and don't forget to check out my closet!

My closet!

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Your Closet

I've included a screenshot above to show a little about what my closet looks like. Some users don't mind showing their face, but I prefer not to because I don't think it's necessary. It's good to have a nice cover photo at the top, and I also include some interesting details in my "name" because that's what Poshers see first; I want people to know that I am a Posh Ambassador because it shows I am now experienced and trustworthy on this app. Also, I want people to know that I am happy to consider offers from potential buyers. Some Poshers are not open to offers, but I consider that to be possible lost opportunities to make a sale over a few bucks.

You can also see a couple examples of items in my closet. The photos are bright and clear, and it's beneficial for your closet to have a consistent look. Each listing should include multiple photos showing different angles of the item. As far as information to include, paint as clear of a picture so that your buyer knows exactly what to expect. What kind of material is it? How many times has it been worn? Are there any flaws?


What kind of seller are you?

Do you want to just get rid of your items quickly or do you not mind holding onto them longer so that you get a higher price? It might depend on your current situation; maybe you need money fast , or maybe you have a listing that was a gift that you just don't need and that you're not necessarily in a hurry to sell? Maybe you have some higher end items that you don't want to let go of for a low price? These are definitely this to consider when setting your prices and considering offers.

My closet contains mostly listings that I've had for a little while that I didn't pay a lot for and that I'm happy to sell for whatever I can get so I can make more room for more things. I do have a few items that are brand new that I just changed my mind about and want to get a few bucks for them. When someone "likes" one of my listings, I make an offer right away with a shipping discount. When someone makes an offer, I always consider it; actually I've never refused an offer! You can always counter an offer if you want to get just a little more than what someone is offering. It's always so exciting to make a sale and get that notification! And then of course, when you do make a sale, be sure to ship it as soon as possible!


Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 01, 2019:

I have just recently heard of Poshmark. It is great that you are making some good money with it. Thanks for the information.

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