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How To Make an M&M Costume

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M&M Costume

M&M Costume

M&M Costume

It’s so fun to dress-up because you can role play or put yourself in the character of a fictional person or a thing that you like. This is why costume parties are one of the most fun and entertaining gathering or event. Kids and young at heart adults enjoy it.

  • You can wear an M&M costume with or without a costume party theme. It is one wonderful dress-up that’s easy to notice. It is also easy to make even if your sewing skills are fundamental. Below are steps and guides to help you make an M&M costume.
  • Ask the favorite M&M color of the wearer. There are lots of choices like orange, yellow, dark blue, dark brown, red, and green. However, don’t limit yourself to the actual colors of M&M because there is no limit in creativity.
  • Buy some felt for the preferred color of the wearer. You need two yards for a kid and three yards for an adult.
  • Cut 2 huge circles from the felt. Cut an oval if an adult will wear the costume or the material isn’t sufficiently wide to make a perfect circle. The oval shape will resemble an M&M peanut.
  • Sew the 2 circles or ovals together. Leave 10-12 inches on the top of the costume so the wearer can insert his head. The bottom part of the costume must also be left open so the wearer can insert his legs. Turn the costume inside out after sewing so the seams will be inside the costume.
  • Ask the wearer to try the costume. It will help you identify the proper position for the wearer’s arms. Cut 2 large slits so the arms can fit through.
  • Cut a small letter M from the white felt. Use a glue gun to attach the letter in the middle of the costume if your costume doesn’t have a face. If you want a face for your costume, then position the letter near the bottom so you can have enough space for the eyes, and mouth. You can add a nose, ear and other accessories like sunglasses and earrings if you want your M&M costume to be different.

    Remember that this is not an original costume; many have tried this before. You need to be original so people can notice you easily especially if you’ll be joining a costume party contest.
  • Make the eyes of your M&M costume. Cut two circles from a white felt then cut 2 much smaller circles to resemble pupils. Position and glue them onto your costume. For the eyelids, cutout 2 semicircles from the leftover colored felt. Glue them above the eyes.
  • Make the mouth of your M&M costume. Cut a smiling mouth through the black felt. If you want a dark ambience, then make a frowned M&M. There are different emotions that you can portray to make your M&M costume unique.
  • Compliment the M&M costume. The wearer can wear white leggings or sweat pants, white gloves and white turtleneck sweater or shirt. He can also wear props to make a more specific character. Like, he can be an M&M policeman, fireman, soldier, artist, or businessman among others.

There is no limit in creativity. Through this way, people will notice your M&M costume better. Also, don’t forget to be in character during the party for much fun. This can also help you win a costume party contest.

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