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How to make a beautiful unique bridal veil for your own wedding.

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My hand made wedding veil


Make your own wedding Veil

A wedding veil is a pretty easy thing to make. This is a great way to save money. Don't believe me, check out the Average cost of a wedding veil. Obviously they can get quite elaborate, but most of the time you are paying for the designer and the cost it takes for someone to make it by hand. To make your own veil, all you need is some time, and basic sewing skills.

The history and purpose of a wedding veil

Wedding veils were originally worn for religious and spiritual purposes. Pagans believed that having a veil on warded off evil spirits and protected the purity of the bride. This idea carried over into Christianity and Jewish religions. This custom was followed by the ancient Romans, the ancient Hebrews, the ancient Hindus, and many other ancient European and Asiatic people. In medieval times, the veil was used to protect her from “the evil eye” and was a symbol of purity, chastity, and modesty Since the veil symbolizes purity and innocence It is considered distasteful for a bride to wear a veil for a second marriage ceremony. It also denoted the subordination of the woman to the man.

The lifting of the veil at the end of the ceremony symbolizes male dominance. If the bride takes the initiative in lifting it, thereby presenting herself to him, she is showing more independence. In some ceremonies the father/or man giving the bride away will lift the vale in presentation of the bride to her groom, symbolizing the act of giving the woman to a new man, who will love and take care of her.

Now a days, brides wear veils to accentuate their beauty and wedding gowns. They highlight the brides beauty and features. And they signify a special event, a wedding!

Styles of veils

Flyaway: This short style, which falls just above the shoulder, will give you a playful, flirty look. It's appropriate for a daytime wedding and looks great with a simple gown with clean lines, a mini-dress, or a wedding suit.

Elbow-length: This veil reaches just to the elbow. It's a sweet style that can work with virtually any wedding gown, although you should pick something a bit longer for a formal evening wedding.

Fingertip: Is a veil that falls to your fingertips when your arms lie straight at your sides, this length is perfect for the indecisive bride -- it's dressier than shorter styles but doesn't have all the extravagance of longer ones.

Waltz: This veil falls between your knees and ankles and, unlike long veils, it allows dancing with ease.

Chapel: A veil that goes all the way to the floor and extends up to three feet past your hem falls into this category. It's romantic and it's look that's been growing in popularity for the past few years.

Cathedral: Think Princess Diana -- lots of tulle trailing down the aisle behind you. This is more of a royal choice, but isn't a low-maintenance look. You'll need at least one bridesmaid or flower girl to tend to your veil as you enter and exit the ceremony. It is most appropriate in a large church or other place of worship, and requires a long isle to walk down.

Important Considerations

  • Consider the "style" of wedding you are having, choose a veil style appropriate for the celebration
  • Consider when you will be wearing it so it does not hinder your day, such as, will you wear it during the ceremony only? Will you wear it during dancing? If so, make sure it is well made and securely attaches to your head.
  • Make sure it will fit the hairstyle you've chosen
  • Once you select the style, begin looking at magazines and Internet content for ideas and decorative inspiration
  • Make sure you allow ample time to complete your veil
  • Try it on frequently during the construction time, this will help you figure out how it is fitting and the over-all look, will it compliment your dress?
  • Don't get carried away, simple elegance is a bonus, don't go nuts putting all kinds of decorations on it, or it may end up looking tacky
  • Ask your creative friends or family for thoughts and opinions or help for things you find difficult when assembling


The Veil I made

The Veil I made


My veil and how it turned out

Shortly after I became engaged, I began working on my veil. I decided I wanted to make my own for mainly two reasons, one to save money, and the other to have something completely unique that was only for me.

My veil started off as a two layer pre-made ivory veil that I purchased at my local craft store for $10.00. It literally was just two pieces of soft tulle connected together, At first I was really intimidated and worried about doing this, which is another reason I started working on it well before our wedding. The craziest thing is, this literally became my most cherished accessory. I was proud of my end result, and I still love looking at it.

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For the creation of my veil I used;

  • A pre-made veil of tulle
  • A sewing needle
  • A package of silver sea beads, I probably used roughly 200
  • Thin ivory thread
  • A hot glue gun for flower embellishments (I found these in the wedding isle at my local craft store)
  • A plain silver tooth hair clip, with additional embellishments, glued securely to the top of the veil

Total cost; about $18.00 USD

The first thing I did was slowly hand sew all the sea beads around the two layers of tulle. After I was satisfied with this result, I hot glued the flower embellishments to the places on the veil I wanted them, mostly making a zig-zag pattern on the base of the veil. Lastly, I double checked the placement of the hair clip and glued that, adding additional embellishments to the top of a plane silver hair clip. The entire project took roughly 10 hours to finish, but this was mainly due to working full time and working around other life obligations. I worked on it as my schedule permitted.

I feel my results were beautiful and well worth the time. People with lack of time however may prefer to just purchase one. Also making a veil for a bride, can be a wonderful gift.

Make it special

The veil is a wonderful piece to have for a formal wedding, it adds a special touch to the occasion. You don't have to be a designer or super creative to make your own, and you save a small fortune in the process.

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Rebecca (author) from USA on May 16, 2013:

What a nice comment! Thank you so much! I really had a great time making it and feel like it's my favorite thing from our wedding, besides the man I married of course. :)

Dalila C from Denver, CO on May 16, 2013:

I love this hub! Oh my, one can always save money if there's a talent in sewing. I like your veil, sweetheart!~ You look very lovely. Keep on bragging that you made your own wedding veil. I like it so much! Cheers!

Rebecca (author) from USA on March 19, 2013:

Thanks! I didn't think I could make one either, and I was really freaked out that I'd screw it up. But it was easier than one might think. It's still my favorite piece from my wedding.

Dianna Mendez on March 16, 2013:

Your veil is absolutely beautiful! Love the creativity and the simple beauty of it. I don't think I could make one, but love the idea. Voted up.

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