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M&S Panties and the Men Who Buy Them


M&S reviews offer a wealth of persuasive information on underwear choices

British retailer M&S has a quite a reputation for women’s underwear. This comes from the brand being hailed by women, who pass on the reputation to their daughters, and them to their daughters in a sequence that has probably grown since the company’s inception in the 1880s. This interest in the brand by mothers, also has an impact on their sons.

Gone are the days of British clothing manufacturing using famous Nottingham lace or cotton woven in the textile mills of the north. Today, lingerie is manufactured in Cambodia, Vietnam, Nepal, Bangladesh or Sri Lanka – M&S seems to avoid China.

M&S sells around 530 categories of knickers or panties. At least five times as many types as they have in the equivalent men’s range. Whether this includes all the colour variants, you’ll have to count for yourself. On page one, of several more on their online offerings, the most popular ones seem to be:

16. Jacquard Lace High Rise Full Briefs 647 reviews

24. 5 Pack No VPL Microfibre High Rise Full Briefs 569 reviews

26. Cotton Blend Side Lace Thong 100 reviews

30. 5 Pack Cotton Rich Full Briefs with New & Improved Fabric 475 reviews

32. 4 Pack Pure Cotton Full Briefs 195 reviews

33. 5 Pack Lace Waisted High Leg Knickers 249 reviews

You get the idea. The numbers are in order of appearance. Most (over 60%) would recommend them to others.

To their credit, M&S publishes reviews and many are by men with (user) names. They also tell you how many reviews there are, that you can check for yourself. There is a mine of largely unexplored data here for a detailed surveys on knickers, who wears them and what people say. This could apply to research on everything from gender non-conformism to transgender psychology. Data on men wearing panties is probably under-reported here as many reviewers don’t reveal their gender or use a gender opposite to themselves. Given that the vast majority of panty reviews are by self-identified females, there should be no problem in making statistical assessments.

Some men, naturally, who review panties do so on behalf of their wives, mothers or girlfriends, to whom they may have gifted them or because they look after them. Others represent situations where they wear women’s underwear at the request or with the approval of their partner. Some wear them for comfort or health reasons, in preference over men’s pants and others as they identify as crossdressers. The following, verbatim, quotations are from men who have purchased and review panties, representing a fraction selected from 35 types of knicker.

Lace Embroidered Miami Knickers: “These are sexy and comfortable. Pretty colour, would love to see more options. Sits just right on the bum and if you've got a squat booty they will make your bum look amazing. They hold everything in place. Certainly recommend them.” “Really comfy and feel sexy wearing my new knickers”

Lace Trim Brazilian Knickers: “Bought these in both colours very comfortable would definitely recommend to both men and women will definitely be back for more”

Spot Mesh & Lace High Leg Knickers: “These could have been designed for boys as well. Perfect fit, provides good support and really comfy to wear. So if you don’t like boring boys underwear and you are daring and confident enough give these delightful knickers a chance, you won’t regret it.” “Love the colour of the knickers which fit well and have beautiful lace. semi see through which adds a naughty touch.” “Purchased 2 pairs for my wife and myself. Purchase a size smaller than you would normally wear. Very good fit for both of us and the usual great quality.” “Very comfortable love the colours just a shame they don't do them in white as they do with the Brazilian”

5 Pack Cotton Rich High Leg Knickers: “Bought yesterday in store was meant for my sister but she didn't like them so I had them some of the best I've had so far. Was OK no problem with slopping down.”

No VPL Full Briefs: “The wife bought me three pairs in pink they fit lovely and i love wearing pink panties, they are so soft and very nice to wear,she thinks i look good in them.”

5 Pack No VPL Microfibre High Rise Full Briefs: “I usually buy the cotton full briefs but I had a problem with the cotton lining in a dress I bought for my summer holiday. The lining and the knickers rubbed together and somehow tugged my dress which was uncomfortable. So, I looked for some "slippery" knickers and found these. They are perfect for what I want. They do not rub against the cotton lining of the dress or any of my cotton trousers. Can't think why I didn't buy some of these years ago.” “My wife bought 5 pairs size 8 but were too big for her so suggested I try them on. Wow what amazing fit. they are so so comfortable I just can't wait to put these on every morning !” “Light and comfortable pants that feel barely there. Extremely good for those warmer days.” “Bought for my Lady friends at chrismas plus myslef got size 12 fits and feels fantastic my friends and I will buy more” “Following a vasectomy I have been left with scar tissue and have found it difficult to find underwear with enough support at the base but enough slack further up Iif you get my drift. My wife suggested these and they are spot on. Soft , smooth and comfortable and great value for money. After much searching I am very pleased to have found these.”

Cotton Blend Side Lace Thong: “as a male who wears woman's underwear, I have found them lovely to wear, the fit is nice holds all in place especially as there not designed for men. the feel is soft you don't know you have any on ( no rubbing in the wrong places ) and look really nice. would recommend to any one who wears thongs male and female all ages.” “just brought two pair of these thongs and I must say they are one of the most comfortable thongs I have brought i love the colours and they are so soft to the skin with pretty lace would recommend to us men has well has ladies.” “Love these cotton Thongs from M&S and even better when it is '3 for 2' so have a good selection of colours. Comfortable to wear under jeans or leggings as well with tights for work during the week. They wash very well and still look brand new. Size 10 and they are true to size.” “as a male that always wears ladies knickers,as i find them more comfy and sensual to wear, i was a bit aprehensive in wearing a thing for obvious reasons,but my wife bought me a pair of these,and i must say that they fitted well,and held my parts in place superbly, would recommend to both male & female”

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5 Pack Cotton Rich Full Briefs with New & Improved Fabric: “Years ago, whilst recovering from an injury, I was unable to find comfortable mens underwear. At my wife's insistence, and once I had overcome my initial embarassment, I tried M&S ladies cotton full briefs and the difference startling. I had cover, comfort and support without feeling clamped in some sort of armour. Obviously they are not designed for the male anatomy but I haven't found that a problem and a small 'adjustment' is all that is necessary and I have worn them ever since. This latest pack lives up to my expectations with the exception that the trim seems more scratchy and cuts in more that it ever did, so M&S, if this is an 'improvement' can we go back to the old trim or, better still, no trim at all.” “Have worn these for years and will continue to buy as needed. Extremely comfortable, warm and fit perfectly.” “Comfortable full coverage knickers. Secure, warm and don't ride up. The standard every brand judges themselves by.”

5 Pack Lace Waisted High Leg Knickers: “The wife bought me some of these. Not sure why as I may as well of stayed with boxers as they are cotton. I as many other men have now discovered,like the comfort and feel of the materials of other underwear that ladies have. As many reviews show,more men are wearing women's knickers. But on the whole they are comfy to wear and are better than any male underwear I've owned.”

Athena Embroidered High Leg Knickers: “Excellent fit for the male lingerie wearer, supportive and comfy. Would be lovely if there was a greater selection of colours or maybe some contrasting colour for the embroidery. Certainly would recommend for those men who are brave enough to wear what they want, not what general society would dictate.”

Certain types of knickers only have reviews by men, but these don’t reflect reality as they only have 1-2 reviews. Proportions are difficult to estimate from knickers that have over 600 reviews given not all may be represented. Up to 20% of reviews for a single type of knicker could be from male buyers: using Spot Mesh & Lace High Leg Knickers, there are 27 reviews, 5 by men representing 18.5%, though a more realistic estimate is 10%. Using the Cotton Blend Side Lace Thong as a guide with 100 reviews, 14 are by men. For an independent figure, Katie and Laura's Fancy Satin Panties (, 2019) reports that: "A variety of polls and studies show that about 3-5% of purely heterosexual men regularly wear women’s lingerie ..."

Suffice to say that some men do wear women’s underwear for legitimate reasons other than potentially having a "fetish". The market and trends are certainly changing. so as a disclaimer, Yes, as male, I have been persuaded by reviews to try 3 types of M&S knicker for myself, mostly in black at the time of writing, that are supposedly good for outdoor walks in summer conditions. This article has not been endorsed, sponsored or subsidised by M&S in any way.

NB: Since this was written M&S appear to have taken down references to gender on their clothing reviews since around March 2020. Maybe they were becoming sensitive about criticism that their lingerie was attracting “fetishists” (AKA male reviewers).

A woman on Quora has her say too (, 2021)



Tenochtitlan (author) on November 06, 2020:

I heard you loud and clear. If I want M&S clothing I get it from EBay and also buy using the M&S app and collect online. The sparks card helps. I’m not into drag (as in the acronym) but think that some women’s clothes are the equivalent of luxury French pastries, cakes or at least something a little spicy though one should avoid being gratified and just enjoy them for the comfort and eccentricity they may allow (I’m not one to judge adults).

bob from england on November 05, 2020:

Not sure if this is where to reply to technochtitian, But I rarely post product reviews, unless something is really bad !

I know I should praise as well as critisise, but.......I will try to remember to praise more.

The easiest place to buy cotton panties if anguy is self consious here is asda, just chuck a pack in the trolley and nothing has ever been said.

If you stand in M&S browsing, I found an assistant was very quickly at my sidw assuming I was buying for my wife.

I let her think that and got a surprsing amount of help !

Sadly, I dont have an understanding wife, So I have to indulge in my passion for sexy underwear in secret.

Incidently I am also a fan of swishing skirts, but that is another story.

Tenochtitlan (author) on November 05, 2020:

Thanks Bob. Very difficult to conduct these surveys now as sex is often not indicated by M&S reviews any more. Maybe because quite a lot of certain types of clothing is also bought by men, but if they review M&S “encourages fetishists” that doesn’t apply to women trying men’s clothing.

bob from england on November 05, 2020:

Just found your article, There is something special about wearing panties.

Even the cotton ones feel nicer than mens wear.

M&S are one of the nicest range.

Glad to see it isnt just me.

Mike on September 22, 2019:

I love wearing panties 24/7 as they are so comfortable. My wife likes them on me too.

High waist pink lace are my favorite. Satin or nylon blend are my preference.

Like it’s been said historically men wore lace and skirts. Now days you rarely see a woman wearing a dress or skirt.

I often see women wearing men’s shirts and pants and that’s ok, but, not men wearing panties, Big double standard!!

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