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Unique and Pretty Lotus Flower Tattoos

Beautiful Lotus Tattoos

The lotus flower tattoo is the most common among all flower tattoos ! The lotus is known for it's serene and gentle appearance. There are several colors you can get a lotus in, the most common is pink.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to color. The second biggest factor in choosing your tattoos is size, some people like a small lotus while others like a very large lotus tattoo.

Most of the time people get a lotus tattoo with the petals open, this is part of the appeal of the lotus flower, it's delicate pedals. A 3D lotus would be an awesome tattoo. It will look like it's really right there.

Talk to a tattoo artist about this and he/she will help you achieve exactly what you are looking for !

Unique Lotus Flower Tattoo


Different Lotus Tattoo


Pretty Lotus Flower


Cool Lotus Tattoo

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Neat Lotus Tattoo


Lotus Tattoo


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