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Looking Fashionable in All-White Nursing Uniforms

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Fashion scrubs have certainly invaded the medical apparel industry but white remains to be the look the medical professionals, especially the nurses, are known for. But after years of being a student where you are required to wear all-white student nurse uniforms, one would like to get away from it. And thus, new nurses tend to go for nursing uniforms in their favorite colors or in a fashion-friendly print scrubs.

Classic nurse uniforms

Classic nurse uniforms

It has been said that patients prefer nurse in all white scrubs as they look more professional and patients feel more secure with them. Still my sister as well as other nurses shudders at the thought of having to wear pristine white scrubs every day at work. She also believes that an all-white nursing uniforms makes her feel like a real nurse and patients defer to her as if she knows different when wearing an all-white scrubs from other color scrubs. It’s just that white nursing uniforms are really not that practical when you never know when you will get splashed with body fluids, blood and other stains. Fashionistas on the other hand don’t like the somber and unadorned white nurse uniforms simply because they look plain. I like it but then I don't have to wear it so am out of the counting.

These days, when more hospitals agree with the patients that white remains to be the most professional color for nurse uniforms, nurses will most likely be required to wear white and there is no reason to fear being frumpy or dowdy. There are so many ways to be fashionable even when in white. With the evolution of nursing uniforms, there are now so many scrubs in fashion-forward styles. Expanding your wardrobe with trendy and cool nurse uniform styles and designs may be good enough reasons for them to change their minds but then the reason why nurses are not for an all-white uniform remains. For that here are some other things nurse can do to meet the challenge of wearing white nursing uniforms and still look fashionable and professional.


Bleaching Is A Must

Looking good and fashionable does not only mean new and updated styles and designs or wearing red-carpet worthy dresses but it also mean being spotlessly clean, more so when your dress is pristine white. Aside from not looking good in soiled white uniforms nurse will also appear unhygienic and patients may wonder about their ability to take care of them. So if you are wearing white, it should really be squeaky clean white. This is actually one of the reasons why nurses and other healthcare professionals are opposed to wearing white nurse uniforms. They say it is impractical with a job that’s more likely to meet body fluids every now and then, if not often. On the other hand, those who believe in white uniforms argue that whites are even better to clean because it can easily be bleached without worrying of any color fading. In fact, bleaching your soiled or stained white uniforms is a MUST.

It is still important though that you consider the type of fabric your nursing uniforms use in order that you can get the best laundry bleach brand that will not only remove the stains but also disinfect your uniforms.


Iron and Press

It has always been believed that hot water and an iron is key to ensuring that dangerous bacteria are totally kept off your nursing uniforms. It has been said that heated water only to 104 degrees Fahrenheit left considerable amounts of bacteria and hotter water than that is effective. For those washed in 104-degree water, ironing uniforms totally got rid of the bacteria.

Other than that, a white nursing uniform that has not been ironed does not look that crisp and professional since creases and folds are easily seen.


The No-no's In Whites

One of the banes in women’s fashion life is what we call the VPLs – visible panty lines. And when in white uniforms, the problem doubles with the addition of the most common complaint of it being see-through. Women should then be careful to make sure that they avoid wearing bright colored underwear with a suggestive word on it. White undies actually show through and the best advice that my sister got was to wear a regular old-fashioned pair of cotton underwear in nude color. And for the VPLs, she was advice to find underwear with subtle hem line or smaller stitching or underwear that are seamless rather than those with large bands.

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Expand Your Wardrobe of Whites

Frumpy, dowdy white uniforms are a thing of the past. Nowadays, there are new styles and designs in medical uniforms and classic styles have been updated with accents and details. The same goes with the white nursing uniforms. You won’t be expected to wear white, starchy and drab whites made from heavy, durable fabric. And just because it's white it doesn't have to be bland. There are now so many nurse uniform designs to choose from.

Choose white scrubs with unique embellishments as well as interesting neck- or waist-lines to make it more appealing for you and everyone around you. Embroidery, piping, lace edging or adornment, ribbon, side smocked, ruching and pintucks all add a touch of personality to an all-white outfit.

Innovative technology by different manufacturers have allowed them to develop fabrics that are so soft that it drapes beautifully on you, so comfortable as it wicks away moisture from you keeping you refresh all shift long, and with soil release properties making it easier to remove even the worst stain.

Here are some of my favorite nursing uniforms, some are pure white, and some have few prints, some are simple while others are oh so elegant, but all of these designs and styles would certainly look good, chic and fashionable on anyone willing to take a chance on white scrub tops, pants, jackets, skirts and other uniforms. These may be called snake-skin burn-out white, tribal beat white or by any other name but essentially white.


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