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How to Lighten Hair With Hydrogen Peroxide

I enjoy giving tips and advice on how to lighten hair to your desired shade.


I have always dyed my own hair. I usually use box bleaches and dyes to get my dark brown, almost black, hair to have a light-caramel brown color. But whenever I do this process, it damages my hair quite a bit. So I did some research to find a more natural way to lighten my tresses and came across the hydrogen peroxide and baking soda method.

What You Need:

  • Baking soda
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Plastic shower cap
  • Olive oil

How to Make Hydrogen Peroxide Dye for Your Hair

  1. In a plastic container, mix together hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and a little bit of olive oil. Use more baking soda than hydrogen peroxide so that your mix is thick enough to put on your hair. It should not be runny; it should be more of a paste.
  2. Let it sit for about 10 minutes in the container.
  3. Then, put the paste in your hair on areas that you want to lighten. You can cover your whole head if you want to lighten everything.
  4. Put on a shower cap and place heat on your hair for 15 minutes. You can use a blow dryer.
  5. Let the paste sit in your hair for at least 25 minutes. Don’t exceed 45 minutes or you could cause damage.
  6. Wash your hair and deep condition.
  7. Blow dry and style to see the amazing results!

How to Get Even Lighter Hair

  1. If your hair isn’t quite as light as you want it to be, get a dark spray bottle and add hydrogen peroxide mixed with equal parts water.
  2. Spray this onto your hair and let it sit.
  3. Do this for however many days it takes to get the color you want. (Do not rinse after you spray. Leave it on for the rest of the day and wash it out a night.)

I hope this works for you. After I did it, my hair was the exact color I wanted it to be, and it doesn’t feel as dry and as brittle as it did with box colors. The color I got with hydrogen peroxide looks a lot more natural and less bleach-y, which is a plus for me.

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Anonymous on July 28, 2020:

Ruined my hair

Anonymous on June 30, 2020:

So like, should I use a conditioner before and after the bleaching? I've read that you should condition it before bleaching, or because this one has olive oil, it only requires that after I wash the mixture out I can put conditioner in it?

mesotheliomafacts on October 30, 2014:

Nice and Informative Hub. Hydrogen Peroxide is a oxidizing agent and therefore can oxidize the keratin proteins present in the hair causing the hair color change. The main role of hydrogen peroxide is to oxidize.

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