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10 Beauty Hacks You Did Not Know Before


This is Kiwi. Passionate writer who loves to write about different topics and likes to share and help others with simple tips.

Ladies, daily aesthetic tricks can give you the perfect look you are looking for under

the fast rhythm of life and daily work pressure without wasting more time or money.

This is why I share with you some beauty hacks that can make your life much easier.


1. Coconut and olive oils are extraordinary for removing waterproof make-up.

Try this trick and you will see that washing your makeup is a lot easier without using a remover.


2. If you have a very thick foundation, you can soften it by adding few drops of your

preferred moisturizer. You can likewise thicken it by blending it with little drops of a


3. If any of your makeup is broken, you do not need to throw it away since today.

You can fix it by adding few drops of glycerin, blending it well, and leaving it

to dry to the following day. Your makeup will be just the same as it was before.

4. if your nail polish is hard to open or to apply, put it in a container of

heated water for a couple of minutes. Then, take it out, shake it, and apply it

to the nails while it is still warm.


5. Sprinkle a baby powder on your hair as a dry shampoo. You can use this trick

when you need to quickly straighten and revitalize your hair.

6. If you do not have a hair curling tool, you can create waves in your

hair by wrapping the hair strands on a pencil and passing the hair iron on it. Then

remove the pen to get the wavy hair you want.

7. You will get awesome eyelashes by adding few drops of lavender oil to your

mascara. You will notice that the oil makes the eyelashes look longer and it helps to

separate them from one another.

8. If you have oily skin, you can use toilet paper to absorb excess oil from the skin.


9. To hide dark circles and various skin imperfections, use color correction creams.

The green color hides skin infections. The peachy and pink color for tired and pale

skin. The yellow color hides small spots and scars. And the orange hides the dark

circles under the eyes.

10. If you want plump lips, put a moist toothbrush in water, sprinkle a little sugar on

it, and rub it on the lips delicately. Then put little drops of olive oil on the lips to

moisturize them for few minutes and wipe them off.

I hope these tricks will be helpful and enjoyable to all of you.


© 2021 kiwi berry

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