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Life Hacks that Every Saree Loving Woman Needs to Know

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What type of bra is best for backless saree blouse or with deep neckline

What type of bra is best for backless saree blouse or with deep neckline

This article is the best source of information on the problems that women face when wearing a saree due to the undergarment. Which bra to wear with what type of blouse is a very crucial question that every girl who wears this garment will acknowledge having faced at least once in her life. Even with saree being the most popular traditional garment among the South East Asian women and it being widely worn throughout the world, there remains many teething troubles with wearing it and its partner the saree blouse. Therefore, this article will address some of the major glitches and provide an easy solution to these problems. Therefore, without much ado, let’s begin.

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Starting with problem solution no 1 & 2: Yes the ladies love showing a bit of their gorgeous shoulders and back when wearing the Saree. Even the accompanying gents or the on-looking pursuer loves the revealing and sexy backless or deep dipping back neckline of the lady in saree. However, as much as the ladies and gents love it, many ladies have to give up their dream of wearing the perfectly made sexy backed saree blouse just on account of the lack of idea over how to support their girls at the front. And, to be honest, a bra strap peeking here and the bra band showing, no matter how sexy the garment may be, does not look good on a lady wearing saree. Well nothing to worry about I shall list the best options available for wearing backless or deep back necks on your saree blouse design:

How to Wear Backless Blouse:

  • Attached Cup on Saree Blouse: The best option for backless saree blouse is to have the cups attacked to the saree blouse. Many tailors are quite good at this. However, the sad news is, the built-in or sewn in bra cup on the blouse is only great news for ladies who are not that top heavy as the cups are not that great at providing support, there being no underwire. However, some designer blouses (which tend to be quite expensive) have boning underneath the blouse which provide ample support. Unfortunately, the regular tailor won’t be equipped to take upon this task of boning underneath the blouse. Therefore, the sewn-in bra cup on your saree blouse is the best option if you are not top heavy and is not such a great news for the top heavy ladies.
  • The Silicon Self Adhesive Bra: This is another great option of bra for backless saree blouses. These are available in various colours and come in 4 cup sizes, starting from A to D. These self-adhesive silicone bras are easy to wear and maintain and can be reused if kept clean. These are great for women with cup size under D and they are not available for the top heavy ladies.
Silicone self adhesive bra for backless blouse

Silicone self adhesive bra for backless blouse

  • DIY Bra for Backless Blouse: That does not mean that the gorgeous ladies with D+ cups won’t get to enjoy wearing backless saree blouse. With a little bit of work and the desire to go an extra mile, the women with heavy bosom can also wear backless saree blouse by following this simple DIY trick to wear the backless saree blouse or even any tight backless western top. T

How to DIY bra for backless blouse:

  • Take a cup that fits well and gives proper support, best to take a full cup with strong straps;
  • Two safety pins or thread and needle;
  • Unclasp the back hook and wear the bra for taking measurement.
  • Bring the two back bands of the bra to the front of the bra (once you are wearing it), one band end to the left and the other right.
  • Lastly, attach each end to the front by bringing it forward underneath each bra cup. Now either secure it to the front with a safety pin if you are really in a hurry to wear a backless saree blouse or you can do it neat and tidy by sewing it on. It does help to have someone assist you.

Sharing a great video tutorial on how to wear a backless saree blouse or very deep backed saree blouse which you can easily do yourself:

Best Video Tutorial on How to Wear Backless and Deep Neck Saree Blouse:

How to wear Deep plunging Back Neckline on Saree Blouse:

All the above options for backless saree blouses are also applicable to deep plunging necklines. But there are more options available in terms of bra and other option when it comes to a saree blouse which has a very deep back neck design.

  • Blouse with Wide Spread Neckline: Saree blouses which has very wide spread out neckline cannot be worn with a regular bra with straps. In this case the best option with great support is a strapless bra which is specifically made to support. Regular strapless bras tend to somewhat slide down or can’t fight the gravitational attraction that well. But these quality strapless bras which are specifically catered to be worn as strapless have silicon strips on both the top and bottom helm of the bra back band strap which effectively keeps the bra stuck to the skin. T
What type of bra to wear with off shoulder saree blouse or with one shoulder off

What type of bra to wear with off shoulder saree blouse or with one shoulder off

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  • Blouses with very deep back neckline: However, if the back neck design of the sari blouse is deeper for even a strapless to handle, there is one other option left for my ladies. You can either buy one of these bras which are specifically made to be worn with deep necklines or you can DIY. How to make a low back adjustable bra at home with just a few things and 10 minutes:
    • Two bras required. One of perfect fit and another a random discard worthy old bra (it must have the same type and size of bra hook or clasp as the other one) as only the clasps or hooks will be needed.
    • About a yard of one inch thick elastic.
    • Matching thread and needle.
    • Cut off the hooks / clasps with about an inch of band space (enough to sew them onto an elastic – will explain below) from the old bra.
    • Now just for the purpose of measuring, wear the bra and attach one end of the elastic to the hook area with a safety pin and wrap the elastic round your stomach and take the other end of the elastic to the other hook at the back and snugly attach with a safety pin (see photograph below for demonstration). If you are satisfied with the elastic length, mark and cut it off.
    • Now take the elastic and sew (securely mind it) on each end the cut off hooks/clasp (each side opposite of the clasp/hook on the bra.
    • Yep, that’s it, you’re done. Now wear it and adjust accordingly underneath your sexy deep revealing saree blouse of your choice.

It’s not just the dipping back necks that require special attention. The straps of the undergarment can also slip either side and completely ruin the clean, sexy look. Taking care of the straps of the bra underneath blouses has an easy fix. Just ask the tailor to sew bra strap securer placed. These are basically two narrow strips of fabric with a hook or punch button attached on each shoulder (of course these has to be attached on the underside of the shoulder strap) and a corresponding hook eye to fasten it with. Most tailor-made blouses have these strap fasteners by default. However, if they do not, it is relatively easy to do so yourself with a little bit of fabric, thread and needle and 2 pairs of hook and hook eyes.

Secure a bra strap so that it does not slip on your arms when wearing a saree with a strip of fabric and buttons

Secure a bra strap so that it does not slip on your arms when wearing a saree with a strip of fabric and buttons

When you do not have the silicone lined strapless bra, do not fret. There is another solution to wear the strapless bra underneath your saree which will be just as secure and won’t fail you. All you need is a convertible shoulder strap on your bra. Just secure the strap as shown in the picture below:

Adjustable bra strap for a secure strapless bra for saree

Adjustable bra strap for a secure strapless bra for saree

The ladies look absolutely hot in choker band halter necks on saree blouse. The problem with this type of blouse is that the regular bra can’t be worn as the straps show on the shoulders and here the shoulder secure system in Hack no. 3 above won’t work as there is not much shoulder space. There is a simple trick to solving this problem with just a few gems clips. See photograph below depicting how the straps can be attached together to be worn underneath blouses.

Sexy halter choker neck saree blouse

Sexy halter choker neck saree blouse

With gems clips get instant racerback bra straps to wear underneath

With gems clips get instant racerback bra straps to wear underneath

racerback with just gems clips

racerback with just gems clips

If all else fails, darling you can easily wear your regular bra baring strap and band if necessary by swapping the straps or band with embellished or jewelled straps or band.

  • Sexy beaded strap for bra to wear under saree blouses
  • Stone encrusted strap can be worn with halter necks
  • Pearls line for strap looks great as bra band underneath backless saree blouse
Jeweled bra strap ideas to be worn under blouse for sarie

Jeweled bra strap ideas to be worn under blouse for sarie


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