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How to Change Your Eye Color Naturally

Edmund has spent the last ten years working in clinical research. He has written many articles on human anatomy and physiology.

Natural Eye Color Change

Natural Eye Color Change

Your eye color is not as permanent as you would think, it could change at anytime. In fact, there is a good chance you were born with a different eye color from what you express today.

Eye colors are determined by interactions between several genes, and other factors that scientists are still struggling to work out. A handful of people experience changes in eye color at different stages of life, even into their adulthood. If you are one of those, then maybe your eyeballs have not settled down yet.

Before we get serious on how to change your eye color naturally, let see what the most desired eye color is.


Can You Change Your Eye Color?

A lot of people are not happy with their eye colors. After chatting with many about this subject, it seems most people desire a lighter eye color, one that is lighter than what they have. It wouldn't surprise me if most people wished they had blue or green eyes in the above poll. Green and blue eyes are probably the most desired eye colors in the world. So can you really change your eye color? The short answer is yes. Can you change it permanently without any damage to your eyes? Probably not—as you'll see below many who tried aren't pleased with the end result.

Permanent Eye Color Change

There is no naturally way to permanently change your eye color, scientists haven’t figured that out yet. However, a physical injury amongst other things, can completely change a person's eye color.

Trauma to the Eye

Heterochromia in the iris of one eye

Heterochromia in the iris of one eye

An accident or incident that involves a trauma to the eyeball sometimes leave the victim with a permanent undesired eye color change. This type of eye condition is called Heterochromia. It leaves the patient with mismatched eye colors. This is mainly due to hyper-pigmentation in the iris, leading to a partial or complete darkening of the affected eyeball. It is important to note that heterochromia can also occur naturally from birth or at some point in time after birth.

Be nice to your eyes, you can’t get new ones

— the Author

People are often tempted to go overseas for cosmetic surgeries that are illegal or unethical within the country. Besides, medical tourists are often lured by cheaper procedures offered abroad. Expert warn that medical tourism can be a gamble, especially unauthorized surgical procedures performed by black market surgeons. A lot of questions are being raised over the impact of illegal cosmetic surgery on global health.

I read a story about an unnamed 30 year old woman who wanted to change her eye color permanently. She flew overseas where she spent thousands of dollars on cosmetic eye implants. Colored discs were inserted in her eyeballs—a technique not approved by the FDA.

There were complications after the operation and her sight began to rapidly deteriorate. The implants were later removed and she was fortunate to recover good visual acuity. However, the doctor said she suffered a deformed iris and a displaced pupil. These are permanent damages in her eyes, she will live with them for the rest of her life.

Some Changes Can’t be Undone

A new technique that uses low-energy laser to change a brown eye color into blue has raised both medical and ethical questions (Medill News Service). The questions involve potential sides effects and the ethics of using such a procedure for cosmetic reasons.

The eye color change is permanent. This means that you can't get back your original eye color if for whatever reason you dislike the end result of the procedure. In short, these types of eye color changes may not be worth the risk.

So How Do You Change Your Eye Color Naturally?

As already mentioned, there is no natural way to permanently change your eye color. After a lot of digging, I am going to share a few ways to change your eye color naturally, starting from the least practical to the most practical method.

These methods may not be as permanent as you’d like them to be but they are certainly a lot safer than surgical procedures.

1. Emotions


Believe it or not, some people claim their eye color changes with their emotions. In other words, they can express different eye colors depending on their mood. The iris and the pupil may be responsible for such changes.

Similar to the iris of a camera, the iris inside the eye controls the amount of light entering the eye by controlling the size of the pupil. Emotions can also trigger the iris to change the size of the pupil.

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Extreme happiness, grieve or arousal can result to dilated pupils. Large pupils make the eyes appear darker, because the pupils are usually very black. The opposite happens when the pupil constricts.

This is clearly one of the most impractical methods to change your eye color. You can’t switch moods whenever you want. Don’t expect a lot more than subtle changes when trying to change your eye color using emotions.

2. Hypnosis

It is not completely clear how hypnosis could change one's eye color. I can only speculate that hypnosis affects one’s mood which in turn may lead to subtle changes in eye color.

This type of hypnosis is usually a once or twice a day self-hypnotic sessions which last for about two to three weeks. Some people claim they started seeing results as early as the third day.

Heads up! A few people tend to have nightmares after their hypnotherapy sessions. Make sure you are informed about the risks before getting into any hypnosis program.

Not a lot of studies have been performed to investigate the association between eye color and emotions or hypnosis. This is because it is extremely difficult to collect and analyze such data.

3. Makeup

Certain colors in makeup can enhance your eye color. Choosing the right eye shadow for your eye color can be challenging. Just listen to Wayne, he knows a lot about makeup and how you can use it to make your eyes pop. He has lots of example for a variety of eye colors.

Change your eye color with contacts

Change your eye color with contacts

4. Color Contacts

This is the most practical way of changing your eye color. Color contacts have been around for a long time. The results you get from color contacts are instantaneous and amazing. You just need to put them in when you need them and take them out when you don’t need them anymore.

An extra price to pay for such amazing results is the discomfort that comes with wearing and removing contact lenses. To be on the safe side, do not borrow contacts or use them without discussing it first with your doctor.

Final Thoughts

We all have to recognize that not a lot of what we see in magazines is real. In fact, some of it can be harmful. Don’t get too carried away and become more susceptible to any of the infinite ways that the media uses to control how we view ourselves.


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Ordinary human on August 03, 2020:

I have heterochromia... one green and one blue.. I don't understand why people wants different eye colour.. having heterochromia isn't fun as you thought, Yes.. i know people say having heterochromia is rare, people want to change their eye colour just to look prettier and feel special.. but once you did, you will INSTANTLY regret your decision just like my sister she would do anything to change her eye colour like mine.. so she get a surgery and now she has problem with her eyesight.. And she regret it SO MUCH, So just be yourself (p.s no hate)

Yui-chan on May 14, 2020:

I have grey eyes, but I wish one of my eyes were golden. I feel like that would be really cool ʅ(╹ω╹)ʃ

Wish I had heterochromia on April 15, 2020:

My eyes are brown by they like, always turn honey yellow and I love it but I want heterochromia so badly I really want a blue eye and a brown eye it just looks rlly cool

johnbrian fernandez on September 10, 2019:

I have brown eyes when I go into the sunshine my eyes change will became collor yellow

Real name: Kale (yes it sucks) on July 21, 2019:

I have amber eyes at the day but at night somehow in the light they become pretty close to black how does this happen. Also as I already just said it in not the lighting of the room causing this. Is this a weird mutated version of Heterochromia or just a trick of the mind hoping this is true.

Angel on June 11, 2019:

I have Brown eyes that are so common! I want to be rarer! So,I Am finding possible ways To change it without eye color! So far it’s not working

rei on May 05, 2019:

no that's not my real name, just don't want to put out info. I have green eyes, which I know are rare, but I really want heterochromia. so much. I want one blue eye to go along with my green one, and I think I know how, but I am to scared to try it. I have heard that heterochromia can be caused by injury to the eye, and I'm not so sure that it is just like a black eye, I'm pretty sure there needs to be an injury as sever as making it bleed. I also have seen that there is an ink method, but that also has a chance of making you lose eye sight in the eye. just a heads up.

Sienna on March 24, 2019:

Idk why everyone wants blue eyes, I have blue eyes and i want brown eyes because they’re so much prettier than blue eyes

Sara on March 19, 2019:

I have dark Brown eyes and I don't like the color and I want blue eyes and that all

Oceana on February 13, 2019:

I have blue eyes

Aryanna on January 08, 2019:

I have brown eyes but I really want violet.:(

Evie Sparkes on December 05, 2018:

I know that subliminal messages can change eye colour. It seems bizarre but I have seen many testimonials. I love subliminal recordings for other things but am happy with my eye colour.

Evie x

Frankie on October 02, 2018:

I have brown eyes I hate them I want ANYA OTHER COLOR!!!!

HelpMe on March 05, 2018:

Hey I really want one blue and one brown eye how can I do that

Zoe on August 20, 2017:

I have dark green eyes :I so people usually don´t notice my eye color only when there´s some light in my face people are like ´´´Wait u have green eyes :OO i never noticed!´´ :c i want light green eyes T_T

Ashlyn on August 19, 2017:

I have emerald green eyes but I've always wondered what I would look like with light blue eyes. I probably will try contacts

Caitlin on June 19, 2017:

My eyes are weird. I always thought I had brown eyes, but my friends tell me they're golden or amber. They honestly used to be dark brown, but got lighter as I aged. They get a sort of a creamy green tint whenever I cry, and when I look into the light they get lighter. I must say that I have gotten more content with my eye color. I no longer wish for blue eyes, only to enhance my natural colors.

GalaxyRat on June 05, 2017:

I have hazel eyes, and I kinda wish they were green. But, I'll try contacts. Maybe...

Haz on January 16, 2017:

Heads up, I've been using hypnosis videos on YouTube. Channel name Quadible Intergrity. Watch Jen Nj's video for her journey from brown to green eyes!

petra on August 05, 2016:

Im using subliminals for gold eyes

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