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Laifen Swift High Speed Hairdryer Review

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Where to even begin? Laifen's Swift High Speed Hairdryer delivers high air volume of up to 13 liters per second, which can dry your hair in under five minutes. This is all thanks to its 110,000 RPM motor that also delivers a quiet 59 dB operating noise.

Finally, the Laifen Swift claims to produce 200,000,000 negative ions per cubic cm (cm3) in order to boost your hair's shininess and smoothness while reducing frizz. There are some bold claims here, which I would love to test out in this review. So without further undo, let's jump into the unboxing and first look.

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The Unboxing Experience


The Laifen Swift is available in three colorways - Matte Black, Silver Blue, and Pearl White. I got the Matte Black and it is by far the best colorway in my opinion. The Matte Black offers a really sleek look with a low-profile shine.

While I don't have any preferences toward the Silver Blue, my concern with the Pearl White colorway is that it may be prone to pick up knicks, scuffs, and scratches through your routine handling. Of course, I can't fully nor objectively test these concerns but I can confidently say that you can't go wrong with the Matte Black.

My package arrived in a low-profile and efficiently designed box. It didn't take more space than necessary. Everything was neatly packed.


Each unit comes with a quality control (QC) card, which is reassuring. But the best part is that you get the wedge tip accessory included by default, which attaches the the head of the hairdryer magnetically. This isn't a separate or add-on purchase.

Safety is a noticeable priority for Laifen as the wall adapter features a residual current device (RCD). The counter argument to this is that most hairdryers include a circuit protector/breaker by default.

Despite the size of the wall adapter, it was able to stay securely plugged in. Even as I'm waving the unit in the process of drying my hair, the plug did not show any signs of slipping or falling off at all.


Since the Laifen Swift can be purchased in several countries, they've included four instructions manuals. Each one is in a different language. I gave the English manual a quick glance and I was able to learn the controls with ease.

While I didn't see a warranty card, I did go onto their website to review their policy. I like what I'm seeing so far. Laifen offers a two-year guarantee where they will either repair or replace any defects in materials or workmanship. This is not only great to see, but it also caught me by surprise. They've exceeded what other manufacturers offer by doubling the warranty period.

Close-Up Look At The Laifen Swift


The sleek design of the Laifen Swift offers an ergonomic hold. Taking it one step further, the fully aluminum chassis offers a premium yet lightweight feel. In addition, it is insulated so that you won't feel the residual heat created by the motor during your usage. The only plastic component on the Laifen is the wedge head that concentrates and pressurizes the air flow. Even then, this piece was built with quality as it doesn't have any sign of flimsiness or bending.


The Laifen Swift is indeed fully aluminum, even the mesh filter at the air intake. Located at the bottom of the handle, the outer casing magnetically slides off to expose the mesh filter. This filter ensures that larger dust or debris particles won't go through the intake and potentially damage the motor.

Cleaning this filter is quite simple. I recommend frequently wiping the mesh filter with a square piece of toilet paper to avoid excess dust buildup.

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Moving over to the other end, the wedge attachment head also caught me by surprise when I first found out that it's magnetic. Although this attachment head is made out of a durable plastic, the embedded magnetic ring that means you can rotate the attachment head in any angle that you like.


Contrasting the first close-up photo, I was able to rotate the attachment head 90 degrees with ease. Of course, the attachment head can be adjusted in virtually any angle you prefer.


To secure the attachment head, the Laifen Swift hairdryer also has a magnetic ring embedded in the output as well. In this photo, you're able to see a thin silver ring, which is the magnet.

I love this design for one main reason. Since the attachment head does not rely on the use of interlocking teeth, it's simply not possible for any connecting mechanisms to break off.


The Laifen Switch's controls are not only intuitive but they are also feature rich. The upper toggle provides two operating speed options. The faster setting caught me by surprise the first time I used it. It particularly reminded me of the Dyson blow dryers often found in public washrooms. The hairdryer doesn't just rely on heat to dry your hair. The speed of the airflow accelerates the hair-drying process by actively wicking water droplets off of your hair. In other words, it's a high powered blow driver for your hair. To me, this is highly advantageous because it avoids hair damage from heat. Most conventional hairdryers rely on using heat to evaporate the water moisture, which makes it very prone to hair damage. I can confidently say that this is a non-issue with the Laifen.

Of course, the Swift is quite feature rich to offer three temperature settings. This also caught me by surprise as most conventional hairdryers simply have two options - hot and cool. Temperature can be toggled with the lower button on the handle. The configured temperature can be identified by the glowing LED light on the head of the hairdryer. Cold air is represented by a blue ring, warm air by orange, and hot air by red.

Often times, I've found myself to be using only the "orange" or warm setting. Pairing it with the incredibly fast airflow, it's sufficient in drying my hair without damage.



As previously mentioned, there's a circuit breaker built into the plug. I highly recommend testing this out when unboxing the Laifen Switch. If this test fails, initiate a warranty claim immediately.

After I received my unit, I turned on the hairdryer and pressed "Test." The circuit breaker did its job and the hairdryer was ceased operating. It resumed once again after I hit the "Reset" button. In my case, the safety mechanism functioned as intended.

As a rule of thumb, do not attempt to use the hairdryer or any appliance if the test fails.


I had an idea to compare the Laifen Swift against a conventional hairdryer. This idea failed miserably because of how powerful the Laifen Swift is.

In order to see how they performed against each other, I was planning to do a timed test showing how long it takes to dry a single toilet paper square. After dampening a square with water, I put the Laifen on the highest heat setting and fastest airflow. Here's a short video showing what happened.

At the beginning of the clip, I showed the back of the hairdryer. The red ring indicates that it was on the highest heat setting.

As I began operating it, the hairdryer exceeded my expectations. Not only did the toilet paper square begin drying from the heat, water pellets were also being wicked off from the end. When enough water was removed from the toilet paper square through the airflow and heat, it simply flew away from its spot on the sink completely. In conclusion, I did not do a timed test of how long it takes to completely dry a moist toilet paper square.

Despite not having an objective time measure, I certainly felt the performance offered by the Laifen Swift exceeded that of a conventional hairdryer.


At half the price of a Dyson Supersonic, the Laifen Swift certainly delivers rival performance at a fraction of the cost. It has some very bold claims of its own such as delivering 200,000,000 negative ions per cm3. While I did not notice any significant differences in boosting shine and smoothness in my hair, faster drying was definitely a noticeable improvement.

Without paying too much attention to the paper specs, I was able to observe the Laifen Swift's performance first hand. The powerful motor combined with the three temperature settings mean faster drying and no hair damage. I've personally noticed this in my own usage every night. The fast airflow wicks water off of my hair to speed up the drying process. In turn, this means less operating time and less intensive heat exposure to my hair. As for Laifen's five-minute drying time claim, I would say it depends. If you're using the high temperature setting along with the fastest airflow, sure, it's certainly possible to dry your hair within five minutes. However, I highly recommend using the medium temperature setting and take a bit longer in order to protect your hair from heat damage.

If you're looking to ditch your conventional hairdryer that relies primarily on blowing really hot air, the Laifen Swift is a no brainer budget-friendly contender.

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