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All About Louis Vuitton (LV) Speedy, Monogram, Damier Ebene, Damier Azur, Bandouliere, and Other Styles!


I love handbags for as long as I can remember. Let me help you pick out your dream bag!

Different Sizes of Speedy

Before we get into the different materials used to make the Speedy, this handbag comes in a variety of different sizes. Being a French brand, LV Speedy purses are measured by centimeters. The number behind the Speedy refers to the length of the bag measured at the bottom. Most popular sizes being 25 cm, 30 cm, and 35 cm. With the rise of small bags, the 25 cm is extremely popular these days. The 40 cm Speedy is usually used for traveling due to its large size. Recently, LV released the Speedy Nano (16 cm). This smallest addition to the Speedy family is definitely one of the hottest LV bags at the moment. However, go with your heart's desire when deciding on which bag to buy. Ultimately, you are buying a purse to make yourself happy!


One Word: Monogram

The monogram is by far the most popular print for Louis Vuitton. With no exception, the Speedy comes in the monogram as well. The iconic yellow and brown canvas (not leather) is used for the body of the bag. The trims and handles are natural cowhide leather that darkens over time with usage. This darkening process is called patina. Considered one of the most classic handbags of all time, the monogram is definitely a good choice for all bag lovers.


Damier Ebene and Azur Speedy

The checkered print is very stylish and a bit more subtle than the monogram print. Nonetheless, it is still iconic Louis Vuitton. The Ebene print has yellow and brown checkers with treated brown leather trims and handles. These trims and handles will not darken over time because it is treated leather. This Speedy is a good everyday bag and very low maintenance. Rain is not a problem for the Ebene Speedy! The Azur is a spring or summer bag because it is cream and blue with natural cowhide trims and handles. This bag is beautiful but a little bit high maintenance because of the lighter print. Dark colored denim might color transfer onto the Azur Speedy. So, this bag is not as carefree as other more hardy bags. However, it is very beautiful.


Multicolor Speedy

The multicolor Speedy comes in either black or white background colors. Both colors have the natural cowhide leather trims and handles. The LV monogram is printed in multiple colors (33 to be exact) on the black or white canvas. Each bag is slightly different because the canvas is not cut the same. For example, the bag can have more pinks and purples or more blues and greens in the front. This purse is also a lot more expensive than the standard Speedy. A lesser known version of the multicolor Speedy is the Nano, which is super popular right now because of its cute looks. Anyways, if you want any multicolor items, you have to go to the pre-loved market. Louis Vuitton discontinued the multicolor line in 2015.


Epi and Empreinte Leather Speedy

Are you not a fan of canvas? Then, full leather is the perfect pick for you. Two of the most popular leather choices at LV are epi and empreinte. The epi is a more structured and sturdy type of pressed leather. The characteristic look is the horizontal and textured pattern all over the leather. This type of leather is very sturdy and water resistant. With no LV printed on the leather, this is a very subtle and understated bag. On the other hand, the empreinte leather is soft leather with LV embossed all over. The empreinte is more easily recognized by fans as Louis Vuitton.

Bandouliere Speedy

Want a classic Speedy but more convenience? The bandouliere Speedy was first released in 2011. Now, it is a stable piece along with the classic handheld Speedy. With practicality in mind, this bag is perfect for everyday use. The added shoulder strap makes it more user friendly than the classic Speedy; you can finally be hands free! However, keep in mind that one of these bag will set you back at least $300 more than a regular Speedy.


Limited Edition Watercolor Speedy

The limited edition watercolor Speedy was released in 2008 (35 cm in US and 30 cm in Asia and Hawaii). This purse comes in the black or white canvas. The white is especially gorgeous with pastel colored LVs printed all over the canvas. The black one is also pretty and more carefree than the white one. You won't be able to buy the watercolor Speedy at the local Louis Vuitton store anymore; you will have to get it in the pre-loved market. Depending on condition, one of these bags can sell for much more than the retail price.


More Limited Editions

Over the many years, Louis Vuitton released many limited editions of the iconic Speedy. The Louis Vuitton store is no longer selling these right now but you can still find it online via private sellers. For those that are not very experienced at identifying the fakes from the real deal, you should not purchase any from online sources. However, there are some reputable large online second hand stores that have authenticity guarantee on the purses that they are selling. These are better places to find your coveted limited edition LV Speedy.


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