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King Of Grunge: Nirvana's Kurt Cobain Fancy Dress Costume


 One of the most iconic figures in Rock history. Kurt Cobain, Front man of 3 piece Nirvana, lead a generation, brought grunge to the masses and gave many a teen a way out of the streamlined society. Kurt's career was cut too short as he ended his life, suffering from stomach cramps, eased with heroin and severe depression. In the time that Kurt was blessing us with his music, he produced some ever lasting hits that will mean his legacy will live on forever. He brought undergorund grunge to the masses, it was caught up in seattle and no one was cutting tracks that could be listened to the pop croud, not that Kurt ever intended to be popular he just made some exceptional that music that couldn't be ignored. With Grunge becoming the new pop of the early 90's it also brought along with it a new look. Far from being a yuppy and nowhere near the new wave of designer brands. These were real people struggling to make ends meet, whilst they played grotty gigs and living out the back of a van, So they had a real life look.


Kurt Cobain had his own look even if he wasn't aware of it. Designer brands even started designing their ranges around "The Grunge Look" (Puke) because it became so popular. The most noteble item of clothing that Kurt made so iconic of the era is the flannel shirt. These were and still are a very cheap item of clothing to buy, these are what you would normally find on the bargain racks for $9.99 that Construction workers and labourers would wear in the colder months. So this is part one of your Kurt Cobain Fancy Dress ensemble.

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Because Kurt didn't have stage costumes or custom stage outfits like Elvis, MJ, or Lady Gaga which would make him really stand out on stage he just wore normal clothes that you could buy at wallmart. So you need these items to really distinguish yourself as Kurt. Kurt's Long bleached blonde hair was a style that no one else was rocking. So you need a Kurt Cobain Wig .

It was only 4 Years that Nirvana were in the mainstream so there is very little in terms on professional photographs of the band and not wanting to be a commodity, probably helped keeping memorabilia to a minimum. So there are a handful of photographs of Nirvana that are often used for promotion. Some of the most famous pics show Kurt wearing distinctive 60's pair of Sunglasses. These became his signature pair of sunglasses. Couple the Kurt wig and sunglasses and you become instantly recognisable.

So you;ve got a Flannel shirt, You've got bleached blonde hair and 60's mod sunglasses, what else can you do to get the look? You need to tie this all together with a pair of ripped at the knees, stonewashed denim jeans WITH a pair of long johns ( Thermals ) underneath, this is the extra detail that you need.to perfect the look. You also want to layer up on the t shirts. It is reported that Kurt was concious of his size and this is why he wore many layers and baggy jumpers to add size to his appereance.

Kurt Cobain Fancy dress works at 90's Party, a Halloween costume, and "Dead famous" parties or if you're an inspiring guitarist you now know how to get the Kkurt Cobain Look.


Aleister888 on January 18, 2013:

Lol, i had not seen this photo for a while, great to see there is a Hub about htis iconic piece of Grunge costume madness!