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How to Care for Platinum Hair at Home During Lockdown?

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Part 1: What to do BEFORE the bleaching process?

It is no new knowledge that bleaching your hair to lighten its color will damage it and also dry it out. The damage, which means frizzy hair, lots of split ends, difficulties with growing your hair , hair that rips apart, it is somehow controlled if you take the right measurements, which I am about to talk on this post.

The first step, may be one that you will not be able to follow throughly, but at least try to. This is the step where you bleach your hair after 6 months you last dyed it. The reason behind is that the bleach, as you should know, rips out all the colors that your hair has, or the ones you have put on your hair. If you let the 6 months pass by, the colors you have dyed your hair will have faded a lot from their first state, so the bleaching process will be the same from your roots to your ends. If you can not let your hair go free of dying for 6 months, try for 3-4 months at least. This is pretty important, if you are willing to damage your hair as little as possible, because you will not need a second or third process of bleaching, which of course, will thin out your hair even more, making it prone to break middle length.
* I tried following this step myself and when I went platinum blonde, even though I spent 2-3 hours at the salon with the bleach on my hair, I did not need to go back for a second process of bleaching. My hair came out the same shade of white blonde from the roots to the ends.

Second step: Prepare natural homemade masks for your hair. Get deep conditioning treatments, so your hair will be the healthiest and the strongest before you bleach it, so it can stand the process far better. The Bleach rips out your hair not only from colors and shades, but also from nutrients, so it is definitely important to nourish your hair as much as possible before bleaching it. You can apply this step even before a simple dying process. It is advised to start 2 weeks prior your salon appointment.

The third step is extremely important for the wellbeing of your scalp and the resistance of your roots. 48 hours before dying your hair, especially bleaching them, stop washing your hair! The natural oils on your hair will protect your scalp and the chemicals of the bleach or your hair dye will not burn as bad.
* I have tried this first hand. There have been times when I followed this hair dying rule and there have been times when I had to wash my hair one day before the salon appointment. My scalp burnt as hell and I could tell I missed this step just because of it. I must say when I bleached my hair, which was a much longer process (2-3 hours) then when I just dye them (40 minutes) my scalp did not burn at all (even my stylist was amazed, as it is supposed to hurt a little)!


Part 2. Save your hair AFTER the bleaching process.

At part 1, I walked you through the steps you should not miss when you are about to bleach your hair, such as the 48 hours rule, the nutritional hair masks, etc. At part 2 I will walk you through the products you should use to maintain your bleached hair, protect the color from fading and save your hair from further damage. Prepare yourself mentally that you will definitely need to cut some length off of your hair. The bleach process, or even simply hair dye process will create some split ends. You will need to cut it off if you are looking for a beautiful mane.

1. You should use daily a sulfate-free shampoo - I mean, you should use it every time you wash your hair. I wash mine every 2-3 days, instead of everyday, because I don't want to rip my scalp off of the natural oils it produces to grow healthy hair. You can actually teach your hair to be less oily if you postpone the washing days to 2-3. If you are used to washing it everyday, you'll find your hair gets oily and greasy at the very next day, because your scalp is taught to produce more oil as it thinks it will dry out immediately if it doesn't. The idea behind sulfate-free works on preventing your hair from getting frizzy as well as less chemicals means less color fading.

2. Every 2-3 hair washes use purple shampoo - I use purple hair mask because shampoo won't get the job done as it stays in your hair for just a couple of minutes, while you will want to keep your hair mask for 20 minutes. Purple neutralizes the yellow hues so it acts as a toner in your hair, but be careful not to keep it on for more than half an hour as you risk getting a purple hue. You can also use a silver shampoo or silver hair mask.

3. Every 2 weeks use a protein hair mask - this kind of mask work best if you leave them on for an hour, but they will do the job even if you leave them on for 20-30 minutes. It is not mandatory that you buy a protein hair mask. You can always mix an egg, olive oil, coconut oil, mayo and honey in a cup and then apply it to your hair. I find this solution far better and far more effective than using industrial products, which in turn have a lot of other chemicals in them. You want to use a protein hair mask in your hair, because protein is on of the elements that make your hair stronger, healthier, shinier and help it grow.

4. This is not obligatory, because it depends on the color you want your hair to be, but if you have decided to keep up with the platinum look, then you should touch up your roots every 4-6 weeks. Avoid getting bleach into the already bleached hair. If your hair has lost the platinum look, ask for a toning process to cut the yellow in your hair, but do not go overboard with the bleach as it will definitely ruin your hair. Do not forget to also keep up with cutting a little bit of hair to avoid getting a head full of split ends.


Caution: What hairdressers forget to tell you!

Number one tip:

Once you bleach your hair, even if it is a mild bleach, never again brush your wet bleached hair! You have to dry them completely before you even attempt to brush them. To make it easier, do not tie your hair on top of your head with a towel, rather once you wash the conditioner or mask off of your hair, with the hair lending in your shoulders, put a towel over them and tie it around. Then, even if you have straight hair, use a blower drier with comb spikes and gently blow your hair.

Number Two Tip:

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Don't use Coconut Oil on bleached hair as it will burn it!

Number Three Tip:

Don't waste your money on buying both conditioner and masks. It is not worth it. Buy the mask instead and you can use it as a conditioner or apply it all over, because the mask is effective in less than 10 minutes and then its work is over. There's no need to keep the mask on for hours, except for if it is an homemade one.

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wiserworld on October 01, 2020:

Cool hair! Love the platinum look!

Ensorcelie (author) from Albania on September 22, 2017:

I searched a bit online, of the skin color (face/body) and which hair color would suit best. I came across some articles that mentioned, not only your skin color is important, but also *the most important* your skin UNDERTONE. It said that you can check your skin undertone by looking at your veins, if they are purplish-bluish you have a cool undertone, which means that blonde will suit you, etc etc. (if I am correct that that color is for cool-ness :D ). However, I do recommend to check your skin undertone! That will save A LOT of trouble trust me!

If I remember correctly another test it is to see what your hair reflection under direct sunlight is like : if it reflects red, or blue, or green, or gray, etc.

I hope I helped :) Once I decided blonde was for me, I went platinum, I just knew it would suit me. :))

FlourishAnyway from USA on September 20, 2017:

I've always wondered about this. Before you bleached your hair did you use any photo apps to see what you'd look like with platinum blonde hair? I ask because I dyed my hair red once and I looked so terrible that I switched it right back to my natural dark brown/black hair. I wished I'd have used an app or something to mock up what I'd look like with the new color.

Ashi on September 19, 2017:


This will be very usful article for blond hair folks.

I liked the product you have suggested here.

Good Work.

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