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Keratin Hair Treatment and Side Effects

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There are so many things that people can do with their hair these days. Coloring, bleaching, getting a perm, straightening, and the works – not to mention the daily blow drying and styling that has become almost a social requirement to maintain a good coiffed appearance. The result is that a lot of women end up with brittle, damaged hair that becomes almost averse to further styling, and loses radiance and beauty over time. There are a lot of home treatment kits like creams or oil capsules that try to remedy this problem. Women who have tried these and still see subpar results, but can’t help styling their hair, can opt to go for a keratin hair treatment to rejuvenate dull, listless locks.


Keratin is the substance which the hair (as well as the nails) are made of. Frequently abusing hair with styling and heating and chemical applications causes it to lose keratin’s quality. The hair shaft becomes spliced and uneven, and gains a dull, unmanageable appearance. Fortunately, scientists have devised a way to extract keratin from other sources, like animal wool, and turn it into a mixture that acts like liquid hair. Applying this product to human hair returns the keratin to the hair shaft’s cortex and fills it up, turning it soft and shiny again. It can even make frizzy or curly hair so much easier to straighten. The additional keratin coating can also make the hair more resistant from elements like the sun, wind, or extreme changes in temperature.

Keratin hair treatment is being offered by good salons. The technology originated from Brazil but local hair stylists have adapted the method. A session will take about two hours, and it costs around two hundred dollars to treat shoulder length hair. But the time and money investment should be worth it because the treatment’s amazing effects can last for three to four months.

People who have tried the keratin treatment for hair at their salons swear that their hair has become shinier and softer after the session. The treatment works best with color treated or damaged hair because the keratin bonds more completely around brittle hair. They also share that a nice side effect is that their blow-drying time is cut up in half, or becomes purely optional altogether. This is good news for busy women like parents.

Those interested in trying out this procedure can visit a reputable salon in their area, or else opt for a do-it-yourself keratin hair treatment that they can apply themselves. It is not too late to reverse the damage that hair has suffered, and regain youth and beauty through stronger, shinier, and softer hair. The results and the long-term savings will be definitely worth it.

Keratin Hair Treatments

Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

The popularity of keratin hair treatments continues to increase. This treatment is often referred to as the miracle treatment for frizzy or curly hair. The keratin is applied to the hair and a hot iron is used to straighten the hair. The hair is washed removing the excess keratin. While this process is simple, there are a few documented keratin hair treatment side effects.

Firstly, some keratin treatments contain Formaldehyde, a very dangerous carcinogenic. The manufacturers insist the amount of Formaldehyde is small and most of it is not absorbed into the skin. It is still a factor that women should consider. For the most part, keratin treatments are advertised as being virtually chemical free. This is true; however, some of them do contain this dangerous chemical, so it would be a good idea to inquire whether it is one of the ingredients in the keratin treatments being used at your salon.

Also, numerous reports are documented indicating women experience hair loss one to two weeks after a keratin treatment. The only way to find out if the keratin treatment is responsible is to visit a dermatologist. The dermatologist will do extensive testing to determine the cause of sudden hair loss.

Finally, although keratin treatments create beautiful straight hair, there have been some reports that the hair texture becomes dry and brittle. Many women have complained that hair breakage increases resulting in the appearance of thinning hair.

So, if you have decided to get a keratin hair treatment, it is important to consider the keratin treatment side effects before proceeding with this treatment.

Keratin Hair Treatment Cost

No matter what the magazines say, looking good is never easy or inexpensive. In the case of keratin hair treatment cost is certainly a factor to be considered. Depending on the length of hair being treated, salon-style Brazilian Keratin Treatments run about three hundred dollars a session, and require redoing every three to five months depending on how often the hair is shampooed.

Another option is to try one of the home liquid keratin treatments, which costs around sixty-five to seventy dollars on average. Liquid keratin is not exactly the same process. It is far easier to apply and does not last as long, six weeks instead of three to five months. The home kits also permit the user to resume her normal life right away rather than waiting for three days while the salon treatment fully sets.

In both types of application, however, special shampoos must be used rather than normal off-the-shelf products. This adds somewhat to the cost of the procedure, but most users are extremely satisfied with keratin treatments regardless of how much they cost. Once they see how silky and smooth their hair is, most women become avid repeat customers.    

Keratin Conditioners

Caring For Keratin Treated Hair: Easy Tips

A keratin hair treatment can make your hair look stunning, and once you have invested the time and money, you will want to protect your hair. Here are some tips for caring for keratin treated hair.

If you go swimming, protect your hair by tying or clipping it up, and do not let it into the water. Swimming pool water and seawater can both cause damage, because the salt content can strip the keratin treatment from your hair. If you accidentally dip your hair into the pool, wash it with shampoo and treat it with conditioner afterwards.

Most keratin treatment systems also have a shampoo and a conditioner in the same product range: use them to refresh your treatment, to protect your hair and to maintain and enhance the look. Keratin treatment shampoos and conditioners are available from your hairdresser. Avoid shampoos that contain sodium chloride or sulfates.

How long the treatment lasts depends on your hair’s natural texture, but typically the effect can last from two to four months. The best way to make it longer lasting is to treat it frequently. The more keratin treatments you get, the longer each treatment will last.

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nicole on March 24, 2015:

My hair was dry brittle frizzy tangled,as i've been bleaching my hair for 20yrs thought there was no hope,then i didn't sum research nd what suited my hair was the brazilian karetine treatment and i went 2 the salon all i can say its the best thing that happened i invested in sum karetine shampoo from the salon combing hair nd washing has become fun all i can say do ur research ask questions

k on January 08, 2015:

Flora2 on August 16, 2014:

I have tried countless shampoos, whatever the cost, on my thick, dry, frizzy, color treated red hair and have found few that do much other than clean. Some are better than others at not stripping red color, but the Shielo Color Protect Shampoo left my hair in BETTER CONDITION after one washing than I have ever encountered before. My hair is incredibly smooth and shiny, which is remarkable. I would recommend Shielo for anyone with dry frizzy hair whether color treated or not. FYI- I also used the conditioner.

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Rochelle on February 07, 2014:

Fine, thin, brittle hair, whether hair that suffers frizz or not, is not made for such treatments. Your stylist should know of other more suitable products that build strength into fine compromised hair.

There are factors built into these treatments that are 28 to 72% frizz reductions and your stylist should choose the appropriate product for your hair.

The formaldehyde may not be in the products but once combined and heat applied, the gasses do release. The harm is in the gasses. A so-called acceptable amount is listed on the safety sites. The stylists using such products are in danger by virtue of the amount of these services they provide to their clients. The warnings are for the users not so much those getting the services.

manu boddh on May 02, 2013:

I am looking forward to trying outone to called cocoa keratin smmothing treatment . I hope it words and i have really thin hair .and alot of hair as..... Take care....

Maryam on August 28, 2012:

I bought a shampoo for keratin treatment it is sodium lauryl sulfate free but it contains sodium merthyl sulfate . Does this element affect the treatment?

Sandi on June 26, 2012:

I am a licensed stylist and am certified in the Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment.

Like several people said, there are many brands with different ingredients. This one in my opinion us the absolute best! The Keratin Complex is a treatment that take 4 hours for long hair. It consists of clarifying with shampoo, blow drying 100%, applying the keratin liquid like a color application, let sit for 30 min no heat, dry 100%, flat iron small sections 7-10 passes. It is non-chemical and does NOT contain formaldehyde. It is safe and effective for all and any hair type.

I have used it on hair that was colored, relaxed, curly and non, as well as hair that had henna on it. It doesn't harm your hair or harm your skin. It does not depend on your hair for this one. It ALWAYS works! It adds keratin but does not chemically change your hair. That is the difference. It is a smoothing treatment, not straightening.

The results in my salon have always been consistent. The hair is smooth, no frizz, quick to dry and style, stronger, shinier, and very curly hair is loosened but still curly.

I charge $220 initially and $30 per additional oz of product.

PROBLEMS: If your scalp is oily from this treatment, It is because your stylist applied the product to your scalp. When being certified you learn not to do that. There are really no other downsides to this particular brand. If you experience other didn't get this treatment. It was a different brand. I promise.

Raquel on June 12, 2012:

I just had a Keratin treatment (I believe it was Pravana) done this past Saturday and it is AMAZING!! I suppose part of it is having a good stylist who knows what they're doing but my hair is silky and soft and beautiful haha.

I have been relaxing about 3X a year since I was 17 (I'm 24) and about a year ago had an ill advised foray into highlights with bleach which completely KILLED my poor hair. It was like straw...wouldn't hold a curl...bleached parts would flake off like no one's business. The keratin treatment has made my hair silky, long & extremely smooth. I will be doing my best to maintain it with the Pravana Keratin infusion shampoos/conditioners.

I did ask my stylist before we did the treatment if there was any danger of doing this over a relaxer and she said no...that the treatment actually goes under the chemicals of the relaxer and as a result can actually help to nourish and repair past damage. I suppose that I should also mention that my hair can take A LOT of heat.

My hair is mix of textures but before I had it relaxed I had tight soft textured curls that brushed down into waves. When relaxed it is very, very silky (almost like white people hair!) It has been a process getting my hair back without all the breakage of the bleach and the relaxer, but I'm optimistic. It really does depend on your hair I would say. You can always spot test in the back of your head if you're unsure!

bedoor on June 07, 2012:

i used to have thick curly bleached hair my hair was natural nice curly hair my hair was little dry .

my friends told me about hair kiratin treatment so i did it but i really regret doing the treatment.

- my hair lost the natural curly look now it has no shape.

- i have witness lots of hair loss i losy more than 50% of my hair spent a lot of money just to treat my hair loss ( ussing miso therapy - laser treatment- ampules)

- my scalp turn to a very oily scalp .

my hair didn't get any better i realy wish that i didn't try doing this keratin treatment i miss my thick curly hair .

Tara on June 05, 2012:

Beth and Sumtopaz, I am experiencing excessive hairloss too since I had the treatment done in January. I have lost half of my hair and see no regrowth. I am devastated. I would love to talk to someone about this. Please email me at to discuss solutions.

Connie on June 02, 2012:

I am a hairdresser and I've noticed both times I've done a keratin complex blowout a few hours later my hands and feet start to swell and it last abt a week

kati kavanagh on May 28, 2012:

can women with alopecia use keratine hair extentions?

Sumtopaz on April 20, 2012:

Beth this exact same thing happened to me! 30-50% of my hair has fallen out because of this product and the probable formaldehyde in it. Please contact me. We need to form a class action. This is horrible. I'm so upset and my scalp is constantly sore and falling out all of the time :(

Basmah on April 12, 2012:

My Hair after 6 months from doing keratin coming sooooooo dry if u can help, any suggestion kindly send me email @

Mei on April 11, 2012:

My hair is really damage because of rebonding and it breaks because i flat iron my hair everyday will keratin treatment work for my hair? And will i be able to use flat ion after this treatment? Pls give me. Good advice

mmbooze on March 19, 2012:

I've just had my second keratin treatment done (in Singapore), and have been very happy with with results. But I'm confused about colouring. The pre-treatment shampoo (which opens the hair cuticle) resulted in completely stripping my recently applied colour, and the hairdresser said that I had to wait 10 days before colouring, so I went around with reddish hair for that period of time. Since then, everything I've read suggests that colouring should be done before the keratin treatment (to 'lock it in'), but what's the point, when it's going to be stripped by the treatment?

Do you think that a home applied semi-permanent colour (ammonia free) is suitable for hair that has been treated with keratin?


Ronia on March 16, 2012:

If done keratine about 2 weeks ago, my hair is red, I wanna change my hair color out for me to change from red I gotta use shampoo that have a lot of sulfate.. Meaning it Will also wash my keratine out faster. What do I do? I don't wanna bleach or strip.

Lynn on February 22, 2012:

Had the keratin, formaldehyde-free treatment three weeks ago. My original hair is very thick, frizzy/curly, extremely dry, and dyed blonde. It is shoulder length. Was told that the treatment would reduce my frizz by 95% and cut my dry time in half. I was told the curls would not straighten but would be relaxed. My hair has never been frizzier and now feels like straw. The dry time is cut in half but I am spending more time styling it to get rid of the frizz. My flat iron, which I wanted to get away from, I must now use on the hottest setting -- which I am sure is further ruining my hair. This is no lie. A waste of $300.

Lena on February 08, 2012:

i am planning on getting Kerasmooth treatment, I have very curly hair however I do not want straight hair. I am just looking to relax it a little and it really is the frizzies in the warm weather I am looking to control. Will my hair stay curly if the product is left in for a shorter period of time?

Regina on January 19, 2012:

My hair was natrual up until the begining of this year, i did an ion keratin treatment, no formaldehyde added, no thioglycolate or (sodium hydroxide). Great product but just wasn't the look i was looking for. I'm really thinking about perming it but directions states when used with (sodium hydroxide relaxers) it is critical they are applied at least 4 weeks apart. Will my hair come out if i decide to proceed with a relaxer that doesn't contain (sodium hydroxide) @ 2 weeks. If not can anyone recommand a good relaxer for african american hair that doesn't contain (sodium hydroxide)????

Neha on December 06, 2011:

Hi. I've recently relaxed my fringe. But the stylist has coated over the existing relaxed hair & hence my fringe ends now have a singed,burnt & pokey look. The fringe is now extremely rough & i cant even run my hands through my hair. :( Will the keratin treatment help to restore my hair quality? Pls help!

Camuika on November 24, 2011:

I just did my keratin treatment 2 days ago but I got stuck in the ran and got totally drenched!! I'm not supposed to wash my hair for 3 days as told by my stylist, and as I've read, the salt can strip off the keratin nutrients. What can I do now???

blklis on September 21, 2011:

i m already taking treatment for hair fall at dr atras clinic bt now thinking to take keratin treatment as my hair are dry fizzzy damaged wavy.

beth on September 14, 2011:

I had a Coppolla Keratin treatment May 30th. Within a week I started losing my hair. I would wake up with strands covering my pillow, feel it trickle down my arms throughout the day, have large clumps in shower and after blowdrying on the floor. If I run my fingers through my hair it literally just comes out.

When I found this site and comments I was shocked to hear so many other describe the same problems I had. I am a very healthy 46 year old woman. I went to my dermatologist and had extensive blood work, everything came back normal including thyroid. There is absolutely no other reason than the Keratin. The hair loss slowed down in August and I thought i was near the end. It is now Sept and it has picked up again. I have lost probably 50% of my hair. I have always had a nice thick head of hair and it is visibly frail looking and beyond thin.

I am taking inositol and do see a lot of regrowth but the loss is getting worse before it getting any better and will take years. I told my hair dresser who I have been with for years about this and she was shocked. She doesn't believe the Coppola has formaldehyde and didn't do this. I disagree. I also think it may have been applied to closely to my scalp.

I am writing to warn others and hope to see some sort of class action law suit against this product and will be an activist for the cause in any way. I would love to hear from any of the previous people who posted to see how they are doing and if any progress has been made.

Pri>> on September 06, 2011:

I got the treatment done paying INR 900000...But am very uhappy,,since am having lot of hairfall post the treatment...Prior to the treatment my hair never witnessed such hairfall..I was misguided by JUICE Salon,,where they suggested me to go for the treatment,,whereas my hair was already very soft,shiny and in good shape..The treatment was not required, but they convinced me saying " It would give a natural Blow dry look to my hair 24x7...But I regret listening to them.

cazzie on August 20, 2011:

hi I have had the keratene treatment in UK and am very pleased so far (highlighted hair/thick/wavy). i am now on day two and am waiting to go back to get it washed and cut. £200 seems worth it as get products with it too. all i can say is that I have shiny sleek hair (just a few kinks this morning from sleeping on it so straightened with irons-ghds and fine now).. cant wait to see end result early next week! Recommend to anyone wanting straight easy shiny glossy hair. Oh yes I did get watery eyes for 5 mins whilst they were straightening it but all ok now). any comments welcomed. thanks

Anonymous on August 14, 2011:

Actually 12 in 6 days... Js

Anonymous on August 08, 2011:

Hi, I'm 11 years old but have developed way past 11, I straighten my hair every day and have color treated my hair 3 times so it's really damaged. I was wondering if the keratin treatment would like, mess with my health, cause cancer, or make me lose my hair. Cuz if I lost my hair I would die :P so any suggestions help

Lala on August 06, 2011:

I had my first Keratin treatment yesterday. I already have hair loss and now that I had the keratin, I am worried to get the loss worse than before. I would like to know if I can use a treatment for hair loss?? thanks for your reply.

salud on August 02, 2011:

great, very nice

nevine on July 16, 2011:

I applied keratin Natura (5% formaldehyde)2 days ago, its a blow out and washed my hair immediately at the keratin specialized centre, my hair is softer less curly, but next morning i had severe scalp swelling that now reached my eyes with itching. does anyone have such an experience?

mona .. on June 21, 2011:

i was thinking of having the keratin treatment but im not sure .. i have frizzy curly hair .. it used to be straight when i was two months old .. but i had a certain disease (chicken pox) that somehow changed it into curly but not really curly .. i really want to know if i do the keratin treatment would it change to worser after the treatment is over ?? or it will return to how it was ?? please i want to know if keratin treatment is good for me or not .. although my hair is curly and frizzy but its soft and some of my hair has wavy type.. would it change to better or worser after keratin and im really worried about the hair loss problem as my hair is kind of thick but some falls out when i wash my hair .. i really need an advice!!! thanks..

rachel on June 11, 2011:

does anyone know if swimming in a pool/ocean really does ruin the effects of the treatment??-thanks!

Zhanna on June 08, 2011:

I am going to use Keratine treatment as I am business lady and with my long hair I\ve got 3 visits a week to the hairdresser. I hope this will be save of money, time and decrease the damage to my hair. The only problem i have is the tendency to dundruff. So i can only use special anti-dundruff shampoo to avoid this problem. Can somebody advise me if such shampoo exist to combine keratine treatment or this treatment is not for me at all?

Neekaah on May 13, 2011:

I came across hair loss using keratin in a magazine today n I have to say since I've been using this product my hair has been falling allot allot. I couldn't figure it out but now it all makes sense !!!!

Stephanie Bradberry from New Jersey on May 07, 2011:

I swear by the Keratin treatment. I have been getting it done for the past year and a half. So it has been done three times on my hair (once every 6 months). I used to use a relaxer, but the results were never the same and my hair was always super brittle and never grew in even. So I chopped my hair down to a business cut for a while when I was pregnant.

That's when I decided to go all natural again. It was a pain until I tried a new salon at the recommendation of a stylist who simply did not want to handle my hair. My new stylist said Keratin would save my life, and it did. With two kids now I can easily do my hair at home in almost a third of the time it used to take me.

Someone wanted to know where it can be done for around 200 dollars. I go to Ulta Salon which is a chain salon. Twice I was charged $195 (you can see how long my hair is, a bit past my shoulders) and $200 another time.

Someone else asked if it was safe during pregnancy. All Keratin lines are different. The one my salon uses is the Keratin Complex. I was still nursing when I got my first one done, and the stylist forgot to ask me if I was pregnant or nursing. When I read the information packet given for maintaining your hair after the treatment, it said do not use if pregnant or nursing. The only thing I noticed was a little stinging in the eyes from the fumes (doesn't smell like anything but coconut) during the flatiron process due to increased hormone level from just having the baby. I would say go to the salon, find out which version they use and ask your OB/GYN if they would recommend it.

I love Keratin. Part of my hair that never grew do now. Don't judge the treatment by my photo, I am due for a new treatment soon.

Kirsty on April 12, 2011:

I was thinking of getting this done for the winter months, but am concerned, will my curls still bounce back to normal after the treatment has worn off?

Sophia on April 08, 2011:

Im going on vacation to Thailand this May and plan on doing the Keratin treatment.I have a few queries and would be happy if someone could clear them out for me:

1.Is there any trusted salon in Thailand that anyone knows where such a treatment is offered?

2.I have weird wavy hair which is extremely thing and very prone to hairfall.Is this treatment completely wrong for me?

3.You say it lasts for 3-5 months.What happens after that? Does my natural wavy hair come back or does my hair come back like stiff,disgusting curls as in rebonding?

I would be obliged if someone could clear these out for me! :)

Ms._Info (author) from New Jersey on April 08, 2011:

@Natalie, Thank you for your insightful comments.

Natalie on April 08, 2011:

Let me tell you guys something - I have been using Keratin in my hair for 3 years now and I can honestly say it changed my life for the better.

My hair is very thick, curly and dry. It used to take me 1 hour to blowdry and straighten, now it takes 15 minutes MAX, but ususally 10 minutes. I even do the whole wash and go and just leave it wavy now. I threw my straightners out as I find the bowdryer enough now to give me sleek shiny hair.

Everyone I meet says I have best hair they have seen, so bouncy, healthy and shiny.

I get the treatment done every 5-6 months. The more I do it the less often I need to go back. I spend around £150 everytime I get it done, which to me is worth it. I have saved a fortune on hairdresser fees, styling products, shampoos, brushes, electric appliances. All i use now is a hairdryer and brush. Salt free shampoo (organic from Jasons or Naked) and any conditioner I like. You can use specific shampoos made for keratin, but you can save more money by just checking the label on shampoos to make sure they don't have any sodium chloride or sodium sulfate.

This treatment is amazing. I have heard of people having their hair fall out, but maybe because my hair is so thick and strong it can deal with the treatment. Saying that though, I can't see how Keratin can be responsible for hair loss because keratin is already found in hair as it is a natural protein. All the treatment is doing is putting the keratin in your hair and sealing it.

Most importantly i would say get a good hairdresser that is very experienced in this so you are in safe hands.

Yes, formuldehyde is a toxic substance but its not like you're eating it! It is also found in cigarettes which is where the cancer risk comes from. It is used in such small amounts in the treatment (in mine no more than 0.01%) that it really shouldn't affect your health. If you are that concerned you can ask for formuldehyde free treatment, but I personally prefer it with a bit of formuldehyde as my hair is so thick. I alternate with the treatments, I do formuldehyde free and then the next treatment i'll use the 0.01%.

Anyway, what im saying is don't just read stuff online and believe it. Just do your research, talk to some hairdressers, find someone experienced and you are comfortable with and try it. If you hate is, use a normal shampoo and it will wash out. It never actually stays in the hair as it's not a permanent straightner.

Good luck!

susan on April 04, 2011:

best invention ever.don't care about rain or steam.byebye frizz,hello straigh hair

Madi on March 29, 2011:

Do most keratin treatments contain panthonal?

Ms._Info (author) from New Jersey on March 28, 2011:

@lissa, the ingredients for the CHI Keratin Mist are as follows: Rosewater, Dicetyldimonium Chloride, Cocodimonium Hydroxypropyl Silk Amino Acids, Acetamide MEA and Lactamide MEA, Lauryl Pyrrolidone, Panthenol, Propylene Glycol, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Methylchloroisothiazoline and Methylisothiazolinone, Nettle, Chamomile Extract, Algae, Aloe Vera, Lavender Extract, Rosemary Extract, Parfum, FD&C Yellow 5, D&C Red 33, Zinc Oxide, Titanium Dioxide, Mica, Boron Nitride Powder.

You can do a search to see what each ingredient is, and to see if they're harmful. A good place to start is the Skin Deep Cosmetic safety Database which can be found here:

lissa on March 27, 2011:

So, all of the posters are doing Keratin "Treatments"... is this completely different from CHI Keratin Mist? I currently use that product and love it. I have never gotten a "treatment" from a salon or anything...

Is there any risk of cancer or any other harmful side effects with the mist? Thank you.

nikki on March 17, 2011:

i don't know i am really very confused i have straightened my hair thrice and really very confused i will be glad if someone guides me on this....thank u

Cathy on March 12, 2011:

I had the Pravana Keratin Infusion done a week ago and my scalp and ears are peeling, as well as a lot of hair falling out when I wash it. It claims to not have formaldehyde, but it sure has something strong in it because the smell was really overwhelming and stuck with me for the 48 hours I had to wait to wash my hair. I won't have this done again. It's too damaging and I don't want to suffer more hair loss.

SuSu on March 11, 2011:

I just had a baby and I am breastfeeding do you think the keratin ia a safe process,please help.

Sarah on March 06, 2011:

I am going for my second keratin treatement & I love the results, yes it strips the colour & thats why the recommend you colour it before the keratin is added & then it is fine, other wise back you go 2 weeks later ti fix up the hair.

My hair is less than shoulder length but it is thick so it cost me a little extra, but the keratin product that salons buy is $572 per bottle, so depending on how thinkc your hair is affects the price.

BIBI on March 05, 2011:

I have been using the Keratin treatment since 2004. I can honestly say that this is the best invention ever. I use to relax my hair and that did a lot of damage, not to mention I had to do it every 6 weeks tops. I do the Keratin treatment twice a year, my hair is soft, healthy and very long. Like everything else, you have to do your research. Now a days everything is bad for you. But I going on 7 years now using this product, and everyone that I have known to use it, never went back to relaxer and their hair has improved by at least 70% if not more. I just did the treatment this past Saturday, I have highlights in my hair and dye as well. I have naturally dark brown almost black hair, and I dyed it light honey brown with blonde highlights. I am due for my touchups, but I did the Keratin first so then I can do next week my hair coloring. Some people say the Keratin stripped their color, but you are suppose to do the treatment first and then color your hair after. I have never had a problem with my coloring. When you get the Brazilian done you have to go to a professional hair stylist. If it didn't come out good, its only because they didn't do it right (the iron has to be 450 degree minimum, no exceptions) or they bought cheap products and charged you the same as the more expensive one and that was the result of your hair not coming out right. Trust me, this is really a great product. I cannot stress to you how wonderful and healthy it has left my hair since I first started using it back in 2004.

gigi on February 25, 2011:

does anyone know how much does it cost?

kerastrait on February 24, 2011:

Kera-Strait spray is an innovative process that transforms the hair in its entirety. The treatment is keratin based, keratin is the primary protein of the skin, hair and nails. This natural substance gives hair the ability to return to its original healthy, shiny, smooth state.

Khadija on February 24, 2011:

I have been using keratine for the last 2 years, I cannot describe how pleased I am with this treatment, I believe that it is the best invention for curly damaged hair. It really solved my complex of having curly hair since childhood. It is very expensive treatment especially in London salons but I can say and confirm that it is worth every penny!

ahuva on February 23, 2011:

I've have my hair treated with Keratin 3 or 4 times and it's been about 5 months so I'm do for my next. I wish I knew where they do it well for $200 like it reads in the article because I've been paying $450 at Dellaria hair salon! My hair is only slightly past my shoulders. Anyway, my natural hair is very curly and it's true that I don't even have to blow dry anymore and if I do, I can literally dry my hair in 4 minutes through finger drying with the dryer as opposed to required sectioning with a brush for over an hour and then also using a straight iron for the same results before I got the Keratin done! It's not cheap and I wish there were more Keratin shampoos to choose from, I get tired of the same scents over the years, but it's well worth it and my hair feels silky and great. I haven't experienced the side effects described of hair falling out or thining etc. :)

Zoya on February 18, 2011:

I just got my first time Keratin treatment done today. Can anyone recommend a good shampoo and a conditioner to use after.

Shiree on February 17, 2011:

I am considering the Keratin treatment, I am really glad I read this before proceding I will investigat further. Can anyone comment on how this works on African American hair also no one has mentioned your new growth, if this treatment lasts for 6 months (what about your new growth?)

Ms._Info (author) from New Jersey on February 16, 2011:

@tricia, sounds like you had a great experience. Did you get it professionally done at a salon? Depending on your daughter's age, you may want to have her treatment done at a salon. Otherwise, feel free to click through some of the products listed above.

amanda bradby on February 16, 2011:

keratin treatment messed up my hair, didn't look any better, didn't take the kinks out, stripped my highlights, and definitly didn't last 6 months, it only last 1 month... i wouldn't waste my money ever again

tricia on February 15, 2011:

Just had keratin treatment done today...smells great. No bad fumes, etc. Can't wait to see the after.....once I wash my hair on Thursday. Do you know of an at honme treatment? I might want to do it on my daughter's hair.

ali on January 31, 2011:

i got my first ever keratin blow out hair feels so much better already. LAst night my friend bleached my hair and left it in too long. My hair was left falling apart and way too blonde. The keratin has already made my hair feel stronger.

koki- try getting the keratin blow out or express. it lasts for a month, if you like it then go for the full on treatment that lasts 6 months

koki on January 30, 2011:

i had treated my hair two times in egypt by permenant treatmeant to straight my hair&they had advised me to use keratin treatmeant in the next time because it's more save but after i read this article i confuse in using keratin,i feel i'm in the medial way my hair became not normal as it was it's broken,weak,half is straight,half is not& i'm so afraid to use keratin so what can i do?please someone advise me

Ms._Info (author) from New Jersey on January 25, 2011:

@Rodiedee, please come back soon to let us know how it came out.

Rosiedee on January 25, 2011:

This article is really informative. I did the Liquid Keratin Bold treatment on myself and ive been looking for reviews everywhere. I'm not finding as much information as I would like.

Im on day two (one more day until I can wash it out). I have to say that at first I wasn't all that impressed because my hair had felt softer than this, then I did more research and realized the conditioners i usually use are full of silicon which basically coat the hair shaft and make it feel better than it actually is, but soon the hair pores are blocked and it cannot retain moisture. Once I realized that, I can appreciate the texture of my hair after the Liquid Keratin. My hair looks amazing considering the only product I have in it is the Liquid Keratin (no conditioner is used during the initial treatment). My hair looks healthier and my friends have asked me what salon I got my hair done. They said it looks like I've had a deep conditioner done. :)

Like I said, I am not completely done with the process, but so far I really like what its done.

My hair is chemically relaxed, but I haven't gotten it relaxed in over 5 months. Liquid Keratin seems to have tamed my hair the way a relaxer would. Lets see what happens once I wash it out. I sure hope my hair doesn't fall out!

Ms._Info (author) from New Jersey on January 18, 2011:

@ Carly, you really need to ask your stylist to confirm whether or not the particular product they are using in your hair contains formaldehyde, as there are many different brands of Brazilian keratin treatments on the market.

Ms._Info (author) from New Jersey on January 18, 2011:

@ Pam, Thank you for sharing your results. Sound like it really worked out well for you.

Ms._Info (author) from New Jersey on January 18, 2011:

@Mya, Thank you for your comment. Yes I agree. The vast majority of products out there can affect people differently. What may work for one person, may not work for the other. Kind of like pharmaceuticals - when I hear or see a commercial for a pharmaceutical product, I cringe at the long list of possible side effects!

Carly on January 18, 2011:

I am due for my next Keratin Treatment. I had the first one 6 mos. ago. I have loved the results, but am a disturbed by the mention of formaldehyde. Is it true that just the Brazilian type has that additive?

Pam on January 17, 2011:

I've now had my second treatment. It seems most of you may have used the treatment which contains formaldehyde. My hair stylist explained the differences between the different kinds of treatments. The treament I've used does not contain formaldehyde and is not the Brazilian keratin treatment. I absolutely love my hair, have gotten numerous compliments & will continue to use my hair stylist treatment. Although the treatment is expensive, I've found with my particular hair type, I was able to go 6 full months before the second treatment.

Mya on January 08, 2011:

I have been using the Keratin for two years. My hair has grown a lot. My friends from over 30 years did not recognize me due to my long hair. My friend could not believe it that she ran her fingers through it to see if it was not extentions. I feel more feminine with long hair and I must say I am attracting quite a lot of men with it. I have had short hair for most of my life because my hair would brake, therefore I have kept it short until now. I must admit the smell does burn my eyes a bit, but for me it last about 5 minutes. One must realized that because a product does not work for one does not mean it should be banned. Similarly, if a some one has an allergic reaction from eating a fruit, does it mean that all the trees bearing that fruit should be cut down and never be grown again because a few people had an allergic reaction? It just simply means that people who are allergic to it should not it, the same way people who had a bad reaction with keratin..AVOID USING IT and don't be so dramatic.

Elena on January 04, 2011:

And how do they extract keratin from the animal products? They use lots of formaldehyde, don't they? I know the ads say the product is "formaldehyde-free", but I work in a histology lab that processes human tissue samples with formalin and I won't confuse the smell of formaldehyde with anything else. I had my keratin treatment done today (unfortunately without any prior information about the product itself as none of the hairdressers in this reputable salon are knowledgable about the product at all). The treatment is very irritating to eyes, airways and scalp. It has the same side effects and smell as formaldehyde. The toxic fumes concentration is such that it could have imposed severe fines and/or loss of accreditation for any medical laboratory that were using such concentrations without proper ventilation, respiratory protection and warning signs. Yet, the hair salons use none for their clients or hairdressers during this treatment. In fact, they don't even tell you about the smell until after they start the treatment. On the internet some people complain about extreme hair loss following the treatment. I haven't experienced it yet but it is too early to tell. This product should be banned!!! Please don't use it!

DOROTHY gray on December 31, 2010:


Ms._Info (author) from New Jersey on December 02, 2010:

@ grey seth, Keratin is basically a protein found in skin, hair, nails, hooves, horns, and teeth. Keratin alone would not cause cancer. What can cause cancer are chemicals such as Formaldehyde which are sometimes added to the product.

grey seth on December 02, 2010:

i heard today that keratin is causing that true

crazycanuck on November 19, 2010:

Or you could save your money and just stop beating on your hair....

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