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John Kerry Plastic Surgery


For a lady to wear makeup or have plastic surgery is the order of the day in many parts of her world. However, for a man to do the same, many questions arise. John Kerry plastic surgery recently made headlines on the internet and media. Sometimes even if you want to look different you need to be a bit moderate. For example it would be a unique thing to wear a skirt when you are a man but the question is how many people will appreciate that as fashion. In fact you will find that most people will stare at you thinking that you are mad.

To many, the decision made by John Kerry to have plastic surgery done on him was not a wise idea. In fact for people with a status like his should not have such issues. He is a man of respect but the issue of plastic surgery has ruined his public reputation greatly. It is advisable that if you are a person like John Kerry, you should never think of things like these. It indicates that you are not proud of yourself as the way you look.

In case you have to do, you need to go to people who have experience and know what is best for everyone. The people will give you advice on how to do it and what is best for you. By so doing you will not go having the ones that make you look like a scarecrow or something that is not presentable. Though not the best, at least John Kerry plastic surgery is not that bad since he can comfortably stand in front of people and talk. If you can avoid, please do so because it helps to maintain your public image and avoid raising issues on media especially if you are a celebrity.

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