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It's Vegan, It's Black-Owned and We're Here for It—Telle Moi Nail Polish Brand

Black-owned and Vegan

Telle Moi

Telle Moi

Telle Moi is a vibrant, indie nail polish brand based in London, United Kingdom. The trendsetter brand was founded by Natel Allen, a London-based business and law graduate and passionate entrepreneur. Natel launched Telle Moi in 2019 after noticing the lack of nude shades in mainstream stores for darker skin tones.

The epiphanic moment came when Natel searched high and low for a nude nail polish to wear for a job interview, her search proved futile and she decided to take matters into her own hands and create her own. Telle Moi burst onto the beauty scene in 2019 with four classic nude shades that were suitable for darker skin shades.

The brand name Telle Moi has its roots in the French term 'Tel moi' which essentially means 'Like me.' The inspiration for the name stems from Natel's mission to create nail colours to suit every shade.

Telle Moi nude shades

Telle Moi nude shades

The bold, rich and creative nail polishes are cruelty-free and non-toxic with beautiful hues that include the vibrant and vivacious Bequia Blue and the classic shimmer polish Champagne Drippin'

When I asked Natel to describe her character traits as an entrepreneur, she described herself as tenacious which adequately describes the highly ambitious entrepreneur who currently runs Telle Moi alongside her full-time job. Natel handmakes all products and packs and ships them with the help of friends and family.

Telle Moi is a true grassroots brand that demonstrates a strong work ethic and dedication to create products that people know and love.


Supporting Black-owned Brands

Why is it important to support black-owned brands? Briefly, let's explain why supporting Black-owned brands is vital.

Close the wealth gap

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Supporting Black-owned brands by patronizing their products and services will facilitate the process of closing the wealth gap. The net worth of an average black family is approximately 1/10 of the average white family. We can help to close this gap by supporting Black-owned companies like Telle Moi and other brands that are working hard to build big sustainable businesses.

Build Large Businesses

There are many small, home-based and black-owned brands, even more so now. However, in order for us to close the wealth gap, we need to push to evolve from being small home-based businesses to large corporations with employees.

Build Generational Wealth

Building generational wealth is key, creating a legacy for the youth and the future youth is necessary within the black community. We can do this by working together to support Black-owned brands like Telle Moi and others.

Where to Find Telle Moi Online

Telle Moi Gracious Coffee shade

Telle Moi Gracious Coffee shade

Telle Moi Website

Telle Moi Instagram

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