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Is it Legal to Offer Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Services in a Spa or Salon in Canada?


Cosmetic teeth whitening in Canada is becoming an increasingly popular service that is offered by beauty professionals and dental offices across the country. It is an effective way to get the whiter smile you desire with very few risks to the health and sensitivity of your teeth. The risks of cosmetic teeth whitening are further reduced by going to a beauty professional that is properly trained in health, sanitation and specific product training. A cosmetic teeth whitening training program should be registered with Health Canada and reviewed by dental professionals to ensure the safety and efficacy of the products used.

The legality of Cosmetic Teeth Whitening services in Canada is often argued by dental professionals and beauty professionals and causes a lot of confusion among service providers. The answer to this important question will clear up any confusion you may have regarding the subject and put your mind at ease if you are a beauty professional looking to add cosmetic teeth whitening to your service menu.

Can cosmetic teeth whitening services be offered outside of a dental office in Canada?

On social media, especially in Facebook groups for beauty professionals, you will find this often argued topic coming up over and over again without much resolution. You'll find dental professionals vehemently claiming to be the only professionals allowed to perform cosmetic teeth whitening services often mistaking their professional regulations as the law. On the other hand, you'll find beauty professionals stating that it is against the law because they saw a dental professional claiming a monopoly on the service.

So what does the law in Canada say? Very little unfortunately which has caused a lot of confusion and shattered hopes for beauty professionals. For this reason, I would like to share with you what I learned from speaking with professionals on both sides of the argument.

The legality of cosmetic teeth whitening services in Canada is an important topic for beauty professionals who are interested in learning about and offering this service to their clients.

Short Answer:

Yes it is legal for beauty professionals in Canada to perform cosmetic teeth whitening services in their spas, salons, and home beauty suites.

Long Answer:

Yes it is completely legal, but there are some limitations specifically for registered dental professionals who are actively practicing in a dental setting.

The answer to this question comes from Health Canada.

The Federal department responsible for helping Canadians maintain and improve their health, while respecting individual choices and circumstances. Health Canada recruits doctors, nurses, and scientists, as well non-scientific professionals in many fields including IT, public administration, human resources, and communications. In addition, Health Canada employs students in a variety of program areas across the department. - Health Canada, LinkedIn

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Health Canada considers hydrogen peroxide based whitening products as cosmetic and therefore only requires the product line be registered with Health Canada as a product for sale in Canada. They require the manufacturer to notify them about the products they sell and the safety precautions and any other pertinent details.

Cosmetic teeth whitening products that do not contain Fluoride are considered cosmetic rather than being classified as a drug. Dental professionals are correct in that they are the only service providers allowed to apply whitening products that contain fluoride to their client's teeth. Thankfully, there are plenty of effective cosmetic teeth whitening product lines on the market available in North America that beauty professionals are allowed to use in their spa and salon businesses. Dental professionals do not hold a monopoly over cosmetic teeth whitening services in Canada, although they may want us to think they do.

The confusion surrounding this topic happens when dental professionals mistake their own dental association's specific regulations as the law in Canada. Dental regulations are only applicable to the dental professionals that are practicing under those dental authorities. Regulating associations for dentistry plays an important role in keeping their dental profession safe and the general public healthy but they do not dictate who can and cannot use a cosmetic product such as professional teeth whitening gels.

Any actively practicing dental professionals are urged to research the rules from the dental association they are registered with. The rules they must follow in regards to cosmetic teeth whitening outside of a dental office do not apply to anyone who isn't a registered dental professional.

Fact: Cosmetic teeth whitening products are commercial in nature and are not regulated under provincial laws. The only laws that apply to products of this nature are the Health Canada regulations which is a federal law.

You can find Health Canada's official statement about cosmetic teeth whitening products here: Cosmetic Teeth Whitening classification in Canada

The confusion about cosmetic teeth whitening can be attributed to dental professionals mistaking their governing association rules for federal law in Canada and that just is not the case in regards to cosmetic teeth whitening. So beauty professionals across the country can feel relieved that this lucrative beauty service is allowed to be offered in a salon or spa setting.

As always, I recommend you do your research and make sure the cosmetic teeth whitening training course and certification you take is going to be a good fit for your business. Seek out training that offers ongoing support after you have completed the course so that you are fully supported and can offer cosmetic teeth whitening services that are safe and healthy for your clients.

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Mellisa Lozinski (author) from CA on January 27, 2021:

Just wanted to let any beauty professionals who are interested in offering teeth whitening services to their clients know they can get trained and certified online. Go to and use exclusive promo code: embeebeautyco to get free expedited shipping and a gift when they order any teeth whitening training package. Thanks for reading!

Mellisa Lozinski (author) from CA on January 27, 2021:

Thanks Umesh! I'm happy to clear up the confusion surrounding this topic!

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on January 26, 2021:

Informative and well presented.

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